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Author Topic: M looking for F for fun RP's  (Read 834 times)

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M looking for F for fun RP's
« on: March 06, 2010, 04:07:50 pm »
As the title says im a guy looking for a female for an rp. I have a few ideas in my head so if your interested Pm me. I would like it if my partners put though in their post and not give out a bunch of one liners. Anyway heres my ideas.

Student/Teacher- A+ Lover- A student stays back behind class to finish off his work. The teacher However has a better job for him and they soon find themselves in a relationship with each other. Now they must keep thier love for one another secret from public eyes till Tybalt can graduate from high school.

Male teacher/Female Student - Loving the teach - A flirtatious student has been crushing on her teacher for quite some time, true shes only 16 and he was 23 but she didnt care, she wanted him and will do anything to get him.

Tamer/Pokegirl - The Elemental League- A Young tamer By the Name of Awai sets off into the elemental nation to take part in the elemental league only to have this journey cut short but something much much more urgent. The God shards, said to contain the power of the legendary tamer Yuki Tomastu. Team rocket is after them and Awai must stop them and anyone else from attaining this ultimate power.

Master/Slave-My Heart In Shackles- Kuroi has always been a kind master and a Slave Is desperately in love with him she is trying everything in the book to try and bed him. She would do anything for him and Kuroi secretly desires her as well, however he dosnt want to be seen as a pervert or someone who abuses his slaves.

Human/Elf -Elven Love- Martian had lost everything he owned, his house, his job, and his girlfriend, everything. That all changes when he finds a golden box with elven runes on it that transports him to the world of the elves and find himself in a village filled with elven females.

Oc/Naruto female character - Kenshin is the last member of the Kyuu-Ketsuki clan he longs for love and roams the night skys protecting the innocent and unkowingly has a secret admirer who stalks him constantly.

Human X Succubus - A guy Named Quinn summons a Succubus from the underworld and manages to trick her to serve him for the rest of his wished for immortal life, However as the days past she ends up falling in love with him and finds out not only does she not mind serving him, but she craves for his touch and pleasure.

Human/Dragoness -The Dragon Lover- Tybalt gets sent to another world and finds himself under the protection of a dragoness that can shapeshift into a human and lusts for him for some unknown reason! Now he must find a way home and deal with the dragon elders who frown on this union between him and his new-found, "Friend"

Human/Catgirl - Kasui goes deep into a forest and finds the lost valley of the catgirls, but they are all in heat and all eyes fall on this lone human who has wondered into their territory. Now he lives among them and servicing them when ever he can. but he wants to find what they call a mate. Who will he pick and what are the consequences of his choice?

Ar Tonelico-Misha X Oc- The Omega- Lyner Barsett Has chosen to be with Aurica instead of Misha and leaves Misha heartbroken. He wonders the lands alone till she met a peculiar Person, his Name is Dusk and he is one of the fabled Omega Reyvateil! Omegas were meant to be tanks in a final battle against the humans, they cannot use blue or green magic but a low level red spell can have lethal effects also they do not sing beautiful as the others do instead they sing demonically as they cast their spells. Dusk is very cruel and hateful towards everyone and wants to cause nothing but pain. Misha takes it upon her self to dive into him and find out why he is the way he is and perhaps cure him.

Ranger/apprentice- Forestblade - Tybalt was once a prince of a kingdom far away from this land. There he could have anything but now he is a ranger and rouge of the forests. Chosen by the goddess of the forests herself to be he champion when called upon, in return he gained mastery over nature. But now he has a student to train her in the ways of the ranger and love may blossom from this training.

*Brother/Sister- Possessive- Roy have always had trouble with girls, he didn't understand it himself. Whenever he had gotten himself a girlfriend they would either cheat on him or break up with him the next day. What he Didnt know was that it was his sister that was doing this because she wanted her brother to herself and not anyone else. It was his last break up when she decided to make herself known to him.

Mage/Witch- Magic is not a toy- A wicked witch is ruling over the lands with an Iron fist spending her free time punishing the innocent folk of these lands, Its up to Neon to put a stop to her tyranny and turn the tables on her.

Many more soon. Interested in any of them Pm me.
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Re: M looking for F for fun RP's
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2010, 05:44:11 pm »

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Re: M looking for F for fun RP's
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2010, 11:19:58 am »
Updated put more substance in

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Re: M looking for F for fun RP's
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2010, 08:00:22 pm »