Ain't misbehavin.. (well, now) (Subbie behavior correction) (f for F or M)

Started by AllieCat, March 24, 2010, 10:47:22 PM

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You know how it is with mischievous little submissives. Every so often, they get a little silly or sassy.. and say something that they shouldn't. Or do something they shouldn't. Nothing TOO far over the line.. but they keep looking at that line that seperates "high spirits" from "misbehavior" and wondering how close they can get to that line  without crossing.. and they keep trying to move that line..

until the time where they cross that line, and all of a sudden realize they've earned a bit of correcting.. nothing major.. but they have to be reminded that line is there for a reason.. and get reminded they want to be a good girl.. and what good girls get as a reward..

(my first RP here) :D


 So a master slave role play where the slave tests the patience of the master and defies him? Id be interested in this ;)


Either that, or where the subbie has already crossed the line (for example, saying that she wants to stay at the club when the Master says(for the 2nd or 3rd time), that it's time to go home, and in the Master's eyes, that little streak of rebelliousness needs to be tamed...

Meanwhile, the subbie realizes she's gone a bit too far, and understands why she needs to be punished, but isn't looking forward to it!


 Sure we can do that, seems like a lot of fun send me a pm or a IM and we can talk out the details.