A superhero... or not? (female wanted) [UN]

Started by Arkaniel, March 17, 2010, 03:12:24 PM

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I am always on the look out for decent superhero roleplays. I have several worlds I would love to play in. I usually prefer to play canon heroes out of Marvel and DC, but I give them my own twists. I will list a few of my general rules, followed by a hort list of concepts.

I am lookin for a long term - long post roleplay (long posts: averaging a full page in Word or longer), with strong characters. I am no nit-picker about grammar and spelling. English isn't my first language, so my own grammar and so on is far from perfect. I do want detailed, easy to read posts. I am also looking for a creative partner, one that wants to build a story with me. And I do mean an actual story, filled with everything that is to find in superhero-stuff. Action, adventure, mystery, drama, romance and a dash of erotica. I am not looking for PWP-oneshots.


-Spiderman: I am interested in pairing him with Black Cat but also female X-men (Storm, Kitty, ... ), Sue Storm or having him somehow end up in the DC world, where he could be paired with Bat-girl, Supergirl, Power Girl, ... or a yummy villainess.
-I would be interested in doing a new version of Superman, one that doesn't stalk Lois Lane preferably, in our own version of a DC world.
-I love playing Batman, but he is kind of low priority right now, as I alreaddy have a great roleplay with him.

Current Craving:
-I have one Original Character lined up. He is a powerful man that goes by the simple name of Mr. Black. He could fit into either superhero-world, but if I use him, I would definitely like to pair him with a canon superheroine/villainess (preferred: introduction to the Justice League, X-men or something similar). He is unique, powerful and has his own agenda. Sometimes, he appears to be on the side of good, yet some of his actions are definitely less than legal or not all that moralistic/ethical. More information and details if you are interested only.

I would love being paired with (in random order): Black Cat, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Sue, Black Canary, female X-men, Bat-girl, or ordinary girls. Harley Quinn without the jester hat looks interesting as well, or some other female villains that aren't completely evil.

PM me if interested.


Updated again and really wanting to rolplay current craving in bold text. Picture for my OC available as soon as my bandwidth regenerates enough to upload things.