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Author Topic: Specializes in Nerdy Dream-Girls {Looking for M} Added: Doctor Who  (Read 829 times)

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Offline Lady AyameTopic starter

Hello Please make sure to check out my O&O's if you want to RP with me :) it's important that our needs match. A link is in my siggy.

Anyway here is a list of RP's I'd like to try.
If you're interested, please PM me a brief paragraph about the character you would use, and any ideas you may have.
Please don't post here! PM me :)

I'm ALWAYS interested in plots involving Fantasy or Science Fiction, any sub-genre's are good too (Ex: Steampunk) or any fandom (Examples include but are certainly not limited to: X-men, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Anime, Firefly, Harry Potter, Video Games etc.) I'm also dying to explore the tense relationships of royalty. I generally like to only play original characters, as I don't consider myself a skilled enough writer to capture the essence of characters that aren't my own. BUT there are a few exceptions... Not sure? Just ask! I don't bite... most of the time.

Let me make your nerdy Dream-Girl :D
so if you have any great ideas, I'm always willing to take it into consideration :)

Generally I like to post at least a hefty paragraph or two, but it depends alot on my partner, if you give me alot to work with I'll give alot back.
But I don't like EXCESSIVE writers either, I don't need 8 epic paragraphs about your inner monologue over something small my character said. I like to keep the plot moving.

The list is small at the moment, but will grow with time.

* = Cravings

...• -:¦:-
¸.•´ .•´
((¸¸.•´ ..•´ -:¦:- Beyond Reality -:¦:-

Fantasy/steampunk/Sci-fi/Geekery/anything else--->

The Feet of Giants
M/F, Med
This is atcually based on a novel idea I'm toying around with, it's kind of complicated but in short the world is suddenly populated with massive giants of all shapes and sizes. They Terrorize kingdoms and wipe out towns with a single stomp of their giant foot. You are an agent hired by the king to find a way to destroy the giants (great liberty and creativity with your character is possible and expected ^.^) Me, Sophia Quinn a meek but beautiful young master blacksmith, engineering weapons and explosives against these monsters, but also being held prisoner by a Giant. Save the girl, use her weapons to save the kingdom, pretty basic, quick and fun :)

The Oracle M/F , med - long
The temple oracle was one of the most highly regarded things in the land, a thief decides to steal the oracle in order to turn a profit, retire and never have to worry about money again. His master plan finally comes to fruition when he enters the room of the oracle... only to find out it's a young woman.

*Doctor Who M/F , short - long
Preferably the 10th doctor (I adore his quirky charm), but you can make your own doctor if you so choose. I'd prefer this to be the first time The Doctor meets his new companion-to-be, but if you just want to do a quick roleplay we can start from wherever. I'm not familiar enough with the series, however, to play one of the existing characters (Ex: Rose) it'll have to be an original female companion. I like this because there is TOTAL freedom! :D unlimited possibilities across time and space, tell me about your dream-companion and I'll mix it in with my own ideas. This is very flexible, either as short light hearted adventure, or we can have a long drawn out drama. Great Creativity, Delicious Sexual tension and Me bent over the Tardis console, How does that sound, Doctor?

*Clovers & Chopsticks M/F , Long
This is going to sound SOOO dorky. But I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and one of my favorite characters is Seamus Finnegan (no not the movie version, I have my own sexy Irish version in my head). and I'd love to RP a romance between him and my original character Annabelle Tan.

*Wars Between Worlds M/F, Med-Long
Humans have just encountered alien life, and they don't like us. The Nitelli are an advance blue skinned alien race that resemble large spider-like creatures, lightyears ahead of the humans in technology, science and philosophy. They believe humans breed too quickly and too much and therefore must be eradicated for the good of the universe. You are one of the most formidable commanders in the galaxy, one of the only opponents that can stand up to the Nitelli, highly intelligent, possessing a genius-level intellect, and capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision. I am the beautiful and mysterious Pilot #33, the most talented pilot in the human fleet able to operate anything from small fighters to massive mecha. assigned to protect you and be your ace on the field of battle. But how we save the human race is up to you.

The Witch's Crown M/F, short-Med
A young prince looking for love stumbles across a beautiful maiden trapped by a fierce dragon, after slaying the dragon and saving the young princess the prince soon falls under her spell. what he doesn't realize is that the lovely maiden is actually the feared witch Bettina, who slowly takes over his heart and soul in her plans to rule the kingdom.

*The Sleeping City M/F, Short - Med
A fun adventure play. You, an adventurer come across what appears to be an abandoned kingdom, venturing inside seeking fame/glory/gold/the past (or whatever tickles your fancy). Inside you come across a young imprisoned woman. Upon releasing her, you realize she is the magical key to unlocking the city and reaching it’s core. lots of delicious sexual tension along the way and a sexy ritual at the end, good little play for a character you’ve been working on or something. Great creativity with your character is highly encouraged and expected.

*The Fall of an Empire M/F, Short-Med
I'm a huge anime fan, and I wanted to explore the relationship between Princess Cornelia and her personal Knight Gilbert G.P. Guilford (Code Geass). With our own original characters, plot and world while still maintaining their basic dynamics. With our own characters, we would be exploring a revolution and plot to overthrow's The princesses's family, and the night of the royal family's downfall. Enemies of the empire are pounding at the gates, and the princess and her knight are trapped alone in the tower in attempts to get away from the revolutionaries. Great Creativity here is expected : )

...• -:¦:-
¸.•´ .•´
((¸¸.•´ ..•´ -:¦:- Some Basic Roleplays -:¦:-

The Maid: M/F , Short - Med (Mdom)
A man gets a maid, they have always have heavy sexual tension until one day he can't take it anymore and must have her. She resists him at first, but soon he trains her to want it.

The Bank Robbery:   M/F,  Short.
Inspired by a movie I saw a long time ago (can anybody tell me what it is?) Basically two strangers are caught in the middle of a bank robbery, they are both taken hostage, told to strip down and get naked. The two are tied together, and They are left in a closet while the robbers... rob the place. Sexiness ensues.

The Wedding:
M/F , Med

A wedding is today, the bride's long lost love returns to the wedding, and instead of trying to stop it, he and the bride have an affair right under everybody's noses!. (all sorts of fun is available here, sneaking around and what not)

The Secretary:
M/F , Med (Mdom)

A Boss decides to make his secretary his little office slave.

The Photoshoot: M/F , short
A famous photographer finally meets the model of his dreams. A regular fashion shoot + champagne = fun results. 

Love Thy Neighbor... M/F, Med
Jason is loyal to his wife Beatrice, but when Beatice goes on vacation with the kids, his lovely neighbor Heidi tries to seduce him. He resists her to the point where she becomes furious, and gets some rope...

More to come...
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Offline Lady AyameTopic starter

Re: Ayame's yum yums.
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2010, 07:19:10 PM »
The Sleeping City and The Photoshoot Added.
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Re: Ayame's yum yums. {Looking for M}
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added "The fall of an Empire"

Offline Lady AyameTopic starter

Re: Specializes in Nerdy DreamGirls {Looking for M} Added: Dr. Who
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Added a new CRAVING

Dr. Who