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Author Topic: Dead Reckoning: Survival Horror Game(Started and still accepting New Players!)  (Read 1516 times)

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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

The city of Rockford nestled against the Rocky Mountains with sharp cliffs to the west and north as well as a river to the south.  Unbeknownst to Rockford’s citizens their city is about to find itself in great danger. A secret organization within the U.S. government has selected Rockford as a sight for a bio-weapons test. A number of rats carrying a deadly virus have been let loose in the city. The virus is designed to destabilize an enemy nation’s population, in that its victims die only to re-animate and attack the living. The tests purpose is to see if the virus is effective as well as to see if it mutates ‘in the wild’ as the virus slowly spreads civil authorities are instructed by the federal government to suppress any reports of the ‘strange happenings.’ The city is cut off from the rest of the world, and quarantined. 


Our story picks up 5 days after the virus was originally set loose, with the vast majority of the people Rockford now bloodthirsty monsters. Those still alive have been brought to ‘safe havens’ that have been set up by the police and other civil services in an attempt to survive. Our characters are in one of the havens which is about to fall. When it does they must ban together, find a new place to hold up, and plan a way to escape the city.  I’m hoping to capture a mix of the Dawn of The Dead and Left 4 Dead type feeling with the story taking place both in ‘safe areas’ which would allow for more emotion/romantic/sexual interaction between the characters and ‘unsafe areas’ where the story would be more action oriented. Basically they’d be hopping from safe house to safe house on their way out of the city. I’d be playing the part of the ‘infected’ in order to keep the story going/force movement from one safe house to the next. As well as possibly a main character. The player characters would not be immune to the virus. And would have by now assumed that it was due to bites. Given the tendency that those who are bitten have to die and then get back up. The virus would only be able to transmit to a human via a bite from a human host. So things like scratches/claws/bites from other animals wouldn’t infect them. I’m currently debating between the infected being ‘fast zombies’ or slow ones, as well as whether or not to include a few Resident Evil style monsters. So if you’re interested please say so on this thread/tell me your opinion as to whether they should be fast or slow and if monsters should play a part(any suggestions as to which if any monsters would also be appreciated).
As far as players go I’d be looking for no less than four and no more than 10, obviously everyone would be expected to play nice OOC, I’d also like to stress that your character WILL NOT be killed unless it’s something you want.

The character sheet is as follows:

Looks(in the form of a picture)
Bio(at least a paragraph please)
Any weapons or tools they have with them at the ‘safe haven’

Also I’d like to mention that these would ideally be ‘every day/average’ people placed in an extraordinary situation. i.e. people like businessmen, house wives, bar tenders, cops, firemen, ect. Not superspies/black opps agents capable of killing thousands of zombies and carrying entire armories on them.
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Offline Travaius

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2010, 04:39:03 pm »
Want to say I am very interested, but want to think up a character before I make a full sheet.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2010, 04:46:44 pm »
good to hear.

Offline Teno

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2010, 05:46:40 pm »
seems interesting enough.

Name: Dana Wilson

Age: 23

Bio: Moving away from her parents when she was 21, she initially found living on her own difficult. Finding a job proved arduous, but in the end she managed to find herself a position at a local business. Money was enough to pay the rent and buy the necessities but it left her with very little for herself. She got by, saving what she could to treat herself once in a while and she was happy.

A promotion came after a bit and all she needed to do to qualify was to be sent on a first-aid course. This she did and was soon being paid enough that she didn't need to worry about debt as long as she wasn't frivolous with it. She soon learned how to keep an eye on her finances.

Equipment: Small first-aid kit strapped to her belt, small handgun w/ holster.
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #4 on: March 03, 2010, 05:57:33 pm »
Glad your interested hope to see a character from you.

