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Author Topic: [Craving! Merlin!] Literate Fun ;D  (Read 1050 times)

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[Craving! Merlin!] Literate Fun ;D
« on: March 03, 2010, 07:43:57 PM »
Hello minions!

Mistress Bleeding is looking for some roleplays to entertain her amount of vast free time. As she is returning  to the site, she's extremely excited to be roleplaying with you all. Wow, I just realized I was speaking in the third person! Ahaha...Okay sorry. Anyways.

In Roleplays

& Bleeding likes to play female, but will also double as a male (of your choice for your OC, if we're doing a series game)  if you return the favor.
& Likes Yaoi when she's craving it. Which is now. : D
& My favorite pairings usually involve a canon/oc pairing. Or anything with a really AWESOME plot. c:
& In OOC abuses smile face privileges. C:
& My posts are usually four to six paragraphs, or less depending on what you give me. I'm easy! ...Not like that!  ;)
& Will do Yuri if she likes the plot and or pairing.
& I'm also interested in group roleplays.
& My On/Off link is in my signature. Feel free to poke around it. c:

-- Coming next is fandom pairings and plots, then original pairings and plots.
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Re: Found Bleeding's Roleplay Wishlist
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2010, 07:51:52 PM »
Bold is my preferred role.
More stars, more I am craving. c:


HP Marauders Era **
I prefer vague canons with this one (listed are the characters I play. C: )
-Vienna Vaisey[Slytherin]
-Amara Wagtail[Hufflepuff]
-Caradoc Dearborn[Gryffindor]
-Sirius Black
-James Potter
(Pairing ideas/preferences;
Regulus Black/Vague Canon
Sirius Black/Vague Canon
Vague Canon Mulciber/Vague Canon
Vague canon Wilkes/Vague Canon
Caradoc Dearborn/Vague Canon/OC
Evan Rosier/Vague Canon
Fenrir Greyback/Vague Canon)

Dragon Lance
Canon of your choice/OC**


Castiel/OC - SLASH, HET
Dean/Castiel *AU

Dexter/Jeremy Downs
-I'm only on season two of this show, but I really want to try this. I have a few ideas rolling about in my head.

Merlin***********[I will love you forever if you do any of these right now.]
Arthur/Merlin Modern AU

Vivian/OC -YURI.



Eragon (movie verse)

Video Games

FFVII ****

Jade Empire
Princess Lian/Radiant Jen Zi*** YURI
Princess Lian/Wu**** YURI
Zu/Radiant Jen Zi*****

Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask




Angel in the airwaves.
- Castiel is searching for god. Of course, god doesn't really want to be found, now does he? However one night while accompanying Dean, he gets a hint of an angelic presence, and goes after to find it. Instead he finds someone who can see his real self, who has his own guardian angel. In a way to hunt down god, he uses the male to find his guardian angel and ask her a few questions. She's been on earth for awhile now, watching humans. Surely if he puts her charge in a bit of danger she'll show up. Of course, her charge happens to be a male prostitute - and Castiel finds himself intrigued with the males thought process and emotions, soon becoming attached to him like he's attached to Dean.

Truly Divine.
- Castiel, while on earth is placed in charge of making sure nothing happens to Dean. Of course, he's a warrior, not a guardian angel. So he's a bit confused on how to play his role in the Winchester's life. Growing a bit annoyed with the other angels due to all that's happening, he's left with one angelic ally whom he hasn't seen in centuries due to her job. While Castiel is a Seraphim, a warrior angel, she is a lesser angel used mainly to help guide those who need it. Of course, when he finds Elemiah, he's only a bit surprised with what centuries amongst humans has changed her. In fact he's a bit curious of how she's so human-like and yet full of grace.

I can't escape the wrath of your love.
- Lucifer has won. With the death of Dean Winchester, humanity officially has no hope. The earth is his, and he couldn't be happier. Of course, there is one little problem. Castiel survives. Well, it's not really that much of a problem. His "brother" s no threat against him with his grace gone. But Lucifer doesn't really want to be alone with the zombies and other demons. He finds them boring, especially the demons whom he spent so much time with in hell. Instead, he spares Castiel death and plans on enticing him to join him with promises of restoring his grace. [Coercion]

A friend of a friend.
-The war is over and done with. Dean Winchester was successful in finally killing the devil. However with this, there was some downfalls. Sam died in the process, as well as many of his friends. Castiel has no choice and must return to heaven. As a gift for giving himself up to God, Jimmy is given his life and body back. But he too, lost his family in the war without truly knowing it. Neither of them really know what to do, so Jimmy joins Dean in hunting the supernatural.

