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Author Topic: Origional Post Apocalyptic Rp Still looking for more players!!!!!  (Read 826 times)

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Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

This is a Rp I ran for a few years on a Furry community. I thought that though it was good there it was a bit too limited and wanted to try it out here. Looking for a group of diverse players with some imagination to help me build something great. Players can chose to play either a descendent: a character that is an outside inhabitant of the world, litterally a desendent of those that lived through the Gene War; or An Experiment: A character that wakes up with no memory (will be provided by me as game play advances) from cyro-suspension inside the facility.

The premise and intro are as Follows:

For many years, a corrupt American Government and those of their allies, had been forcing policies upon other governments and their own people. In the year 2012, several Governments began to join together and fight back. Fueled by anger, religious fevor, or a simple wish to manage their own affairs and not pay tribute to a One World Government, they pooled their resources and built an army of massive scale and advanced training. Calling themselves the Global Resistance Army they attacked the soldiers that occupied their lands. In response the US military unleashed Project BlackBook upon thier enemies unsuspecting populace, Civilians and soldiers alike. No one was spared. Overnight the worlds population was reduced by one third, the earth left scorched and devoid of life. Most of the world media hailed the event as a victory. A Masterstoke that would herald in a new reign of peace and posperity for not just America but for all the remaining global citizens. Questions remained unanswered. How was such a victory possible, without a single atomic weapon being used? What did Operation Blackbook consist of? Why had not a single allied soldier been reported injured or killed in what was clearly a massive military strike? Had The military unleashed a new biological weapon horror upon the world? The Government would not answer. They would only say that BlackBook was a highly classified new advanced multi-weapons system. Six months later, a cable access news station uncovered the truth. It was worse then anyone had ever imagined.

BlackBook wasn't a new type of missle, or evan a deadly biological agent. It was the culmination years of secrect experimentation on humans and their genetic codes. The strike force that had been sent to decimate the GRA, had consisted entirely of clones, genetically altered soldiers, animal-human hybrids, and cyborgs. The resulting shock led to riots and attacks on military installations by the citizens. Some called this World War Three, others The First World Revolution, but to most it was referred to as simply the Gene War. The Gene War spanned centuries. Neither side giving any quarter, continously escalating. A war bent on winning, at any cost. The world sank into ruin, reducing the environments even further to a mere shell of what they once were, creating large deserts and inhospitable terrains across the globe. By the time the war was over andriods, sentient war-machines, mutants, and worse would roam the landscape, bringing the human species, as we know it, to the brink of extinction.

Now in the Year 2512, the war has been over for almost 200 years. The once powerful governments, much like the cities they lorded over, have fallen into ruins. Survivors, scattered across the various continents, are cut off from each other and gathered in groups and tribes It is a world where only the strong and quick witted survive. There are those, however, that still dream of power and of the glories of war. As if in answer to this once more emerging threat, something is stirring. Something, that makes its home among the sleeping hordes of weapons nestled deep within the ruins that dreams battlefields long forgotten.  They wake from the thousands of cryogenic pods in the the mysterious complex both familiar and alien. A place they can only call, home. Those that awaken within the bowels of the neglected facility remember nothing of how they came to be there, or why. Many in fact do not even remeber who they are. Only that they are needed. While outside the nomads and mutants that claim this overshadowed place as thier own shiver, suddenly. A chill spreading amoungst them despite the stifling heat. They know something is coming, but what, is yet to be seen. Only one thing is for sure..... the world will never be the same. Thus, begins the aftermath of the Gene War.........

So now that you've seen whats on my mind anyone interested? Guess so. Heres whos joined us so far!!!!

Character Slots

1. Anya- Inflatetress - Magelord
2. Kara 11- Playfulchick76 - Clone
3. Fredrick- Alric Sanosake -
Awakened ones:
1. Marvin (2)- Marvin - Cloned Supersoldier
2. Dante - Absinthe Tori - Psionic
3. Draco - Travius - Hawkman??

Come on guys, gals and all you lovely others, lets recruit for this as much as possible. I would love to see all of those spots filled.
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Offline Aethian

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2010, 08:14:58 PM »
Very interested with your idea, would you be looking for the ones awakening first? Or would the nomads be played first to 'set the scene' as it were?

Offline Travaius

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2010, 11:41:48 PM »
I love post apocalyptic things, I am definitely interested.

Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #3 on: March 05, 2010, 08:54:03 AM »
I'd like to get a little of both actually. I plan to start this once I have about 3 of each but if I need to supplement that myself I can. The way I Gm is I build worlds, coupling my ideas with those of my players, that inspire or intrigue me, and then push the story along using NPC interactions. It makes for an experience where every game is unique and specifically tailored to the groups personalities.  So while I have a basic "map" I built for this on the other board I am more then willing to make additions or even restructure the whole thing if necessary to our groups needs. Part of the fun on getting in on this early is that you get to help set the stage some, as well. Basically you give me a character and I'll help build a community around him/her. Just be aware that because this is an post apocalyptic world their will be some definite trade offs. In the case of an Experiment those trade offs come in the form of amnesia and your starting point in the base, I.E more power equals higher security so you'll start further away from the surface. While Descendants will usually make a trade in tech or magical skill for appearance, some social quirk and/or a lack of numbers should all out war emerge. So I guess the real question is what do you want to play?
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Offline Vrag

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2010, 06:10:57 AM »
I'd love in on this, as either. I'd especially love to talk/work with you in regards to how the "world of today" functions, and what it's like, but your basic description already sounds very appealing. Hell, there are so many things I want to play here... But I'd prefer one of the awakened things, I think, if only because I like to play strange things so much.

Offline playfullchick76

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2010, 07:05:48 AM »
i would  be interested in taking part in it, as one of the awakened..things.

Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2010, 03:20:51 PM »
Now that I have a few of you interested I'll add a Character sheet here so you all can start building your individual PCs. I also have included a CS example for Each type as well as some Clarifying remarks and ideas to get you jump started. I'll put together a Approved Character Thread once we have a few more players, for easier reference but for now submit them here for approval and general tweaking. BTW both of the Characters below will be making an appearance eventually. Any question post them here or Pm me. Thanks, ~Nos~
Please use this form for all characters.

-=Basic Info=-
Physical Age:

-=Physical Appearance=-
Physical Description:

-=Mental state=-



Descendant (Possibilities include: Clones, Furries/Animal men, Mutant, Pyschic/Mage/Druid, Rusty robot, Scavenger cyborg, or a mix of two of the forementioned)
Name: Blanc Sang-Grin
Physical Age: 19 but hard to tell because of his reptilian features
Gender: Male
Species: Chameleon/ Lizard Man
Orientation: Like most of his clan, he is bisexual and polyamorous

-=Physical Appearance=-
Height: 5'8
Weight: 280
Eyes: yellow green split pupil eyes
Hair: none
Skin/Fur/Scales: pale grey scales
Physical Description:   While at first it appears that he is covered in red colored tribal tattoos these are mentally added through a subconscious use of his power. the tats cover his torso, arms, and legs and have a tendency to shift and shimmer unexpectedly. In appearance he is very similar to an upright monitor lizard with a long tail and a body that reminds one of a pro wrestlers; with long powerful arms and legs set on a compact frame
Attire: loincloth and vest of specially conductive fabric similar to mesh reinforced cotton, carries a Ax'lath on his back, a spiked punch gauntlet on his right hand, tail-blade

-=Mental state=-
History:  Born last out of two sons to a splicer clan living in the dunes of the great Midwestern Desert, Blanc has become an expert scavenger, a skill highly prized among his clan. He makes a small income selling salvaged supplies, repaired tech, and odd bits of metal working.

Phobias/Fears: extreme cold
Hobbies/Interests: hunting, exploration, tinkering.
Likes: Deserts, hot arid places, caves, forest and swamplands, meditation, and the dance of combat, new tech, tinkering
Dislikes: snow, cold, large or overly complicated machines, anything that flies.
Personality: Driven to prove himself, somewhat rash and overly bold, very loyal and driven by a sense of honor, can be overly talkative if engaged in a new or intriguing subject, Highly respectful to Greyscales.

-=Other Attributes=-
Power/Abilities: Able to change the pigment in his skin, which allows for camouflage effects and/or the bending of light around himself; a small implant under his skin sends electric impulses that cause his clothes and weapons to mimic this natural ability effectively making him invisible but for a shimmering afterimage, infrared sense and electrical sense (sensory glads on tongue), able to regrow cleanly severed limbs and appendages, natural armor, fast reflexes.   
Skill set: fortification, survival, hunting, foraging, tracking, recon, minor mechanical/engineering, hand to hand combat, and edged weapons combat.
Habits: tends to "shimmer" when surprised, constantly shifts tats. More so when excited or nervous.
Strengths: Able to adapt easily to most environments, and quick acting improvisation skills
Flaws: lack of social skills, somewhat of a barbarian, uncomfortable with high tech, hibernates if too cold, not a great planner.

