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Started by Lovitoz, March 02, 2010, 08:33:08 PM

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Okay so last weekend I went a zombie movie binge... I watched a couple of old and new ones (Night of the Living Dead in my opinion was hilarious! Especially the ending) Well anyway I thought up a plot which is not as much about the zombies as much as it is about two people trying to survive in a world ruled by the dead (Which is at times the case)... well let me give you the story so far.... (I might as well warn you before you read on that the idea that I have will involve incest, SisterxBrother )

--- It was one year since the outbreak started, since then the world has gone to hell. Right after patient "Zero" had been infected by means of drinking some contaminated water it soon began to get out of control. It was hardly 3 months before cities were trying to be evacuated and eventually when the President decided that some cities could not be saved... he gave the go to blow them up into nothing. Unfortunately that did not end the infection, the infected walked the streets (Or ran, dunno what the rules for zombies should be... it varies movie to movie but I think the runners would add to the action) and not even the military could not stop them, those who had heard of a cure immediately went across the Atlantic for the hope of being able to live but of course there was no cure... it only further spread the infection.

Yet this is not the story... it is not about the human race as whole in fact in the words of her brother "The whole world could burn in hell for all I care" which is what probably was happening at the moment. This story is about two sibling who had survived the apocalypse... Since before the outbreak started, they hated each other... she thinking he was a good for nothing brat and he thinking that she was air-headed bitch. Yet there was no choice but to stick together as soon as the situation with the infection went from bad to worse, their parents pleaded for them to come with them and head up north and although they didn't like it... they did as they were told. (I guess they are living on their own and stuff... before) As they were heading up north they were overrun and at the request of their parents asked that they go on and they would act as bait... they never saw them again. They headed up North and waited... for something... they didn't know what but something and although they hated each others guts they dealt with it, because they rather deal with each other rather than deal with a handful of zombies.

After a rash decision on the part of her brother, they decided to hit the road. Going all over the country hoping to find a place to settle and maybe even start a town or find a town in which they could settle in, yet every single town or new area that they ran into seemed to either have zombies roaming around it or Warlords ruling over it. They only have each other... and after a year of being together, they began to get accustomed to one another and even showed small signs of sibling affection to one another... yet they are desperate, not for food or a place to stay but for love. Neither of them have found the right person in any town in which they stayed... mostly because they always found something odd about the place but also because they didn't find anyone worth keeping for more than a night.  - End-

Well, what do you think? As you have guessed I will play the brother and hopefully a lucky lady will play his sister, they will be on the road so there is no specific place in which we can start. Obviously these two will fall in love with each other, I was thinking that first it would start out as a one night stand and both agreeing that they would not mention to each other again. I'm guessing since they used to be on their own, that they should be in their 20's and as for the who would be the older one I guess it doesn't really matter since both will throw insults at each other and as I said they are pretty much just accustomed to each other... no one would really look upon the other as the older one. Well hopefully someone is interested and if you are PM or leave a message, hope to hear from someone!

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D'aww. Also interested. D:

Let me know if it's worth trying to woe you. :P