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Author Topic: New Ideas  (Read 1651 times)

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New Ideas
« on: March 02, 2010, 11:38:59 AM »
a young woman who on her 18th birthday is told by her parents that she was adopted. To top it off she's told that her special talent will start awakening now that she was a young adult. At first the girl doesn't know what they meant by that. But when she loses her cool at school one day the windows shattered and things started flying around.

I will add more ideas as they randomly pop into my head. Right now thats the only one I've fully got a basic idea for. If interested send me a PM.

See below for a list of other ideas I've got.

!7 years earlier....Its a dark and stormy night. A woman carries a small bundle in her arms. Running through the downpouring rain. Trying to find sancturary for the thing in her hands. She is being chased by the king of demons and vampires himself (you'll play him) and she is wearing a cloak. She'd found out she was pregnant awhile ago. By the demon king who'd raped her. She hides the child in the only place she can find. And old abandoned holy church. The woman continues running. Screaming as she's yanked back by the hair. Turning her head to look at who it was that had grabbed her. It was Sin the leader of the kings gaurds. "Let go Rin...I'm never going back there. I will not be held a prisoner against my will." The dark angel woman said and struggles all the harder. The kingvhad sent them to find her and bring her back with her bundle in tow. She kicks at rin. And refused to answer his questions about where she had gone or where her bundle was.
17 years later….The baby that had been found by a priest and his wife was now almost 18 years old. She/he had learned from her mother the art of healing with herbs and wild plants. From her/his father, she/he learned the difference between whats right and whats wrong. Everything the day before her/his 18th birthday was going normal, until the moment the sky turned as dark as night. (Taken)
It was a dark and cold night. A young woman runs through the heavy downpour. She wore a cloak over her body. A strand of her long yellow colored hair slipping free of the cloak and hanging down across one of her breasts. Her yellow eyes frightened. She looks around. Trying to find some place of sancturary. She was being chased by an evil demon prince. He wanted her. Partily because she was a virgin. Mostly cuz of her looks. She has an hour glass figure. Slender build. Pretty big chest. And a tight butt. She dodges out of the way of a fireball. Running into a nearby church. Crying out. "SANCTURARY!" she says (taken)

 It was a normal day in the forest village of Narii. A young neko girl/boy walks the villages perimeter. She/he loved to listen to the sounds of the forest. The peaceful sounds of nature. She/he lived alone in a hut just on the outside of the village. It was near a waterfall lake. She/he smiles and starts to head away from the village and towards her/his serene home. Little knowing of the danger that would soon be heading her/his way. (taken)

 It was a dark and stormy day. A young woman with crimson eyes and silveryblue hair runs from a man. The man she'd once called dad. He'd beaten her, her entire life. And now she was fleeing from him. She wore a cloak with the hood on. Beneath the cloak was a tight black corset with red lace. And a pair of tight black jeans. She wore boats that went up her leg. And she was scared. She wanted to get far far away from the man she'd called dad. He wasn't even her biological father. (can be added is the following: She runs until she falls through a crack in the earth. And plummets into another realm. The realm of hell. The crack closes up after sucking her down into it. She continues her free fall into hell. She was still living though.)(taken)

It was a very hot yet rainy day. Yet for one woman it was just another day of worrying about whether or not she'd lose her casino. Or if she'd be found out that she was a woman. Not that it mattered now if someone did. Her "Baby", the casino, was fast going down the drain money wise. She had bills stacked up. Most of which at the moment she was unable to pay.
Shio, as she went by, stands up. Shaking herself out of her thoughts as she looks out the window. She was very worried about her problem. Yet she was at the moment too stubborn to let her friends know. Or even to ask for help from her family. No. She'd created this casino with her own two hands and her own money. She was going to save it the same exact way. Or so she hoped to.
Shio sighs. There was no way she'd be able to do it alone. But she couldn't ask her friends for help. They had their own money issues. Couldn't turn to her family. Her father would tell her that he'd told her she'd fail. Cuz everything she'd ever done turned into a failure. Her mother always agreed with her father. And her brother, well he wasn't even in the country, he was over seas. And wanted little to nothing to do with their family.
She sighs. She only had one other option. She'd more than likely if by the end of the week, didn't have the money, turn to the one man she'd always battled against. Her old livelong rival. But turning to him was a resort she didn't think she could avoid it. She turns from the window. Going over to her little black book and opens it Flipping to the number she'd had but never used. And dailing her rivals phone. (taken)
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2010, 04:27:22 PM »
Will be adding more ideas as I come up with them.

