Seeking female! RP ideas!

Started by DJfoids, March 23, 2010, 09:20:32 PM

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OK so lets first start of with saying that i like to RP on threads alot more then PMs and IMs but i will do that if u REALLY REALLY want to.

-second, i am looking for females for partners, all the roles i have, the female will play the second part.
Ex. if i say techer/student, i will be playing the teacher, and you will be the student.

teenager/girl next door
teenager/best friend's sister
kid/best friend
office guy/secretary
rich man/maid
Married man staying alone at a hotel/married woman staying alone at a hotel
married man/ wife's best friend
football team quarterback/ lead cheerleader
earth explorer/alien
attacking human/defending alien
military official/ assistant
famous person/ famous person
future detective/partner
boy/bestfriend's mother
boyfriend/girlfriend's mother
roomate/roomate's sister

-more coming soon-]

Heres some plot ideas:

Battle for the Maiden
A man is in love with a woman. She is the most beautiful maiden in all of the kingdom, but as he aproaches her another man is trying to take her. She cannot make up her mind and has called out a battle. The two men must now win a series of events that the woman says, and the winner gets the maiden.

A young boy and a young girl are best friends. They take long walks down the creek together, becuase they both have crazy imaginations and love to explore. One day they decide to explore the one thing they haven't before...each other.

That's not what i expected!
After meeting in a bar a couple decides to get together. After two months the woman has moved in with the man and they both love each other very much. But they both have keep secrets from each other, that will soon have to be shown. They both have super powers.

It has been 16 years after having two baby girls, and it has 5 years since this lonely dad's wife died. The dad has seen his daughters grown into very mature women, and all of a sudden has gotten...urges. Being to most pretty girls in school, these two drive their dad crazy, he loves them alot more then a dad should love their kids, but what he doesn't know...they feel the same way.

Sex Club
The firest rule about Sex Club, there is no Sex Club. You are a new female member of this underground sex club, and I am a senior member that is basicly 2nd in command. I see you and pick you as my partner, after a while of getting to know you, the owner of the sex club, or my character's brother, wants you. I won't stand for it so we run. Will we be cuaght? will we start our own sex club?

You are a lonely woman, who' husband just left you for a prettier woman. All of a sudden a demon rises from hell, but hits his head on somthing once he comes on the earth's surface. He loses all his memory, and you decide to keep him as your pet/lover. Will his memory return?

A son and his father have just recntly decided to go camping. The father finally got the ok to bring his grilfriend whom he has been seing for two months. After setting up, The father left the campsite to go get wood, and feelings emerged between the son and his father's girlfriend. Now thye both secretly see each other during this camping trip.

Airplane Sex
A man from Texas is flying on a one way plane trip to china for a business meeting. As the plane gets seated, a fine woman sits next to him, and during the plane ride they begin to talk. She finally makes a move, she gets up and leaves a note with him saying, "Ill be waiting for you in the bathroom." meaningless sex on an airplane! what could be better!?

Taken In
After fighting a valiant battle at normandy, the american forces continue to barrage the german forces. They are winning this war and nothing is going to stop them. A squad of special recon american forces are sent to a city to scout it out, before advancing the whole army. The walked into a trap, and all the men in that squad die except one. He wakes up days later in a house with a very attractive blonde german girl helping him. She took him in, and healed him up. They will be confused at first, but slowly grow a love for each other like none before!

Hard Times
a brother and a sister are undercover cops trying to bust a gang. The sister goes in as a sex slave trying to outroot them, while the brother goes in as a buyer trying to public get proof. The only thing is the gang leader set the brother and the sister up, in a public veiwing room. Now they must do it infont of people watching or they both get their cover blown, and possibly killed.

Romeo and Shak Grum'Let
A male human falls in love with a female orc, but the two races hate each other and refuse for such a relationship to exist. So the two must see each other secretly always risking getting cuaght.

In love with an alien
a high school boy falls in love with a high school girl after she saves him from a bunch of bullies. He can't stop thinking about her, so he goes to her house to let her know his feelings. He sees her in her backyard, but its not the girl he fell in love with, its an alien!

(those are just some more will be added later)

--i do lots of different anime ones as well so just tell me which anime, and which characters, and if i know, ill do it.

--im also looking for two females to do an rp with me, so plz let me know if you would be interested in that and i can set it up.

I have many plots for each of those roles, so PM me, tell me which roles suit you, and ill give you some plots ideas.

As for my kinks:
If you have somthing that isn't listed please ask me.

Skyara Snow

I'll do the Airplane Sex idea, if you're interested in it.


Ooooooh rich man/maid is one of my favorite pairings... if you want to do it, let me know