Experiment (Possibilities Include: Cyborgs, Weres, Furries/Animal Men, Androids, Battle Broids, Psychics, Alien Hybrids, Serum Enhanced Soldiers or a combination of two.)
Name: Legion (project code name on side of pod or remembered first name only)
Physical Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Psychic Mage
Orientation: Straight

-=Physical Appearance=-
Height: 6" 4"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Blue
Hair: none, currently bald
Skin/Fur/Scales: skin is pale and covered in arcane symbols which have been carefully carved into his flesh
Physical Description: Legion is tall and lanky with a kickboxers lean muscles he might even be some what handsome if it weren't for his deep set eyes that speak of horrors seen and done and his heavily scarred body. Arcane symbols run along his entire body only his face, and palms of his hands are free of these carvings, which glow with a faint blueish light when he uses his power.
Attire: None (experiments are put into stasis naked. any clothes you wish to use will need to be scavenged.)

-=Mental state=-
History: None (Experiments Wake up with almost complete amnesia, Histories will be given to players as the game progresses in the form of Flashbacks or data found)
Phobias/Fears: Being attacked, legion is extremely paranoid only trusting his revived companions fully.
Hobbies/Interests: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Personality: Paranoid and overwhelmed by his powers Legion has become slightly unhinged, believing that all living things are out to kill and harm him. He prefers to strike at them first instead. Hard to reason with because outside voices tend to get drowned out by those of the dead all around him. Believes he is superior and should be in command of everyone else but feels that he was betrayed somehow. Otherwise he would not be here.

Powers/Abilities: Legion is able to communicate and even reanimate the dead. Once animated a corpse will follow his commands independently until recalled or dismissed.  His telepathic control of his minions also allows him to see and hear everything they do. giving him the ability to see many locations simultaneously and gather Intel covertly about his opponents.  Much of the time this come in waves and snippets though as he constantly moves his attention from one animated body, to the next. He may only use this 'second sight" though when staying still with his eyes shut ,making it impossible for him when he is being attacked or on the move.   
Skills: computer expert, familiar with simple handguns, speaks, reads, and understands Latin, German, French, Hebrew, and Spanish, as well as English. gourmet cook and expert in wines. (You may pick a few skills for yourself or leave them blank to be filled in as you learn more about your character.)
Habits: Nervously bites lip and drums fingers
Strengths: Genius IQ, able to take in huge amounts of data simultaneously, fierce fighter when cornered.
Flaws: Arrogant, Metally disturbed, paranoid, and believes himself to be beyond morals.

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Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Offline Tschel23

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2010, 07:48:59 PM »
I may be interested in this if there are still openings. Question: For those with no memory, I take you there would be no known likes/dislikes, etc? Are we using a gaming system for this or just playing it by ear?

Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Re: Interest Check: Origional Post Apocalyptic World needs group.
« Reply #9 on: March 22, 2010, 12:10:30 AM »
Tschel23, to answer your questions in order.

1. This is designed as a RP world so anyone can join at any time, Thus there is always room for one more. 

2. Likes/dislikes, much like skills are body based not memory based. Thus they can be added to an awakened ones Cs as well. They are optional, however, for these characters as I understand the fun in playing a blank slate. If you descide to list the optional info it is used mostly for inspiration while building your preprogram and program histories as well as provide some motives for your initial behaviors upon awakening. Once this starts I'll be providing all of the awakened with a initial memory and a story trigger that activates the memory via pm These may also include skills. likes, phobias, dislikes and motives as appropriate.

3. This is all free form, with the amount of initial set up and writing that i put into this already adding a systems rules and regs just seemed overkill.

So where is Everyone at? so far I'm looking at only 2 Character sheets. Come on peoples anyone else we can recruit for this????
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Offline Marvin

Re: Origional Post Apocalyptic Rp Still looking for more players!!!!!
« Reply #10 on: March 25, 2010, 09:19:36 PM »
Descendant - Human clone/experiment

Basic Info

Name- Marvin
Physical age- 30 (his smooth skin makes him seem younger than he is)
Gender- Male.
Species- Human
Orientation - Hetero.

Physical Appearance.

Height- 6ft 2" tall.
Weight- 175 lbs
Eyes- Hazel.
Hair- Black
Skin - Pale and smooth with no marks or scarrings. Almost babysmooth skin.
Physical Description -  Marvin is a wiry, athletic man with hazel eyes, black hair and a pleasant look. His Iris seems to be unnaturally big and reveals almost no whites in his eyes.

Mental state - Suffering from memory loss, and feels very confused at the start.