Offline Rachubka

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #5 on: March 04, 2010, 12:30:05 am »
Name: Evelyn 'Eve' McCrae
Age: 19
Bio: Born to David McCrae, a Scottish-American who was the sole proprietor of the local pub and Sasha Cook, an English native, Eve led the life of your average small town single child; you grow up, can't go anywhere because your family has no money and spend the rest of her years running the family business into the ground. The gloomy forecast never really brought the girl down though, as she grew up with above par grades, looks and a passion anything sports. When Eve became of age, she helped out at the pub as a server. Not her favourite use of her free time, as all she earned was tips since her father insisted that her wage was simply returning his investment in her. Being a server in one of the most popular pub in town, Eve was well known by her peers and customers alike. She was told constantly that she had the know-how to leave Rockford and make a true living for herself, but there was no way that her parents would let her leave the safety of Littletown, USA. This continued well on until the day that would change everything.

The first signs of trouble was the dwindling turnover of the last few days. Some of the regulars haven't shown up on their usual day and the drunkards that line the street at night seemed to have changed their routine to an earlier hour without even coming into the pub. When trouble really started to show itself, it was thankfully on Eve's day off. Her father had called to ger her opinion on closing the pub for the night because of the lack of activity when the line was cut off. That wouldn't have startled her if she didn't hear a number of screams beforehand. Without really thinking, Eve stormed out of her house and ran full pace to her family's establishment only to find the beginnings of what looked like a riot. People were screaming, gunfire rang out across the city and everyone looked to have blood on them. The sheriff was rounding up anyone still in good shape and managed to pull the young girl into his cruiser just as she saw her father get tripped and hounded by the rioters while screaming that mom needed help.

Eve now found herself in a makeshift headquarters; a forward base where anyone who still had their wits about them could gather. It was here that she learned that this was no riot, but it was the result of some sort of contamination; something out of a movie. That still doesn't help settle the young girl's mind, as she was still trying to come to terms with the alleged passing of her family. Her own will to live, however, hasn't dwindled in the slightest.

Equipment: Glock 17 pistol with a spare magazine and a box of bullets. Given to her by the sheriff as numbers were low.

Boom! Outta nowhere~!

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Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #6 on: March 04, 2010, 01:07:31 am »
OOC: Before you read this, I just read your last part of the post. I don't want Coop to seem invincible and able to kill thousands of zombies, just experience enough to shoot before thinking. If it just doesn't fit the game, I can always whip up a different character.

Name: Joseph "Coop" Cooper
Age:    24
Bio:     Joseph, or Coop to anyone who knew him, was born to parents that were held up high in the community. His father was a scientist (Possible plot line) and his mother was a well respected Doctor. Both his parents had Ph. D.s and as such, expected Joseph to get his own. Coop wasn't one to follow in the footsteps that were laid out for him. His parents complete disregard for him making his own decision lead him to join to military as soon as he turned 18. It was the most reckless thing he could think of to disobey his parents, who soon acted as if he never existed.

Coop found that he fit in with the military very well and after only a couple of years he was moved to a special operations force that was tasked with being the first unit in a warzone to scout possible targets and mark them for attack. Most of his work was classified and not even documented. Coop decided to go career as soon as his tour was over and went straight back to war when he could. At the age of 24, his Commanding Officer forced him to take a month's leave back home, since he had been on duty for most of the a last 6 years.

Coop returned and didn't even track his parents down, instead staying at a nearby inn and only calling up a few good friends to hang out with on the weekends.  He stuck mostly to himself, as was his personality.

When the fighting broke out, Coop went straight to the armory at the nearby military base and grabbed some supplies before hearing that the military was evacuating. Even if he hated his parents as much as he did, he couldn't leave them to die in the wake of what was happening, He traveled back into town in search of his parents.

Equipment: A standard issue M4 Carbine with strap and rounds.  Sidearm Beretta. Coop has fashioned himself with sleeves made of leather that wrap tightly around his elbows down to his wrists and thick gloves on. The thickness is enough to stop a normal bite but the leather inhibits his arms movement a bit. He is wearing a typical army helmet with goggle but otherwise light clothing.
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #7 on: March 04, 2010, 01:31:44 am »


Well first off I’m really glad that there’s a bit of interest.

