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Author Topic: Rainbow six: The end of days. [Extreme/everything goes]  (Read 428 times)

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Offline KaneTopic starter

Rainbow six: The end of days. [Extreme/everything goes]
« on: April 23, 2010, 10:39:27 AM »
First off, if you are looking for a game that stays true to the Rainbow six franchishe, this one might not be for you. That also means that you don't really need to know anything about Rainbow Six to join this one. I'm going to use some of the Rainbow Six 'lore' in it, but the game takes part in future unlike the Rainbow Six series, and all facts won't be accurate or even close to the original. There might be elements from other games too, such as Crysis.


Short Synopsis:
In the year 2075 Rainbow Six still does what it does best. Fights terrorism. A four man unit has been dispatched to hunt down a man called Gabriel Nowak, a known terrorist who was supposed to be dead for over six decades. Somehow he has managed to re-appear and take scientists hostage in the bottom floor of underground science facility called 'lab zero'. No other hostiles encountered at the complex except for Nowak himself and his two men. It is a mystery though, how did they manage to get in without alarming the security of the high security building. The Rainbow Six team has not been given too much information as the lab zero is a secret facility run by the government, but apparently there is something very valuable and potently dangerous in there if Nowak is interested in it.

Nowak has made a demand that grandson of Logan Keller, a former (now deceased) Rainbow Six operative who served in same unit as Nowak before he became a terrorist, is to be sent to him. Kevin Keller, a Rainbow Six operative himself is sent in with the team to buy time and find out what is Nowak up to.


I need 3 more players, preferably so that there can usually be two pairings at any time, if such a time arises. (2 males, 2 females or some bisexual/homosexual males/females to fill in the quota.) The team consists of two sergeants, a Lieutenant and a Major. In case the Major dies or is split from other troops, the Lieutenant will take charge, otherwise the Major is in charge and others will act as soldiers.

Kevin Keller / Major Keller: Kane
Lieutenant: Open
Sergeant: Open
Sergeant: Open

So, what's from Crysis? The nanosuit. As the game takes place in 2075, that is the standard military uniform for Rainbow Six team. Rainbow Six doesn't have all that strict dress code, but it's very much suggested to wear one of these during the operations as it will boost the operative's performance and offer invaluable protection. <- Image and some specifics on the nanosuit.

Tips on character creation:
Your character is a special operatives soldier, trained to survive in roughest conditions and the most  life threatening firefights, but please avoid overdoing it. Try not to make an invulnerable killing machine who will have no difficulties whatsoever at disposing a few enemies or things will get boring really soon. In fact I won't approve an overpowered character here. Try to think of strengths that don't relate to firefighting too. Maybe your character is good with computer, good enough to hack an bypass security systems? Maybe he is an excellent close quarters combatant (hand-to hand.) Being good at science/biology might really prove useful in this RP and being good at stealth won't hurt either. Try to pick one speciality and play by its strengths rather than being an awesome marksman who can deal with anything in closequarters and hack trough any computer with ease while not being seen by anyone. Oh, and don't just play with my suggestions, they are there just for those who feel they are getting stuck with it.

With those starting words, once we have 4 characters created, we will be ready to go. Expect my character to appear here during the weekend.
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