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Started by Anathanasia, March 14, 2010, 01:01:15 AM

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A distillation of my solo ideas from my post in the Group forum, as it's been pointed out that 'hiding' my solo ideas there might mean some people don't even get a look at them:

I would like to point out that my ideas are really very broad in scope. General themes only, for the most part, as I like to think I'm all about the possibilities. Most of my concepts are for longerterm play, so we can see where the RP takes us, let it evolve rather than just stuff ourselves into a set program.

Most of my ideas are meant to be run in a more traditional tabletop style format, meaning the GM should not be one of the players. I like a format where the GM is a moderator, even when the game is freeform, having that one person who's dedicated task is running the cast of billions that is everyone else in the world that is not a PC (I have seen games where rotating GMs or people acting as GM in threads they are not playing in has worked very well, but that's for games with a lot of players, not my 3-4 preferred max. ;)).

Assume that all of my ideas should have the codes [BON-E] and [NC-Ex]*, and please feel free to check my ONs and OFFs (link in my sig!).

*[Ex] Note: That tag is really only to cover the possibility of bestiality, as I'm really not into any of the other stuff that falls into Extreme and would limit games to [NC-E] otherwise.

Space Opera/Sci-Fi:
   I would still really love the idea of a grand space opera that's not Star Wars or Star Trek, just a more generic interstellar sci-fi epic that's about medium on the hardness scale (ie artificial gravity for sure, but maybe not FTL communication) like the old Traveller RPG. I could see this freeform-ish, as most of the PCs would be human or an alien species that isn't going to do anything crazy, with the only real requirement being that the action revolves around a starship of some kind, anything from a small transport to a massive battleship. I could do this solo, but this is one that would be nicer with a small group, so we can each take a specific role on the team, yknow? There should be a fair bit of exploration (so we can be molesterfied by exotic alien flora and fauna! :D) and a little bit of fighting, both on the ground and in space.

*Craving* Solo Note: While I would prefer to play this one with a group, solo would be okay too. In that case, I think I'd actually prefer to play it as a Star Wars game, preferably in the era of the classic trilogy, with me as a young twi'lek force-user/wannabe Jedi (can say she learned/will learn from a holocron). I just love all the damn possibilities for crazy xeno-NC scenes in the era of Imperial oppression! :-[ Don't you?

Super Heroine/Villain:
   I know there's a game or two going on already in this genre, but from what I've seen they are all much bigger and more freefrom than I like. I can do freeform supers, but only with thoroughly defined characters and limits, and even then I wouldn't be comfortable with it if there's no more than two or three PCs, and that small group must be a team from the outset.I would really much prefer a system game any way you slice it, since with superheroes and supervillains you can pretty much guarantee that almost every character will have vastly different capabilities from each other. With a system in place, I'm much more keen on the idea of a larger team, but again, with a real GM to design and run adventures and encounters for us.
   Speaking generally, I'm pretty open as to actual setting. It can be established, like Marvel or DC, or completely original. I have enough different character concepts for superheroes and villains that I can yank one out to match just about anything, just know that I'm always big on having a weakness. I do like my characters to be defeated so they can suffer the consequences, after all...

Solo Note: There are so many possibilities for a solo superhero game, as I'm sure we can all think of several superheroes that mostly operate independently. If there's any spin on this I might want to specifically add, I would have to say that it would be kind of neat to play a villainess instead. There's a lot more possibilities in the dirty fun too, since a villainess has to worry about corrupt authorities more than a heroine would, and even being betrayed by villainous allies. I've got a lot of ideas for a solo heroine or villain, even some characters already made up (often for games that have died). As always, I would much prefer a system game.

   Probably one of my more specific ideas for sure, and easy to define. This is classic, pure Japanese hentai female-ninja action. Examples are everywhere, games, anime, 4chan should have several threads at any one time...I could do this as a system, but freeform works since it's such a defined-by-genre idea. I'd just really like to do an RP where the GM is running my sexy little kunoichi through a typical tentacle, demon and gang-rape laden hentai plot. An extra player or two would be awesome as well, if the GM is sure he can keep up with it.

