Harem building fun! (F wanted)

Started by godfang, March 04, 2010, 12:14:38 PM

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I recently got the craving for a roleplaying involving a harem, and it doesnt have to be a literal harem. What i am looking for, is a roleplay where i play a male character who is surrounded by multiple willing females (Typical male dream? Hell yeah!). This does mean that my partner is required to play multiple characters, which is of course more demanding than playing and designing one character, so in return i will also be willing to play multiple characters as NPCs.

The actual plot can vary from something mundane, to something epic. Here are a few examples.

Note:I expect about three female characters per-scenario, i will play multiple NPC's depending on the needs and the story.

The conquering hero

In a land of turmoil, a hero  and his army wins one battle after another. His victory is much celebrated by the people, for he is a fair and kind ruler. If there is any flaw to this hero, its his overt love for beautifull women. The hero is known to go great lengths to win over a beauty, and even his generals have a high number of lovely ladies among them, for he makes it a point to recruit every powerfull female in the realm.

note: the setting would most likely be fantasy, though the type of fantasy (be it oriental, european or something else) is up for negotiations, so is other details of the setting.

Teacher of the year

In an all girl academy, one teacher is popular above all other teachers. This is in part because he is a very attractive young man, but it is also because he is very caring of his students. Rumors say that this young teacher often enggages in sexual intercourse with his students, and his sexual prowess is the stuff of legends.

note: this story is about the day to day life of the teacher, and how he interacts with his students, helping each of them with their individual problems (family life, academics, etc)

The adventuring party

A group of adventurers travel the land, going from city to city, fighting off monsters and exploring ruins. Their adventures takes them across the continent, going from one exotic locale to another. This adventuring party consists of a few girls and only one male, and since traveling can be quiet dull sometimes, the group finds ways to keep themselves occupied.

note: this one can be in many settings, be it fantasy, sci-fi or steampunk. It can even be modern or historical

Should anyone be interested in a game, please PM me :D

Little Darkling

I have been wanting to do a Harem game :-) If you are still looking PM me and we can work out details