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Author Topic: Back for more! MxM *Two new plots*  (Read 774 times)

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Back for more! MxM *Two new plots*
« on: March 15, 2010, 03:17:28 PM »
I'm Back out of school till the end of September and ready to start some new roleplays!

Important facts

MxM~ Nothing else
I only roleplay over messaging or threads through here
I play Sub, Switch and Dom (Though usually prefer Switch or Sub, just ask)
Check out myOns and Offs and Rabbit Hole

What I offer

At least two paragraphs minimum
Interesting characters
Mostly frequent posting (except when school and work pulls me away)
Help with twists in our plot

What I expect from you

Interesting characters
A at least semi-baked plot idea (whether yours or mine)
At least two paragraphs or one large on in each post
Keep in touch with me if you're going away for a while (I will try and do the same)


♥♥♥{He's Mine}

Character one has a great life, he is a famous internet photographer with a site that makes him enough to live off for the rest of his life. And all he has to do is take provocative pictures of his beautiful male models. Taking pictures of naked boys all day is great when you're a gay photographer. The man having a large enough house to keep all his models living with him. For a queer Character ones house would be like the playboy mansion. Not only that but all of character ones models absolutely adore him. The photographer doesn't even have to try to get into any of their pants, they willingly give themselves to him. Of course what happens when his five sexy models begin to get a little rough while fighting over him. The five beautiful models each trying to seduce the photographer into being theirs. Who will succeed?

♥♥♥{Tricked into this world}

For money a boy works as a model for a photographer. The boy taking tasteful half nude pictures at first, then getting wrapped in doing tasteful nudity. Pretty soon the boy is doing porn poses for the camera and doing private video chats and stripping on camera for his fans. The boy he gets an appointment for stripping in private at the photographers studio And what happens when the man wants more then the boy just stripping for him? Talking the boy into a little lap dance, maybe some kissing, will he let the man talk him all the way into what he wants? Or will the man have to take what he wants from the boy? What about when the boy finally wants out of this contract? Though the photographer wont let him out due to the binding contract that the boy has to remain modeling for him for at least three years.

♥♥♥{Schools Slut}
slutxNew kid

At an all boys private school, it is dire to have that one person to take your sexual frustration out on. It is known by everyone, even the teachers that character one is the school whore. Character one even spreading for teachers if they want it. Though this is mostly due to the boy suffering from being a sex addict. Never being able to be faithful or hold down a relationship he lets most of the boys in the school use him. Character one enjoying the sex doesn't mind it himself, on the contrary he enjoys it. Though what happens when a new boy arrives at the school (Character two). Character one quickly having the hots for Character two goes after him. Though after they have sex Character two wants a relationship. What will happen then?

♥♥♥{Turn off the lights }
Step-fatherxStep-son (already have a plot playing the father, I want to play the son now)

Character one (the step-son) decides to start selectively whoring himself out. The boy being eighteen and still a virgin. He had always been interested in older men, not to old, mid twenties to early thirties. So he decides best way to get someone experienced to take his first time is to be a prostitute for a couple times. Yet what he doesn't know is that his first client is his step-father. Nor does his step-father know he arranged to buy his step-son for the night. When they finally meet at a hotel the teen walks into the room, seeing his step-father. Aroused by the idea of his step-father being his first the boy turns out the lights so that the man wont know its him. Though what happens when half way through the step-father turns on the lights to find his step-son?

♥♥♥{Trouble makers}
Bad boyxGood boy

Character one is the perfect child, one that does everything his parents tell him. He has perfect grades, is polite, does charity work and is an overall well rounded goody toe shoes. Yet what happens when he gets acquainted with a troubled teen. Character two (the troubled teen) drinks, smokes, dabbles in drugs, skips class and is irresponsible and impolite. He is the exact opposite of character one. What will happen when character one tries to pull him over to the good side. While character two pushes his own beliefs on an impressionable character one. Character one starting to enjoy the excitement of character two’s life and actions. The good boy even starting to fall for the bad boy.