Doing time.
- Dean and Sam are in prison. For what? Well, the usual things. Stealing, identity theft, impersonating officers of the law...FBI..etc. Of course, they never really expected to get caught. Much less not being able to sweet talk their way out of jail. Needless to say their stuck. They've been there for a year when Dean's cellmate gets killed rather randomly. He isn't really surprised though, since the dude was a jerk. Of course, he's rather anxious about getting a new cell mate. Sure he can take care of himself...but still. Of course, that's where Castiel comes in. He's the some of the Russian Mob boss. He's got thirty years for supposedly killing someone. How will Dean deal with the newest Russian Boss being his cell mate for the next six years?

Dragon Lance
Set sometime after the series...
A war between good and evil is occurring on Krynn. The former lines bound to keep the races apart no longer exist and most people - except some of the elven races are choosing their sides. The gods, hearing the prayers of their followers revive their fallen heroes, the heroes of the lance. Among those are Raistlin Majere, brought back by Lunitari. It's his job to reinstate the Tower of High Sorcery as it had once again fallen into shambles after the death of his descendant. On his way he picks up a half-elf who seems to be hand picked by Lunitari to be trained personally by him. Unfortunately for Raistlin the young elf is in fact young, and tends to wear on his temper quite quickly and he finds it difficult not to strangle her.

-Hp Crossover
Basically we'd split up all the DL characters and HP characters, sort them and see what happens. :]

Harry Potter: Marauders Era

Always Pure.
-Raised in a family of purebloods, who's very slogan is all about blood purity, and raised to believe that as fact Regulus Black is at odds when he falls himself falling for an intriguing Hufflepuff half blood. She's anything but ordinary. She's simple, in a complex way. As he discovers what lurks in the depths of her innermost thoughts he discovers she's more deserving then any of his attention and affection. Even if she can be a bit annoying at times. [Drama, bondage,potential for torture and noncon, eventual character death]

Your thorns are nothing compared to mine.
-Truth be told, Evan Rosier has never really met a girl like Vienna. She was a spot on the Slytherin name, a half blood who was undeserving of the house. He knew it from the very first day he met her of year one. Thus he took her under his wing, trying to teach her how to be a true Slytherin. It never stopped him from looking down on her, or being amused at how she tried to prove herself to him above all. Then in seven year she ignores him completely. Well, not completely but finally seems to understand what it means to be a true Slytherin. With graduation fast approaching, Evan's starting to debate whether or not he really cares about what happens to Vienna after. Maybe he's just tired of all the damned comments about him not having his half blood bitch following him around. [Coercion, possible noncon, slavery, BDSM.]

Cookies won't solve your problems this time.
-Mulciber hated her. He hated everything she was and everything she stood for on basic principle. His best friend loved her though, and Mulciber didn't understand it at all. She was annoying for one, called him a pirate for the second, and was a half blood for the third. He knew his friend didn't care - considering his friend was a werewolf. But he was still against the very idea of their relationship. So what if she loved him? How did that make her deserving? How did making Fen feel loved make her worthy? When Mulciber walks in on them having sex it's the last straw - he snaps. He will find a way to ruin her and make her stay away. His plan? Fuck her up during the next quidditch match. Unfortunately things don't go as well as planned and after severely injuring the girl, he's figured out. Instead of being expelled he's in charge of her well being until she's fully healed. Which means he's almost virtually chained to her side. Carrying her books and aiding her. It drives him insane. [Abuse, unhealthy relationship]


-Dexter has lived by Harry's code his whole life. His life is lonely, and even though he has Rita he knows there's no way she would understand. Jeremy Downs reminds him of himself. The young adult has a itch he just can't scratch without ending up all over the news. Dexter frames someone else, more deserving of jail time, and takes Jeremy under his wing.

-Someone is catching onto him, and he knows it. He just never figured out it would be a genius pathology student. As he begins hunting his hunter, he learns she herself is a monster. A monster who can kill and never be caught. He's intrigued by her, and the idea of companionship.