Second off to help with character creation/to hopefully keep people’s interest levels high I’ve worked up a bit of a more in depth intro; which will most likely serve as the 1st post in the actual thread.

3 days….It’d only been five days…. As he sat in the press box at the Ridgewood stadium Chief Griggam found it hard to believe. In truth the first signs of trouble had been there for at least 4 days…probably 5 if anyone did any real digging. The mayor and his family suddenly deciding to go on an unplanned vacation, a rise in the number of missing animals, the steady disappearance of the homeless. Griggam had been told by the mayor via phone contact, before the lines out of town stopped working, to suppress and sweep under the rug all of the reports. The mayor insisting that they were nothing but coincidence. And now it was too late. The city was cut off and quarantined. No one was coming to save them anymore.

Three days ago the ‘riots’ had started at least that’s what they thought they were at first…Griggam had dispatched teams to quell them only to find that none of their non-lethal deterrents were worth a damn at breaking up the groups. It wasn’t until they started eating his men that the truth was realized.

By that cell phones no longer worked in town, the internet was gone, the phone lines out of town were down….Rockford had been taken off the map. Griggam had worked fast from that point on. He’d mobilized every civil service the city had. Placing all of his officers, as well as all the city’s firefighters, and paramedics ‘on duty.’ Hell he’d even called in the meter maids. He’d set up several ‘evac zones’ around the city. Using every police, fire, and medical helicopter to try to start flying people out. The ‘evac zones’ had started falling within an hour and Griggam had been forced to centralize them creating three ‘havens’ in the city. One at the police station, another at the football stadium, and a the last at the docks.  For the next day they’d used the boats at the docks to ferry people across the river as well as the choppers to lift people out of the stadium, and all of the police cruisers, swat vans, riot cars, and even slow ploughs to move people from the station to either the docks or the stadium. The pace had been slow as every flight and boatload was stopped and inspected by the Army troops that were quarantining the city. 

Last night he’d received word from his man in charge of the police station that the situation there was lost and they were pulling out. An hour later only three vehicles from the station made it into the stadium, one riot car, a cruiser, and a garbage truck. As of three hours ago there was no word from the docks. Their last transmission stating that they were running low on ammo….He hoped they’d had the brains to pull out and sail away before it was too late. There were only 2 choppers left the others not returning after their last flights…either lost in transit or grounded by the Army.
Looking at things realistically Griggam knew the situation was lost….He’d sent his family on one of the first flights out. And now it was time to join them. He grabbed his radio and dialed up the frequency he’d been using for his chain of command. “Rome falls” he said firmly into the radio “I repeat Rome falls.”  That was the signal to grab the two pilots they’d set aside to fly out his command chain, as well as to prep the last two choppers.

He got up from the desk and began to walk towards the make shift landing pad they had set up in the center of the stadium. As he got out onto the actual green he could hear the sounds of a city dying. Gunfire going off both at the entrances to the stadium. Where his men were fighting to hold the monsters back, as well as deeper in the city where only God knew what was going on. The civilians were constantly being told that everything was under control. Griggam wasn’t worried about them storming the choppers, which were guarded. Within 5 minutes he was in his chopper along with his command staff. And both of the choppers were lifting off. As they flew away Griggam looked down at the stadium. Seeing just how surrounded it was…it wouldn’t last another hour. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. He didn’t like leaving them…but in the end it was about survival and he’d survived.

Down on the ground, at post 5 on the south end of the stadium the men assigned to guard the doors weren’t scared, as a matter of fact they weren’t anything they’d been overrun 5 minutes before, unable to even radio a warning, the doors were wide open and the monsters were flooding in. The end had begun.
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Offline Tydorei

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #8 on: March 04, 2010, 02:02:33 am »
I will apply for this game soon. Is the above post the opening post for when the game does start?

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #9 on: March 04, 2010, 02:07:22 am »
Yes it is. So player characters would be somewhere within the stadium when all hell breaks loose.