   This idea is more geared towards solo play, if for no other reason than my view of a single field operative would kind of force the other players into crummy support roles and I don't really want to do that to people. Also, it's definitely one I'd want to use a system for, say d20 Modern for example, since I'd like that element of chance that only a good set of arbitrary rules and rolls can add to a game.
   This idea is pretty easy to sum up, it's all about the same kind of cool kick ass action as shows like Alias and 24, movies like the Bourne series, La Femme Nikita (the original, no crummy Hollywood remakes, please! :P), and of course, the Bond films, and just about anything Tom Clancy ever even looked at slight funny. I'd be totally fine to toss in some anime influences too, like Ghost in the Shell or Bubblegum Crisis.
   The only real difference here is the good Elli twists to make it erotic and nasty, I mean, we all know what kinds of interrogation techniques will get used on my girl when she gets caught, eh? ;)

   As a slight variation, it might also be fun to use the d20 Modern shadow-thingie setting, throw in a little magic and fantasy races, just to spice things up. I started a game like this here before, but the GM wasn't able to keep up the posts so it kinda died, but I still have the character if anyone is interested in seeing a HKAT drow hottie concept.

Bad Day (Mundane?):
   This one is really just for me. It's just one of my flat out favorite fantasies, and I would be remiss not to include it here. Definitely freeform, since it's pretty much about going from one sexual situation to another, and solo, since it is, after all, my fantasy.
   I'd be playing either Catholic schoolgirl (like 17 or's all about the uniform) or a young, early 20s, business woman or secretary. The setup can vary some, as it can be as simple as getting on the wrong bus or off at the wrong subway stop (missed the right one and had to switch to go back?) and running into some gang, or complex as a hostage situation in a school or a bank. The schoolgirl could also just get gangraped behind the gym or in the boys locker room, the secretary in the boardroom or the janitors closet. You get the idea, I'm sure.
   From there things just keep rolling, one situation to the next. The gang has their fun and leaves, after 'modifying' my characters clothing, but before she recovers some homeless guys find her...or she recovers and tries to get herself to the cops, but she finds some rather corrupt ones instead...or some pimp thinks she's a whore...
   It is meant to be ongoing. So even after the first day she could find herself in some kind of blackmail situation. And one fantasy I've always loved, a pretty young woman somehow, for some reason, being sent to a men's prison. That would be so...wrong.
   Obviously, this is freeform. There's not really enough to it to warrant a system. ;)

   This idea is meant to kind of blend the two ideas above, Bad Day and Super-Spy, and in such a way that it'd support having an additional player or two involved (it could still be solo, mind you).
   It would be a little looser thematically than the normal Bad Day, but not so much as to require a system beyond the GM maybe making a few behind the scenes rolls if it suited him or her, because it'd definitely be more focused on getting to the naughty stuff than the regular/solo Super-Spy concept is.
   In a nutshell, the character(s) is(are) a cop or soldier of one kind or another (just so long as there's a uniform here, it's all about the uniforms ;)) and either goes on a call or a mission where things pretty much go wrong. Unlike most of my games, where it's all about possibles, things that could happen, the idea here is that they do get caught and raped. The place where possibilities come into it is where things go after, like they could free themselves, or they could get sold as sex slaves, just that if they do get free it really is just so they can get caught again.
   I'd kind of like that, the idea of escaping and getting caught again, mainly because then we could have some kind of neat overarching story progress as the character stumbles or gets dragged from one sexual torture scene to the next, maybe something they can still stop/accomplish if they play it right, too.

Okay, enough for now. That's twice as many ideas as games I'd allow myself to play in, so that's good! :)
A Special Craving: Rookie Cop has a Bad Day

My Cravings & Desires: Six Ideas in Search of a GM, Solo System RPs

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Hmm. I've always had that sort of fantasy lingering in the back of my thoughts, about a young woman being wrongly sent to an all-male prison.


Thats one nice idea DoomsDay.

Anyway getting back on point. Anathanasia .. a lot of your plots and ideas resonance with me :)
Trouble is I'm no good at system game :( .. as in never played/tried not even the tabletop versions.

If you are still willing to discuss solo games I would be happy to detail my interest/ideas with you.