"I did it all for you."
-AU. Merlin has lived amongst the druids since he was young - young enough for his mother to take him to them and begin his training into controlling magic. Unfortunately he fell under Nimueh's charm and now serves her and her plan on getting rid of Uther Pendragon and taking over Camelot. Too bad she never realized Merlin would fall in love with Uther's son, Arthur. However, instead of killing Uther and giving her the throne, he kills Nimueh and Uther and does it all for Arthur. (Can involve past Merlin/Nimueh as well. Basically Dark Merlin! With Noncon/Dubcon with Merlin/Arthur.)

"You have no idea how long I've waited for you."
-MODERN. Merlin is immortal, and has been waiting for Arthur to be reborn for thousands of years. When he is Merlin is immediately aware, and seeks him out - spending Arthur's developing years watching over him from the shadows to make sure he stays safe. Arthur is oblivious to his stalker, until he's an adult in university. Merlin turns out to be his dorm mate, and he can't help but notice the way Merlin seems possessive of him even though they just met. (Probably would involve out&proud Merlin and closeted!Arthur.)

It's not the end.
-AUish? Arthur knows that Guinevere is in love with Lancelot. How can he not - when the look on her face was so clear when Merlin and himself showed up after Lancelot to rescue her? Still, he feels a bit broken and isn't sure how to handle it. None the less he doesn't really have time to, when a friend of his father's - the Earl of Essex, sends his daughter to live in Camelot, hoping to marry her off to one of Arthur's knights. Unfortunately she spends most of her time getting under Arthur's skin as she always has suceeded in doing before. From challenging him to a duel, and then to challenging another noblewoman to defend his honor, he's not sure how he's remaining sane anymore. (Arthurian Bondage? xD)

Emotional Addiction.
-AUish. Between his father, and Morgana's disappearance Arthur has been extremely stressed lately and has been taking it out on almost everyone around him. The threat of war with the druids is his main cause of concern - as there couldn't be a way to beat magic users without magic.(Not that his father would listen to reason.) One evening while walking the city on guard he meets a young woman who somehow forces him to note his deep-seated anger and leaves him peaceful for the time being. He has no idea that she's a runaway druid, or that she used her power of empathy on him. He can't help but seek her out time and time again to bring him peace of mind. (Hm, I don't know if influencing someone's emotions or controlling them counts as mind control.)

Merlin and the Maid.
-AUish. There's a new maid in the castle, and Merlin only knows this because he bumps into her in the kitchen and doesn't recognize her at all. She's beautiful, and his interest is immediately piqued because it's hard for him to resist a pretty face. (Ex: Nimueh, Freya..lmao) He finds her incredibly interesting, especially her life story about having parents who are gypsies and growing tired of that life. However his physical attraction deepens when he catches her using magic, as well as a strong urge to protect her.

The thrill of the chase.
-AUish. When Arthur becomes king of Camelot, and the ban against magic is repealed, there is much apprehension along with celebrating. The druids automatically move forward with peace negotiations, and Merlin takes part as he has been awarded the position of court sorcerer. From the druid delegation there is one woman in particular that sticks out to Merlin, and he knows it's more then just attraction. It's probably because of the close friendship she has developed with Arthur. Despite Merlin's good intentions, he finds himself becoming jealous that Arthur is the one girls always fawn over. He doesn't realize until the Beltane festival that she has been slowly seducing him this whole time.
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Re: Found Bleeding's Roleplay Wishlist
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2010, 08:00:02 PM »

SlytherinxHufflepuff (Hp based obviously)
Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider Elf
Mage x Apprentice Elf

- Teacher x Student
The year has started, like always and it doesn't seem any different then his first year of teaching. Of course, one of his students, a lone wolf if you wish catches his eye. Mainly because slowly, as time moves forward she slowly opens herself up to him more and more. Intrigued, mainly because she reminds him of himself, cynical and sarcastic he continues to try and coax her out of her shell. Unfortunately, both parties find themselves getting attached. His relationship with his wife is suffering, which is somewhat to be expected. Their both young and full of unrealistic expectations. Except that he can't seem to give up playing therapist to his student - who is only eleven years his junior.

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Re: Found Bleeding's Roleplay Wishlist
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2010, 01:55:00 AM »
-March 11, 2010
Added a bunch of fandom plots. Finally. xD
*Also added more fandoms.

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Re: [Craving! Merlin!] Literate Fun ;D
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2010, 12:45:27 AM »
Updated fandom plots.