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Author Topic: Huginn's big start.  (Read 385 times)

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Huginn's big start.
« on: March 14, 2010, 11:28:32 PM »
Looking for..something to start my stay here with.  I welcome just about any other ideas but I will put out a little to share my style of thought.  Please note that none of these ideas are meant to be political or offensive to anyone. I do solely play female, thank you for your understanding.

Totalitarian state: A hundred years from now the state rules through an oppressive level of paperwork and control many of the day to day activities of life. The role is built around a new political party coming to power and imposing their own moralistic view on the rest of civilization. Dress codes and sexual norms begin to change as they cement their power. This ruling class can be just about anything (Men, Women, genetic variants of each, a cult, or even non humans.) Can include forced submission, brain washing, chemical or genetic manipulation. Latex/other fetish clothing. A fantasy race mix to this might be acceptable. (Note. Kind of inspired by Brazil)

Orcish tribe: More along the sides of a noble orc tribe. Still warlike and brutish but less the pig nosed idiot sort and slightly more statuesque bodies. On the edge of the civilized lands this tribe has been in near constant war for generations. But with the advances that civilization has made this has taken a toll on the male population of the tribe. Some women have taken places now in the raiding parties even tho they lack the natural berserk tenancies of their male counterparts. Over anything else strength is revered. (Hopefully promotes racial tension as well as elements of non sexual slavery)

Hellscape: The forges of hell are are one hell of a place! Anything that's anything in hell gets forged up here. Including a new servant for the forge master himself. Created from the torn and worn out souls in hell she is an infernal construct based on humanity. A mostly human visage with curled horns. Her mind started as a blank slate, only the basics of her task has been taught to her. But like all things infernal she is both able to be summoned, and is subject to the hierarchy of hell.

Leader of a nation: A high priestess of mixed red dragon and human ancestry leads a nation of orcs and salamanders and elemental fire in a fight on the human nations. Her "God" Sleeps in the very temple where her throne is situated. A conflict with another nation of dragon worshipers or one of the civilized churches might find her barbarian horde dispersed and herself dethroned.

(Alright, that is it for the moment. Just a few ideas. I would be happy to work with someone else to arrange something else. More then willing to adapt to other settings as well. These are brief outlines but if you would like to know more, please just ask. I do very much prefer to play a submissive and yadda yadaa. Kinks over in my listy thing and what not.)
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