A series of one on ones for the angel

Started by Brandon, June 28, 2006, 04:46:16 AM

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Its come to my attention that I just dont seem to roleplay enough at the moment because my instatiable appitite for roleplay seems as if it can never be filled. The only solution being, get into some more gamesĀ  ;D So after playing with some ideas I thought I would throw these out there to see if I could find any intersted writing partners.

Spring shower: in the middle of spring an ordinary camping trip turns deadly as a young man (played by me) looses his way in a sudden downpour. Seperated from his friends he tries to setup a makeshift shelter and wait out the storm. However the rain turns the seeminly stable ground into a mudslide forcing him into the river and swept miles downstream. A dominatrix passes by him and chooses to tend to his wounds at her home, where she hears of a local search going on for a man meeting his description, giving her no way to really hide him from the authorities. Eventually she seduces him (whips, leather, restraints, and toys are all welcome) and uses him in so many ways, even takes a liking to him and desires him as a full time pet. Can she convince the young man to stay of his own free will or will her very nature drive him away and back to his home?

The Doctor's dilemma: A college student (played by me) comes in for a full examination of her naughty bits, complaining of severe bleeding, burning sensations, and discomfort during sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. After several tests the (lesbian) doctor determines that she has a rare (and dangerous) allergic reaction to a chemical only found in semen. The student obviously becomes upset, even near suicidal because of the diagnosis and what it will mean in her love life. The doctor could show her that there's another option besides men at the risk of her carreer, or do nothing and allow the woman's situation to thrust her into an unending spiral that will make her go mad. The choice is hers...

Revelation: A young woman is sent away to 'bording school' by a family that hates her but eventually finds that her family had sent her off to the black market. In an effort to pay the family debts the girl would have her organ's harvested and sold to the highest bidder (I know that sounds gruesome but I wanted a clear motivation for the character to perform as best she could. if a player has a better idea then Ild certainly be open to hearing it). Just before being placed under the operating table she's bought by a mysterious gentleman (played by me). After she's cleaned up and given a change of clothes she is sent out to his home, only to find that the gentleman had purchased her to be his personal slave. After a night of intense bondage (might use whips or not depending on my partners prefference but definatly going to be a tied up lady in his bed) and sex he gives her a choice for the future. If she performs poorly she could be sent back to the table but if she performs well her master will favor her. What kind of life will she choose for herself and will it be worth it?

Thats all I have at the moment though when I get more ideas fleshed out Ill post them. If anyones intersted in playing, toss me a PM ;)

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