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Started by Chevalier des Poissons, March 12, 2010, 05:03:33 PM

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Chevalier des Poissons

This is
What we could call an end
No matter how hard we try to pretend

This is
Another thing to say
Before I turn my back on you and go away

...away, away...


Well, it seems
Our little dreams
Are not here anymore

Time to wake up and grow up
My heart is feeling sore


You smile is gone
But I am here with you
I promise, I will be true
You are not alone

And all that pain
Will never be in vain
Your smile will grow strong
So play along


And all those words that you used to say?
They don't matter much more than just a simple good day


This is
What had ruined our day
It is here now, no matter what you say

This is
One more thing to see
Just a little thing that won't let us be more, no more...


I feel better
It doesn't matter
What we used to be

We will fly
And maybe cry
Forever, you will see


This is the strongest
And maybe even the best
Way to feel about someone
About my one

Our souls were found
Forever we are bound
You look at me and ask please
To tell you what this is

...this is...our love.

March 12Th, 2010
Original conception by me.
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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Very Nice !! Kinda sad though.....
He looks at me and my heart starts skipping beats, my face starts to glow and my eyes start to twinkle.
Imagine what he would do to me if he smiled!

Smile... it's the second best thing to do with your lips.

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