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Fleur de Lis

Started by Chevalier des Poissons, March 06, 2010, 05:49:14 PM

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Chevalier des Poissons

Pure like the sky
You are young and so am I
Come with me
There is something you should see

Your gentle form
Makes your soul be just like mine
I am feeling fine
A new dream has been born

And then again
You are my new deviation
My sweet temptation
Let me be your man

And I will go along
For the one I will never see
Oh, how I long
To have you with me


I have a dream
And it is not what it means
Dreams never go away
They can make your day

My heart will abide
For every rule your love sings
You don't have to clip your wings
To stay by my side

Staring at the sea
I dream of you and me
Each and every day
Every single day

My precious little star
You have the smile I always miss
Beautiful fleur de lis
How do you love me so far?


Dreaming so high
Your beauty makes me fly
Can you see
All the things you do with me?

Out of the blue
My heart is now in love with you
We will go our way
There is nothing else to say

Now you are mine
And we will cross the line
The day is gone
We will never be alone

Oh, now I know
The new flower in my garden
I will never let you go
You are my heaven

March, 6th, 2010
Original concept by me

Post-Scriptum: Fleur de Lis is the french name of the flower Lily. And, despite the appearance, there is no relationship between this poem and anyone here.
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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beautiful! :) fleur de lis wonderful.


Brilliant and beautiful, thanks for sharing Chevalier

Bishrook aka Fate sisters

Well done and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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Chevalier des Poissons

Thank you all =3 I am very honored to know you all enjoyed my poem.
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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That's so sweet! You make poetry seem so effortless. Magnifique.  :-)
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