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Author Topic: Fable 2 M/M (Bondage or N/C, possible Ext)  (Read 540 times)

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Fable 2 M/M (Bondage or N/C, possible Ext)
« on: March 10, 2010, 04:17:19 AM »
In the world of Albion there is a history of heroes. People with blood in their veins that enabled them to use the forces of magic, wield weapons with great skill and strength, and move faster and more agile than normal human beings. Now they are a mere legend, with the exception of one boy who's powers have come into being and he has been gained some experience in the ways of each of the three components of being a hero, Strength, Skill and Will.

A young boy who's once hard life was almost cut short during a tragic event that ended his sisters life and cast him outside of the place he once called home. Raised by the mysterious Theresa till he reaches the age of 18, he grows with an innate sense and faith in being a good and lawful person. When he reaches 18 he is sent to awaken the blood in his veins and goes out into the world. He finds the world a lot tougher than he remembers and his minimal skills grow a bit as they are severely tested by his trials in the world to help make it a better place and to stop Lucien's plans.

Eventually he realizes, even with a pure heart and the power of the heroes flowing in his veins, he is not yet strong enough to continue on with his quest. He comes back to Theresa deep within the realms of the ruined Heroes Guild and professes this shortcoming to her. How is he meant to do these things when he hasn't the strength to continue and persevere? A dead hero is not a good hero, for nothing can be done if he cannot fight through the swathe of enemies.

She stops to think and tells him a variety of Hero that was forgotten long before the Heroes themselves ever were. A race of Heroes who found one of the hidden secrets to immortality. Beings who over time became more of themselves than normal people were ever allowed. Stretched across the land, disappearing for times and only spotted and whispered of as if like a legend. She herself admits to being one of these, having been around for just over 500 years. But there is the legend of an even older Immortal, one known to most only as 'The Blade of Fate.' She knows of this Immortal and can hopefully bring him before the hero, as the Immortal has been known to take on Apprentices here and there. Though none have ever come back from the training.

There is great risk, for if the Immortal denies the hero his apprenticeship, than the Immortal would destroy the young hero and go on his way. He decides he will take this risk and she proceeds to bring him before them. When the Immortal is before them finally, the hero finds that the man is only a few years older than him, or at least appears that way. He seems a typical human, not carrying the same mystical and wise feeling of Theresa. He does bear his own countenance, his own personal aura, one that makes even the hero take pause, as if being too close to the Immortal is somehow changing him in someway.

Discussion is given and eventually they come to a deal, if the hero passes the first test, the Immortal will teach him. Should he pass he will receive a magical mark on his flesh that will bind him to the Immortal. Should that mark be activated in a particular way by the Immortal, all knowledge given to him by and through the Immortal will be taken away in a painful instance. As such, the hero must listen to everything the immortal says, obey his orders and complete his orders. Should he fail badly enough or should he outright refuse or want to leave his tutorship, then the mark will be activated. That being said, apprentices are in for the whole ride, or they receive nothing at all.

Those are the rules.....


Alright well that little bit of story weaving (poor story weaving I know, but hey I do better in RPs) gives a lot of info on what I have going here.


-The hero (you) will be a good little boy, believing in law and goodness. The rest of the personality is all up to you.
-He needs to get better, gets a very powerful teacher, who will turn out to be a harsh teacher.
-The Immortal (me) is very amoral, seeming to do chaotic, good, evil, lawful things for what seem to be random reasons. He will not like your character at first, and the feelings are going to be mutual.
-It will be taking place after the hero helped Hammer and retrieved her, so it's just after that point.
-Everything else should be self-explanatory.

I'm looking to do a bit of romance very far into this, as in slowly develop overtime. Something along the lines of my character slowly becoming endeared to your character as your character begins to grow and change from the lessons. It would be a slow development, and it's something I would like to flesh out with you.

Oh sidenote, if anyone has a thing for wanting to add the dog into the mix, since you know, the dog is there (and his personality is up too you, but obviously going to be the golden version of it at first) for a bit of fun, I will not fight you on that, because I'd be all for that >:) BUT if not, don't think it would exclude you, just an add on.

Anything you would want to add to it, I'm open to it, just throw the idea my way and we can discuss it.

If you have any questions or are interested, PM me....just PM me, don't post here....PM me...>.>
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Offline BraiochTopic starter

Re: Fable 2 M/M (Bondage or N/C, possible Ext)
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2010, 06:19:00 PM »
Edited a few details and what not, and it's still open for someone to take the place of the hero.