New Idea 1:  A young male/female enteres a race to win a prize of 500,000 yen. The only problem is he/she doesn't have a car. But the solution to this problem comes in the form of a rich businessman/woman who has the car but not the driver. The catch is they have to work for this person for free for a year. Though if they win the business person will give them 1 million yen plus the money from winning the race. Who could possibly turn an offer such as that down? What the male/female racer doesn't know is that the businessman/woman is into a more shady business than the one that is know to the public. Will the racer get caught up in a web of lies and deciet or will the racer figure out before its too late the danger they are in?
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2010, 09:55:35 AM »
New Idea 2: Return of Magic

After the Salem witch trials magic in itself had seemed to vanish. Its now 400 years later and magic has returned to Earth. It starts with the very life of the planet. The energy that makes up the living creatures of this world. And is passed down from those whose ancestors once did magic. The gift for magic laying dormant until it was once again needed. 400 years later the descendants of the survivors of the Salem trials, are able to once again use magic. Though since it has been dormant for so long no one knew how to control or predict where and when it would show up. The time has come that a chosen pair will have magic ability far exceeding others. Those with that power will be how the world will be saved from the brink of annihilation. Mankind has relied on science for so long it has begun to take over the world. And now magic is needed for humanity to regain control over the planet they have had control over for over a thousand years. Two humans will rise to make a stand against the creations of science. Making the illogical become logical in order to restore mankind to the top. Whether this last hope for humanity will succeed or not depends on the weilders. Will the paths of those who use it be hindered by those who decide to use the magic is too dangerous to use? Or will the paths of those be aided by the fact that magic may be the only answer to the survival of humanity? The decisions made by the two highly empowered magic users may decide the fate of all...

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2010, 10:42:17 AM »
Mystery of Flight 777
Ten years earlier...
A plane begins to spiral out of control. It begins a spiraling downward descent towards the middle of a jungle. Mere moments later the loud sound of the impact explodes through the air. Just before the crash a radio tower picked up a distress signal sent out from the plane. The signal had ended abruptly and without a known cause. Search teams were formed and sent out to look for the site of impact. To find and locate the plane and dead or if any survivors were to be found. It took three weeks til the crash site was found. When they get there all that could be seen was a black smoldering wreck that had once been a plane. The search party who found the crash site begin to search through the wreckage for any bodies of people who may have been killed in the flight. Yet though they did a month long search of the wreckage no bodies were found. But at the same time there had been no signs of any survivers. There was no signs in the surrounding forest area that people had passed through it. So after another month of fruitless endevors and searches through the jungle...the search was ended. The missing passengers of Flight 777 were put in the cold case files and locked away. The mysterious disappearance of the passengers of Flight 777 was put down as a major tragedy. As one that couldn't be solved to bring peace to the families and friends of the missing people.
Ten years later...
(and the story would start here)

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2010, 09:30:45 PM »
Ghostly Mystery(taken)
a haunted castle. Where the ghost that inhabit it can take on nearly completely solid forms even though they can disappear just as fast as a normal ghost. But these ghosts like to be seen. As they are very helpful except the loner ghost who tends to cause trouble and is a bit of a poltergiest. And your character is a ghost expert sent to solve the mysteries behind the ghosts and behind the violent actions of one ghost in particular. The ghost which is unhappy and has blood trailing down from its chest.

