f looking for fun (male or female )

Started by larissa, March 23, 2010, 11:18:14 PM

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I am looking for a few Role plays that are going to be long term or how ever long the RP last.
i mostly do my charters in there third person but if you want ill do first person...

1. Teacher student = All girl privet school.  student is home sick and a female teacher helps her out there relationship then turns into something more as she helps her get over being home sick I would prefer to play the student.
2. Rape = my charter would be the one getting raped/ in slaved
3. Coercive Step  Dad / Willing Daughter:
4.looking for a female or male Master= manly sex some plot charter is  teen with older master

i would be playing the first on listed

daughter/ father
student/ teacher
daughter/ fathers bestfriend
daughter/ mother best Friend

i also want long post..
if there is something you want to add just let me know