History- He is not really sure, his memories are fogged and he doesn't really remember who he is and why he is around. He is looking for answers.
Phobias/fears- He remembers the pain of machinery digging deep into his bones, being vivisectied. Fears the medical table and the tools associated to it. Not a severe phobia, but enough to make him feel uneasy.
Hobbies/interests- He is very curious, and pleasant thoughts pops to his mind when he hears singing.
Likes- He doesn't really know yet, but he'll find out soon enough
Dislikes- Pain, scalpels and vivisections.
Personality- Curious and bold, something of a social chamelion that tries to fit in with others.


Powers- He has a regenerative ability, but he doesn't know to what extent. He has yet to discover other powers if any.
Skills-  Very agile, fast, and well trained. Good with tech and close combat.
Habits- Likes to eat, almost as if his metabolism is altered since he doesn't seem to gain weight.
Strengths- He has a knack for technology, both using and repairing.
Flaws- He is totally useless with guns, they feel uncomfortable in his hands. He is also a bit lazy.

Appearance would be something like this

Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Re: Origional Post Apocalyptic Rp Still looking for more players!!!!!
« Reply #11 on: March 27, 2010, 08:46:00 PM »
Marvin Consider yourself Approved. Move your Cs over to the Character page and then fell free to post. Your Character will wake up on Level K in Section 4. Its a large warehouse like area filled with Cyro-stasis tubes. Many are broken, smashed (some from the inside) or otherwise in operable while in others you can see movement as others struggle to get out. The lighting is dim with many broken lights. The only constant is the red light from the various alarm Klaxons. Everywhere is a thick layer of dust.

Offline Alric Sanosake

Re: Origional Post Apocalyptic Rp Still looking for more players!!!!!
« Reply #12 on: March 27, 2010, 10:18:25 PM »

-=Basic Info=-
Name: Frederick
Physical Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Orientation: Bi

-=Physical Appearance=-
Height: 6'2
Weight: 178
Eyes: red
Hair: Brown
Physical Description: A bit of a muscular build, talk and pale skinned
Attire: Black clothing consisting off baggy pants, a large trench with chains and pockets, fingerless gloves, and boots.

-=Mental state=-
History: Frederick was the child to two wanderers, but they died in a monster attack at the age of 12, from then on he was fighting to live. Because of it, he grew into a strong build and the knowledge of the monsters and attackers of the wastelands.
Phobias/Fears: Needles, they make him twitch and want to hurl.
Hobbies/Interests: He is a crafter, he loves to make swords and clothing that he wears. He is also an artist.
Likes: Swords, and a nice bath.
Dislikes: Needles and machines
Personality: He is a quiet man, loner as he travels alot and no one accompanies him. He is also very neutral to things, if he gets benefits, he'll help. If none, then depends how he feels.

Powers/Abilities: Adaption and control over fire. He discovered it in a freak accident. Learning his hidden magic abilities as he goes.
Skills: Combat training and crafting skills.
Habits: When a bit nervous or agitated, he sparks flames from his fingers.
Strengths: Blademaster and combat
Flaws: blind in his left eye, and can't use guns as they explode when he holds them.

Offline NosCorventiusTopic starter

Re: Origional Post Apocalyptic Rp Still looking for more players!!!!!
« Reply #13 on: March 28, 2010, 06:07:53 PM »
A few decisions you need to make before I can approve you. Your character is he a Mage or a Druid or a Freelancer? Here's the differences.

Mages: Under the rule of the Three the Magelords gather in Towers rarely leaving except to make war or recruit new talent into their ranks. Capable of far reaching magic when working in a Circle, a gathering of Mages to do a large work, they are obsessed with power and bending the universe to their will. They believe their power comes from themselves and is a result of their Genetic superiority.

Druids: Loosely confederated under the White Council, Druids are a loose nit group of Shamans and nature focused Mages, often gifted with powers over a single element, or aspect of nature. They often become traveling healers, spiritual leaders, and teachers. They number far fewer then the Mages and believe that their powers are given to them by the spirit of the earth who wishes them to restore her to her former beauty. They oppose the Mages in any way possible, seeing them as abominations and a blight upon the land.

Freelancers: Magic-users who have for whatever reason not drawn the notice of either Magical Order. Freelancers often lead a hard and short life. Those that do survive do so by specializing in agressive battle magics. Many Freelancers are found in the employ of the Despotic rulers of the Badlands, The Aristrocrats. Favored for their destructive power and lack of loyalty to the Magelords, who the Aristocrats see as the only true threat to their reign, they trade their services for Sanctuary. Those that are foolish enough to refuse the protection of such Patrons, however, often find themselves targeted for elimination by all three groups, who believe a free mage is a threat best eliminated.

Which are you most interested in playing? Let me know.

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