Along with the ghosts there is the old folklore surrounding the house that the first princess/prince of the castle was murdered in cold blood by her/his own brother. And left to die a slow and painful death. And ever since she's/he's haunted the castle and tries to chase off anyone who comes into the castle. expecially if they are staying for more than a short amount of time. And finally when she/he meets your character she/he decides he needs help to either come back to life or find peace enough to pass over. But before that can happen they need to solve the mystery behind his murder and find out who really killed her/him.
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2010, 09:03:22 AM »
Ghost Host
A young male/female was born with an unusual ability. It was both a gift and a curse. He/she is able to host ghosts of any kind. Whether they are good or evil. Most people would consider this possession but the host lives in harmony with the ghost that is inside of him/her. Though when the ghosts power or ability or talent is needed, control over the body switches from him/her to the ghost needed. When word got out about this childs gift or curse, life went from safe and calm to chaotic and dangerous. As ghost hunters and exorcists alike tried to get their hands on this child. Some wished to help the child. Others wished to experiment on the child. While some wished to study or free the child of the ghosts. The child though just wanted to be able to live life the way he/she wished to live. To have a normal life despite the fact that they were a host for ghosts.

Offline Novak

Re: New Ideas
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2010, 09:18:15 AM »
I also like the idea of being the driver for your business woman.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2010, 07:39:19 PM »
Midevil Vampires
The earth is covered in a dark shadow. The world stuck in the chaos of a medievil world. A race of vampires called the Nazurak have taken control over the kingdoms of this time. Replacing those who were in power with one of their own. In a way to control and keep order over the humans they needed to feed from. They Nazurak were a race of vampire even older than the Ancients themselves. Yet a rebellion was forming. Made up of humans, ancients, and demons. Those that could interfere with the world that was slowly being taken over.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2010, 09:48:51 PM »
Destiny or Love?
On a sunny day in the middle of summer a young baby was born. The baby had a unique birthmark. And had a destiny that would one day need fulfilling. But for the time being the child would be allowed to grow up with a somewhat normal way of life. Eighteen years later...

The child whose destiny would need fulfilling looks around. He was now eighteen. And the years had passed by without much differance from any other day. That was until the day of his eighteenth birthday. That was the day when a strange woman had appeared. Her words would haunt him forever. And would confuse and mystify him. Til the day he realized the true potential he had within him. The inner power he had would possibly be able to save the world. But he'd need the help an aid of another to restore balance to the world. Which during the eighteen years he'd been alive had been spiraling downwards into a mess of chaos and discord. Nothing was safe...not even the sky above peoples heads. But his path through life following his realization of his potential would be filled with twists and turns. Would he follow his preordained destiny or would he create his own? Only time would tell.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #9 on: April 14, 2010, 09:56:54 PM »
A Lonely Existance
It was a cold and icy twilight. A young woman of nineteen walks on the air like it was made up of invisible steps and pathways. It was cold yet the air barely touched the girls milky white skin. Her hair was long and the color of a red rose. Her eyes were a soft blue color that was close to being grey. She was wearing a long kimono that was tied in a bow around the waist. Her form was slender and petite. She walks through the air slowly. Taking her time. She had no reason to hurry. Nor was she sure she even had a reason to still exist. She'd recently lost the man she'd loved to a meaningless war. The young woman sighs as she remembers the day she'd gone to visit him only to find him dead in a pool of his own blood. She looks from the past to the present. Even though her mind kept trying to dwell on the past. She was searching. Searching for a reason to exist once more. She'd sworn it would never be because of love for another. She continues her journey through the sky and clouds. Watching as she comes to a rest on a cloud. Watching boredly as snow begins to drift slowly downwards towards the ground. With a decision made in her mind, she reappears on the ground. Walking towards the nearest city. A city ruled by a man who she knew nothing of. Nor did she wish to. She enters the city and begins to walk aimlessly around. Searching still for that reason or purpose for which she would exist for. She craved love yet feared to love again. For each time she had, she'd lost the one she'd loved. She wishes hard with her entire being for a reason to exist. For a reason to appear to which she'd have a purpose to continue her lonely existance. Hoping and waiting for a sign to appear to tell her what her next path through fates journeys would be.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #10 on: April 14, 2010, 10:00:00 PM »
Forbidden Memories
It was a dark and stormy night. The wind blew through the silent night air with a chilling icyness. A young vampiress whose name was Himari Moroshi, walks through a dead and eerie forest. The trees themselves gave off forboding shadows and eerie patterns. She looks around trying to see if anything would look familiar. To see if anything would spark a hint of memory in her mind. She sighs. Nothing. Again there was nothing here that helped her remember her past. She continues to walk through the forest of the dead. She exits the forest a while later. Walking onwards towards the city that was a still a good distance away. She was getting weary. She'd not feed in a long time. But she continues to push herself and her endurance. She was tiring though. And would need to find someplace to rest before the night was over. She keeps walking though. Trying not to think about her tired limbs. Or the fact that she was slowly draining the very last drops of her energy from herself. She continues to walk onwards. She couldn't stop...not even for a moment. She needed to find something. A clue. Anything. Anything that would tell her something about who she was. Where she was from. And why she'd been left in a bundle on a native american reservations borders. She'd been found and raised by them. And had decided to go on a spirit and self realization journey. She'd possibly return there once she'd found out about herself. She sees a shadow of a person not that far away.(taken)

