Gnarly in the Chocolate Factory (One or two Ladies)

Started by Valamarth, March 20, 2010, 07:10:10 AM

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Please no underage.
As your host, Unwilling Wonka, I am here to fulfill your darkest chocolate fantasies...

Expect to be well coated, filled and possibly licorice whipped.  ;)

I will not do anything outside of your RP Prefs, but will try to be creative in how I approach what you do like...from a sweets perspective...

I will expect to do at least some bondage and NC.

No scat or torture (no way!)

No vore.  But a treat might get eaten...   PM me if interested.

Your host...
Valamarth AKA Falzar.


You should change your tag to "MallowMan", maybe? ;)

This sounds like fun!