Offline Travaius

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #10 on: March 04, 2010, 02:52:00 am »

Name: Ryan Van Dunn

Age: 27

Bio: Ryan cam from a lower middle class family, his father being an ex military lieutenant, turned construction worker and his mother being a homemaker. His father was hard on him, being his only son, making him become an athlete and making him earn everything he ever got. His father used to tell him that he was responsible for a roof over his head and to put food in his stomach, everything else was up to him.
Ryan was far from a straight A student. He worked at school, but it never really clicked for him. He much preferred going to the gym and working out for football season, or even the puny regimens that the gym class would set up. After scraping up enough credits to graduate, Ryan immediately began work at the docks. He was happy with the money he was making, his father being proud of him for being a stand up man. The years on the dock were hard on him, making his muscles grow as he loaded and unloaded the goods from ships by hand.

When the riots began, his father told him not to worry, that he and his mother would be ok. He was armed up and waiting for anyone to come in. Shortly before the cell phones went down, Ryan tried to call in to check, getting no answer. Rushing back to his family's house, all the evidence he could find was his dad's favorite arsenal, a pump shotgun, a .45 Magnum, and his father's old military officer's saber. He quickly collected those things and fled to the nearest evac zone.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #11 on: March 05, 2010, 03:11:56 pm »

Name: David Bowman


David was always a 'handyman' seeming to possess the ability to simply figure out how to do things with his hands, even if this skill didn't extend to book learning. It meant that obtaining his plumbing license  was a relatively easy task. He was relatively new to Rockford when the outbreak started having only moved their from Chicago a few months ago. In his time at Rockford he had proven to be a very quiet, as well as a person of habit, eating at the same places talking to the same people. He worked as a plumber for the city, occasionally doing some independent work if the bills were tough or if he just wanted extra cash. In his spare time he had been working on getting his carpentry and electricians licenses. Hoping to start his own contracting business one day. On the day of the riots David had been enjoying some time off. He'd seen the reports on the news, and the call for all citizens to head towards the 'havens.' He lived closest to the stadium so that's where he decided to go. He grabbed his tool kit, as well as the 9mm and spare clip that he'd bought when living in New York, as well as a crow bar 'just in case'. He exited his house to find his car had been stolen. As such he was forced to walk to the stadium, making his way through backyards and over fences trying to be as stealthy as possible. He got a good look at one of the...things...that was in the last back yard he crossed. Putting three shots into it before fleeing. Once he made it to the stadium he was herded to where the rest of the civilians were held. He kept to himself watching as everything went down and constantly trying to figure out where he'd run to if the shit hit the fan.

Equipment:  9mm. Pistol, 1 extra clip, plumber's coverall, toolkit, crowbar.

Offline LittleKitten

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #12 on: March 05, 2010, 05:03:38 pm »
Eden-real name unknown
Ex-green beret, left for unknown reasons
Eden doesn't talk about her past and doesn't trust anyone. She's highly trained and excels at bladed combat. She likes knives.
She's most likely to help someone who is helpless and innocent, even ignoring others to do so.
She keeps her gender hidden and people guessing for as long as possible
She carries two kurki at all times with a pistol, assualt rifle and katana in her jeep.
Eden has permits for all
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Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #13 on: March 05, 2010, 05:28:17 pm »
The time has come the Walrus said.....

And with that in mind I'll be posting up the thread shortly :D

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #14 on: March 05, 2010, 05:48:34 pm » 

The thread is up and ready for posting. As stated above I'll be playing the part of the 'infection,' I'd like to point out a few things, there will be both slow and fast zombies, there will be a few other things that might be run into  >:) , and there is no 'pre-set' course of action for the characters, if my character suggest something it doesn't mean it's the only answer. Other than that hopefully everyone has fun.

Offline UrbanzorroTopic starter

Re: Dead Reckoning; Non system survival intrest check.
« Reply #15 on: March 06, 2010, 06:06:43 pm »
Ok the zombies are now in the stadium and it is no longer a safe place. If you were not yet able to post your character as being in the stadium simply message me and we will get your character into the story asap(which should not be hard at all). ALSO this game is still open. If you're interested simply create a character and we will work you in as well!