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2010, 09:31:48 AM »
It was the year 2020. The times of the z-space were slowly drawing to a close. For something was about to go wrong. Very wrong. The z-space had been around since the time of the big bang. But it had been slowly shrinking over the milleniums. As it begins to slowly fade out into nothingness it spits out a small egg. The egg escaping right as the portal to z-space closed...forever. The small egg travels through space slowly. Slowly making its way towards the nearest galaxy with planets able to support life...the Milky Way Galaxy. It has now become what looks like a diamonized crystal that is egg shaped. It follows on the tail of a comet that begins to circle around the earth. The egg is knocked from the comits tail and sent hurtling towards earth. Upon impact the egg, which had grown quite large in size, cracks open. Revealing a small child inside. A passing couple sees the child wondering around in a daze. The small three year old had a small z like mark on her forehead. They adopted the child and named her Zero.
18 years later...
The young girl had grown into a beautiful woman. Over the years the girl had learned she could shape and alter matter to how she saw it fit. Molecules were easily manipulated at her hands. A dead flower could be brought to life simply by messing with its molecules and atoms. She'd decided after the sudden deaths of her parents to go on a journey to find people who'd understand her. She'd come to a stop at a big city. And was beginning her search there...Would she find anyone? Will she ever learn of her true potential? Or of the reason why she came to be in existance? Only time will tell.
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #12 on: April 15, 2010, 08:48:10 PM »
Trapped In Captivity
Another day at sea. A young mermaid sits on a rock above the rushing waves. A storm was approaching. And by the looks of it this one was going to be a monster of a storm. The young mermaid currently had her tail fin as two legs. The scales of her tailfin having formed the skirt she was wearing around her waist. She loved the sea but loved those strange crafts that humans sailed over it more. They dropped interesting little thingiemabobbies and strange whatchamacallits. She giggles remembering the opener upper thing she’d found just the other day at a sunken ship. She hears the sounds of men laughing and joking around. She dives back into the water. The minute her lower half was submersed in the water her fin returned. She swims beneath the ship. Hoping something would fall overboard so she could check it out. When nothing does she sighs and begins to swim towards home. But then the nets were dropped overboard as the ships shadow stopped moving. She wasn’t watching where she was going and ends up trapped in one of the nets. (taken)
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #13 on: April 16, 2010, 08:23:50 PM »
Unwitting Stowaway (mxm story)(taken)
A young man is on the run from a man who’s treated him like a slave. Ever since his mother died at his hand, something he was never able to prove yet he knew it to be true. He’d worn a big overcoat. Hiding his face in the shadows of big floppy hat. His body skinny yet toned from all the manual labor he’d been forced to do since he’d been maybe five years old. He was getting tired. The man was an abuser, a liar…and worse…he was a killer. The young man runs til he reaches a port. Quickly scanning the area to find someplace to hide so he could rest. He just needed a few minutes. Nothing more. Just enough rest to get him some energy to keep on running. Til he’d be able to run no more. He spots a bunch of crates near a ship. They were just In the shadow of it. And a few were open and the lids to them had not been put on. He runs over quickly. Climbing into one full of different types of materials. Laying down in a ball. His coat matching another piece of material. His form thin enough by now that it barely even showed. He fell into a deep sleep. What had been intended to be a few minutes turned into an hour. During which time the crate was sealed…though it was the kind that had those rectangular tiny openings. So he was still able to breath. The crates had then been loaded onto a ship. As the man continued his sleeping undisturbed by anyone…as only the captian of that ship was allowed to inspect the cargo.
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #14 on: April 17, 2010, 06:01:55 PM »
Back To The Wild West
It was a regular day. A young woman, walks along a train track. It had long since been deserted. It had once been used in the days of old. Back when cowboys and Indians ruled the wild west. But those days were long over with. Everyone lived almost equally within the world. Yet still she couldn’t help wishing she’d been back in those days. She loved the openness of the wild west. And loved the challenges the native americans and cowboys went through. Loved the thrill of the hunt. For both prey and villans. All this had her thrilled and wishing hard that she could visit the past. Become part of the past. She always dressed in her cowboy garbs for women. She wore her hair usually in two pigtails that were braided some of the time. Suddenly she trips. Falling down over a cliff. There’d been an earthquake a hundred years ago that had made this track unusable ever again. The earth had separate. And a deep river had formed below. She begins to fall. Downwards. Down and down. Til she lands with a big splash in the water below. When she swims to the top of the water again she was floating in a creek that had been under the railroad tracks back in the wild west days. She spots something or someone heading her way on horseback.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2010, 07:43:51 PM »
As long as there's ideas open...I'm free to rp. Just send me a pm letting me know and telling me which you want to do