♥♥♥♥♥♥{Unhealthy Obsession}
BrotherxBrother (Might play Dom or we can make it a switch)
Contains- Incest

Ever since brother 1 hit puberty he has had the hots for brother 2. Brother 1 not only loving brother 2 but lusting over the other boy as well. Now brother 1 has it bad, stealing his brothers underwear, spying on him in the shower, masturbating to his brothers picture. It isn't just a sick obsession, he also loves brother two dearly. He doesn't want to corrupt the other, that and he is too worried to tell brother 2 anyway. Afraid that the other boy might think he is a weirdo or worse hate him. So brother 1 keeps it a secret, until one night brother 2 walks in to find brother 1 masturbating to brother 2's picture. Even worse brother 1 has a pair of his underwear in hand to top it off. What will happen from here? Will brother two like what he sees and take advantage of it? Or will brother two freak out about the situation?

♥{All for your happiness}
Step-brotherxStep-brotherxyounger step-brother (Will only play 17 year old boy in this)
Contains- Could contain incest(it would be totally up to you)

A Boy has a mother that never seems to be happy she has been single for a long time and finally she finds a man and they decide to get married. The boy is seventeen and understands that his mothers happiness comes first. The mother and son are now moving into the mans house which he also has two sons. One son is older then the boy and one son is younger. What the boy does not know is that both the older and younger brother are attracted to him. The older brother expresses it opening and makes advances openly, while the little brother plays innocent until he gets the other boy alone with him.

♥{I take joy in possessing you}
Teenage boy/Ghost boyxTeenage boy

Character one is a good boy, nice, sweet, not a total suck up but just a nice kid. He has a boyfriend that is kind of the opposite of him. His boyfriend (character two) being a drinker and getting into fights every now and then. Character two isn't a horrible kid, though isn't the best either, though he treats Character one well. Yet he also wishes Character one was a bit more outgoing a bit sexier. Well due to a family curse Character one gets possessed by a boy that died a few years before. The boy being the total opposite of Character one. Character one fights the ghost boy possessing him though is taken over every now and then by the boy. What happens when Character two starts to like this ghost boy, thinking the boy is exciting. What about when the ghost boy tries to convince Character two to help him fully take over Character one. Will Character two dump his boyfriend and help the ghost possess him? Or will Character two stand beside his boyfriend in the end and help get rid of the spirit?

♥♥{I love you, but I don't}
Gang leaderxBoy
Contains: Non-con, voyeurism, possibly bondage, drugs, drinking, possible gangbang/threesomes+

A male is in a gang they steal, beat people and might even be murderers. The leader found another boy a year ago and decided he wanted him. Taking him from his home he has kept the boy for a whole year and fell in love with him. Though the leader is not one to show love well instead he threatens that if the boy leaves him he will beat him and keeps to his word. The gang member even lets his friends mess around with the boy. Sometimes when the leader isn't around or drunk the other members even have their way with the boy, forcing him into things. The leader himself has many bad habits and is not always the nicest to "his lover". Even though being forced into being the gang leaders lover, the boy feels something for the other even though he hates him sometimes for the horrible things the leader does to him. Can the boy convince the gang leader to change his ways?

♥♥{Broken Home}
Older brotherxYounger brotherxRoomates
Contains: Incest, threesomes, foursomes, non-con, some light abuse

Character one and twos mother never grew up. The woman always partying, drinking, bringing strange men home. Character two the older of the two was always forced to take care of his younger brother. Though he didn't mind, he did mind living in the house with his no good mother. The woman and Character two had a falling out once he turned seventeen the boy then quickly moved out. Character two moving in with his friends brother. Him living with his friends brother and two other men which are friends of the other man. Though the three men quickly turn character two into their housewife. The men not treating him the best, forcing him to do the cleaning cooking and spread his legs from them whenever they want it. He was basically the whore of the house, yet got over it quickly and begun to like the sex. Though what happens when is now sixteen year old brother (Character one) comes to ask if he can live with them? Character one not being able to live with their mother any longer. Character two not being able to say no to his little brother he loves so much. Though he knows full well his brothers going to be eye candy for the men he lives with. Which once Character one steps in their home, the boy is like their property.

