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Author Topic: Female RP Partners Needed (Mermaid/Succubus/Batgirl plots)  (Read 2247 times)

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Offline mahes666Topic starter

Female RP Partners Needed (Mermaid/Succubus/Batgirl plots)
« on: March 05, 2010, 10:05:19 am »
*Let me know if you're interested in these ideas

I Inherited a Demon
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Jake Logan never knew his father.  In fact, the son of a bitch left him when he was an infant.  Jake's mom never spoke of him much, only to say that her relationship with him was a mistake.  He never asked much after a certain age, because he realized early on that the memories of his father scared her.  Now 19 years old, Jake has finished his first year at college.  Jake's mom had done really well for herself working as a real estate agent, and would be on vacation all summer with her friends.  Jake comes home, looking forward to having the house to himself.

After his first week home, he gets a mysterious visitor.  A lawyer who has come to inform him that his father has passed away.  Before Jake can tell the lawyer he doesn't give damn, the lawyer has two men bring in a very large black trunk.  The lawyer informs Jake that the contents of the box are what Jake's father left to him.  Upon opening the box, Jake learns that his father dealt with demons, and one had been left to him.  Jake had inherited a succubus.

Need someone to play the succubus.  Jake will have instructions from his father on how to control her.  However, that doesn't mean that the succubus can't break free and seize control of the situation. Let me know your preference.

Biggest Catch of the Day
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos

Captain Drake Pariah is not your every day pirate, he is a virtual warlord of the sea.  The mighty nations of the world have their own navy's, and each of those nations have a price on his head equivalent to the dowry of a queen.  Even so, the Sickle Straight belongs to him.  The crucial slice of ocean that connects three nations in which only Captain Pariah can navigate so well.  His greatest advantage is being the only one able to find the Hidden Blackmaw Cove.

In Blackmaw Cove, Captain Pariah can hide his armada from vengeful nations who seek to end his terror on the seas.  Also on this Cove, Captain Pariah has a secret hideaway filled with his treasure, maps, and secrets.  Not even his own men know of this hideaway, and it can only be reached by a swimming underwater.  Even so, traps were placed in cased any ever dared step foot there.  Much to Captain Pariah's surprise, a beautiful mermaid is caught in one of those traps.  Finding her to be the most exquisite creature ever to lay his eyes on, he decides to keep her as a prize.

Need someone to play the mermaid. Captain Drake would find a way to give her legs before anything physical developed.  This could either be a love story, or a cruel master/slave scenario.  Open to ideas.

Bat Girl Made Flesh
NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos


David grew up as an outcast.  Cursed with a disease similar to Parkinson's Disease, he spent his first 17 years of life in a wheelchair. The disease also impacted his speech, and he could never interact with other kids enough to make friends.  Instead, he retreated to comic books as his only escape from the hell of his own body.  He had no love-life to speak of.  Instead, he made up one in his head with his greatest comic fantasy... Batgirl.

At 19, a medical advancement cured him of his illness, and he managed to turn his life around. After years of intense physical and speech therapy, he eventually became the opposite of what he once was.  His natural good looks now stood out, and he took to socializing fast enough. Now, at age 32, he is a celebrated artist for DC Comics.  Despite where his life has taken him, comics remain the most important part of his life, and Batgirl remains his deepest fantasy.

One day he buys an apartment that allows him an empty room in which to paint a mural.  He paints Batgirl held captive in a dark room on one wall.  Once complete, he looks upon it, a little disturbed with himself, but impressed by the quality. Then, forces he doesn't understand brings the mural to life, and he can step inside the room.  His dark fantasy has come to life.  Batgirl is available to do with as he will.

Need someone to play Batgirl. The plot is open to VAST interpretation, you can even change it entirely, I just want to play a story where the other person is Batgirl. Please let me know if you have any interest, and reach out to me with ideas.
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Offline Niki315

Re: Female RP Partners Needed (Mermaid/Succubus/Batgirl plots)
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 10:31:42 am »
I love Succubi! I could play your succubus character if you like.

Offline Tankou

Re: Female RP Partners Needed (Mermaid/Succubus/Batgirl plots)
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2010, 01:27:18 pm »
I am definitely interested in either the succubus or mermaid game if you want me in for it ^^ I gotta say mermaids are something I haven't done yet but I could certainly play them well, I would think ^^
I am very experienced in playing succubi though

Offline margossweet

Re: Female RP Partners Needed (Mermaid/Succubus/Batgirl plots)
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2010, 05:24:27 pm »
I'm really new at role play, a role play virgin, but I have to dip my foot in some where and a mermaid seems to fit that disposition really well. Your scenario is really erotic and that's what i like.

Offline Lady Chevalier

Re: Female RP Partners Needed (Mermaid/Succubus/Batgirl plots)
« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2010, 07:28:33 pm »
I would love to do the mermaid plot with you. ^^ I might have already PM'ed you my request. ^^