The Glory of Rome

Started by The Dark Raven, March 19, 2010, 12:08:17 PM

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The Dark Raven


  • Character wanted: Male
  • Rating: BON/NC+
  • Respond by: PM, Subject line "The Glory of Rome"
  • Story format: Forums, third-person voice
  • Time period: Ancient Rome
  • Setting: Rome or Egypt, harem?


The Pax Romana was particularly hard to keep, requiring combat in the provinces to keep the locals in line.  Barbarians all, the worst of these were the inhabitants of Gaul.  Known for their almost chaotic combat, the Celts fought and died to uphold their lands, yet were defeated by the might of the Roman army.  Commodity went to the victors, in the form of gold, riches and slaves, brought back to be enjoyed or sold into the Roman economy.  One of those--a red-headed girl of the Aedui tribe--was sold to a man in the markets of Rome.  An every day occurrence in the city, the slave market was a normal place to do business, for what was business without a slave to take care of mundane matters?

The general action of the story would be the interaction between the buyer and the bought.  I envisioned the male character being a soldier or some other man of power...something to think about.  All can be discussed further in PM.  (I can also be found in IRC if that is more convenient for plotting.)

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