♥♥{I wont let you leave}
Married Couple (We can either do Adoption or MPREG in this plot)
Contains- Verbal Abuse, Violence

Character one and Character two have been married for two years and have a beautiful one and a half year old baby boy. The two lived fairly happy together in the house Character two bought them. Though slowly Character two begins to become violent, possessive and extremely jealous. He believes Character one is cheating on him and thinks he needs to put Character one in his place. When the fights continue on for a couple months, along with the beatings, Character two even going so far into forcing Character one to have sex. Character one gets tired of it and finally decides to leave him and take their baby boy. Though what happens when Character two gives Character one an ultimatum. Either character one comes back to him or Character two goes after full custody of their son. And with Character one having no job, living with his friend and not having a stable income there is a good chance Character two will gain custody.

♥♥{The King's Boy}

Character one's parents have always wanted to gain access to the royalty. They have always wanted to be rich, famous, adored and live the life of the kings and queens. So to get this they use their attractive well rounded son to get into royalty. Giving their son to the king, character one's job being to please the King. The king remaining with his queen yet using character one for fun and to fulfill his wants. Yet what happens when the boy begins to fall in love with the King. Will the King begin to feel the same way for the boy in time?

ProstitutexBusiness man
Contains- Non-con, Adultery, Aggressiveness, Light Abuse, Some humiliation

What happens when you are a prostitute, hating it, and trying to find somewhere that will hire you? Character one gets a rich looking attractive man that comes in taking him up on what he offers. The next day Character one helps a woman out, pushing her out of the way from being ran over by a car. The woman being very grateful to the boy all of a sudden offers character one a job as an assistance at an important downtown office, her husband’s office. She also lets character one stay at her place until he can collect enough money for a down payment on an apartment close by the job. At arrival at the woman's house, Character one meets her husband (character two) being the man that Character one was with last night. Character two continues to treat character one like a whore. The man still believing he can do whatever he pleases with character one and simply pay it off with money. Though character one doesn't consider himself a whore any longer, he had gotten a real job and wants to leave the past behind. Character two being the cocky and arrogant man he is wont accept character one and treat him like a human being. Though after being stuck together for so long will something more blossom between them?[/center]
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Offline RedMoonRising

Re: Back for more! MxM
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2010, 06:56:25 PM »
Hey! I would be interested in doing Troublemakers. My O/O is attached in my sig if you want some more info on me.
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Offline tissuesanTopic starter

Re: Back for more! MxM
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2010, 10:00:29 PM »
Hey! I would be interested in doing Troublemakers. My O/O is attached in my sig if you want some more info on me.

Sent you a message~

Offline Pretty in Pink

Re: Back for more! MxM
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2010, 04:13:01 AM »
Hmm.  Should probably jump on it as quick as I can.  If you're still looking, I'll take Schools Slut.  I just recently lost most of my games due to my loss of internet for a while there.  But yeah.  I can play either one.

Offline Izu

Re: Back for more! MxM
« Reply #4 on: March 16, 2010, 07:57:22 AM »
-wouldn't mind having one more rp with you- <3
^~^ <3
*waits for Tissue to return to E after the evil exams*

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Re: Back for more! MxM
« Reply #5 on: March 16, 2010, 07:19:36 PM »
-wouldn't mind having one more rp with you- <3
^~^ <3
*waits for Tissue to return to E after the evil exams*

Yay my Izu~

Anyone you want. I have some other half baked ideas too just have't written them up. Or if you have any ideas you are itching to do. I'm so getting distracted by starting up new rps and not paying attention to my studies. I just have one more test then it's over. I just gotta pull myself away from here and get back to work.

Offline Izu

Re: Back for more! MxM
« Reply #6 on: March 16, 2010, 07:43:01 PM »
Go study! It's like one more day and then freedom! *huggles* Pm me with whichever idea you want or we can scramble up something together <3

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Re: Back for more! MxM *Two new plots*
« Reply #7 on: April 05, 2010, 07:38:14 PM »
got some more plots~

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Re: Back for more! MxM *Two new plots*
« Reply #8 on: April 10, 2010, 02:10:04 PM »