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Started by LittleKitten, March 02, 2010, 06:23:36 PM

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the kingdom has been at war for a few decades, 20-30 ish years, the younger generation has basically grown up during the constant war. and while the 'cores' of the respective kingdoms where left more or less untouched, the large boarder region is a absolute wreck from end to end. naturally during such a long conflict, certain individuals will rise from the carnage of battlefields to become heros. the most famous of such was the 'dark warrior', supposedly a orphan, who simply appeared on the battle field one day, wearing scavenged bits or armour, strained black with coal. he gradually progressed through the ranks, heroic deeds piling up, minstrels and bards, who are always eager for new sagas to sing, picked up on the warrior, and spread the tale far and wide. the mysterious, dark, hero of the war. being granted field promotions, and reaching the point where he would command others, he proved fearless, courageous as brilliant as he was brutal. oh yes, the dark stain on the tale, the dark warrior was infamous for their merciless nature, never took prisioners, made no distinction between solider and civilian.

while undesirable, the war had dragged on so long that the King, and Generals Royal (schooled tacticians whove never set foot on a battle field in their life) where willing to let it slide, as long as it got results. and oh did it get results! the war is now over, treaties signed. the warrior, now a Field General, returns to the capital at the head of the Black Legion, their personal legion, trained and fiercely loyal, regarded as the most elite fighting force in the kingdom.

now this presents a unique situation for the King. the returning armies, most of the soldiers have never even seen the king, the Field Generals have absolutely no respect for the Generals Royal, or inclination to answer their authority. worse, the soldiery, so long from home, from the arms of the palace, are more loyal to their Field Generals than to the king and kingdom. but hes getting old, and is quite a savy politician. while equals, many of the Field Generals deferr to the Dark Warrior, and none would dare cross his Black Legion. hes probably also the greatest hero of the war, especially notion that it was his tactics that finally ended it. so, he sends a runner to meet up with the army, and deliver the kings order. a Betrothal. between the Dark Warrior and the princess.

such a thing is common among royalty, arranged marriages, and while the younger princesses have already been married off, hes kept his eldest daughter free, encase the political coinage was needed. now he had spent it to secure the twilight of his rule. neither bride nor husband get any say in the matter, and once publicly announced, the arrangement cannot be rescinded. but of course there would be no problems, the Dark Warrior would become king when the current one died, married to the princess, he had proven in his tactics to be capable of patience. and thus, would keep the army and Field Generals in check, to ensure his own position. and well, he won the damn war, and could inspire loyalty, certainly such a person was a ideal King. a very neat little plan.

so the day arrives, the army had finally come home, and the palace rolls out the red carpet for the Dark Warrior and lo, someone forgot to mention that 'he' was  WOMAN