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Author Topic: We Need Some More Zombies!  (Read 408 times)

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Offline TankouTopic starter

We Need Some More Zombies!
« on: March 05, 2010, 12:15:46 AM »
This is the premise of my idea. I am hoping to be Talos in this game and looking for a female character. Not a care in the world what the gender of the player is. If you are good with impregnation and pregnancy in the game that's cool with me. To be on the safe side this game would be EX: Exotic but I would like to make it clear that I don't plan on offering myself as a sexual item to the zombie hordes. Powers and such can be debated to any degree and such. PM me if you're interested.
Below is the setting ^^

On January 19, 2013 it all happened. The first wild discovered strain of Solanum was found and samples were taken. Solanum, also known as the Zombie Virus, was unstable from the beginning. Under extensive testing it got out, infecting a whole city. Before anyone could do anything about it Solanum had infected millions of individuals, the largest outbreak in the history of the world. With no victims left in the original city to devour the zombie population spread out, looking for more victims, more people to infect. By the time the US government came to terms with what was actually happening it was far too late to stop the outbreak. Seeking shelter across the oceans, millions fled the United States of America on boats, and planes, thousands of these individuals were already infected and spread the virus into Europe, Africa and Asia. For the first time in history, on February 23, 2014, Humanity was unified against a common goal, to exterminate zombie kind throughout the globe. The walking dead, however, had no need of unification. The existed solely to hunt down and kill humans, replenishing whatever lost “units” that they once had by turning the forces that fought against them. Though mindless, the untiring Zombie hordes eventually overcome the unification of humanity and spread even further into the world, unable to be stopped.

As a last ditch effort to halt the zombie apocalypse, the best and brightest of the world came together to try to find something to fight back with. Hidden deep underground or under water from any zombie attack the scientists did their part to work on anything that could help. Some worked to try to find some sort of cure. Some worked to create robotics and nano-technology that could battle the zombie threat. Many others turned to wetware, the science of manipulating humans and animals into better creatures, the creation of clones, super-soldiers and such abominations of mankind. All of these were encouraged, even though they had previously been hated. Desperation had turned humanity to a new level of development.

Though robotics proved useful and nano-technology was of some help work for a cure proved entirely fruitless. In fact, it only helped to create more of the tireless hordes in the end. The most amazing breakthroughs happened in wetware, normally by mistake. Many scientists could prick their finger on a plate with an experimental mutagen and die minutes later from exposure to the fatal substance. However, some mutagens turned humans into weapons. The effects varied from heated rays from the eyes to super-human speed. Normally these poor people were, in fact, the scientists that produced the mutagen in the first place. The remaining vestiges of the world governments took these newly gifted “heroes” and threw them into the front lines, hoping beyond hope that the untested former scientists would simply deliver the results that they wanted. Unfortunately, even these super human scientists were not immune to Solanum and those who fell to the horde that weren't entirely devoured only helped to give the mindless zombies extra power. The remaining scientists who did manage to live parted from one another. They left the governments behind and went into hiding.

It has been over twenty years since the unification of mankind, now August 15, 2037. Talos Cultain, a former scientists and now mutant, travels the world, fighting zombies and trying to help any survivors that he can find. Any humans who still live live in the very farthest reaches of the world where even the untiring zombie armies cannot find them. This is a class four outbreak of zombie infestation, a world where humanity has indeed lost the war against the walking dead and now the zombie is the ruling creature on the planet, brainless as they may be. Due to the mutations he suffered when he was a scientist, Talos' flesh is far too tough to be pierced by the teeth of a zombie, and even stops bullets without much harm and any wounds he does take heal visibly. He needs little sleep, has sharper eyes than an eagle during the day or an owl at night. He is strong enough to tear a zombie limb from limb or knock it's head clean off with a single punch. He no longer ages after the mishap twenty years ago. However, Talos is not immune to Solanum. He knows that one slip up could not only end his life but would empower the zombie's a hundred fold. However, perhaps on this trip he will find just what he has been searching for for so long. A young woman who is immune to Solanum and thus the answer to not only his but all of humanity's problems. His only problem is that he needs to extract a cure from her and who knows how willing she will be to follow him half way across the world to achieve that goal.

Offline Decrepitdan

Re: We Need Some More Zombies!
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 03:40:18 PM »
I would be interested in playing this out with you. What about this requires it to be extreme though?