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #16 on: April 20, 2010, 02:12:51 PM »
Designing Danger
It was another long and busy day. The wind had picked up and the cold chilly wind was a relief from the hot and humid sunny day. The trees were dead. Their leaves when they fell to the ground were crunchy and brittle. The cars in the streets were roaring by. The people walking wore very little clothing. Just what was needed for respectability. Short to no sleeved shirts could be seen everywhere. Capri's to shorts were seemingly the in thing. As animals that were strays ran to and from. Everyone seeming so busy on such a hot and humid day. The young woman staring out the window looks around. She was the best of the best but she had a problem. She was being stalked by some man who claimed he loved her. Yet she’d never met this man in her entire life. She was a fashion designer who was very famous. She even wore many of her own outfits and garments that she designed. She sighs and picks up the phone. She needed a body guard. And she needed the best out of the best. Yet she knew not where to find someone like that. She sighs and puts an ad in the newspaper requesting a bodygaurd. One with the background and training of a secret agent. She just knew she needed protection…before the stalker took things to the next level.

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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #17 on: April 22, 2010, 11:17:49 AM »
Genie Wishes(taken)
A young genine was escaping from the past into the future. She’d been set free and he didn’t want to stay in the past anymore. She uses her magic to transport herself into the modern day world. She was dressed like a gypsy for a bit. And then changed into more normal everyday clothes once she’d earned enough money dancing and singing. Using her magic only every so often. As she wasn’t sure it would be safe or wise to be found out. Yet every time she heard someone make a wish she felt that familiar tugging on her soul. Old habits die hard. The urge to grant their wish was strong. But she fights that urge. She was no longer bound to the will of others. Yet still the need to grant wishes was strong. So every so often she would grant a young childs wish. So long as they were small no one would notice…right? Or so she thinks. Til the day she granted a wish for a young man who also happened to be sensitive to magic.
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #18 on: August 31, 2010, 08:40:10 AM »
Monkeying Around (TAKEN)
A young girl flies on a plane with her parents. She was not but three years old. She falls asleep as the plane starts to spiral out of control. The engine on the plane was shot. It was covered in flames. The plane crash lands in the middle of the jungle. The girl is thrown from the plane mere moments before the entire thing erupted in flames and exploded into little bits of burning metal. An hour later the three year old girl wakes in the jungle all alone. She begins crying and starts sucking on her thumbs. A family of gorillas passes by and sees the young child. The mother gorilla must have felt the need to take care of the little girl for she picked her up and took her with them.

Years later....

The young girl has grown into a young but beautiful woman. She remembers nothing of her short time with her parents. Having been raised in the jungle amonst the group of gorillas. She travels from tree to tree. Having been taught to speak to, hear, and understand every animal in the jungle. She spoke gorilla fluently. And no longer could remember english or any other human language. As the time passes by a hunter from a city on the outskirts of the jungle is traveling through the forest....
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Re: New Ideas
« Reply #19 on: September 05, 2010, 10:12:57 AM »
Mutant Rebellion (need male)

Yuri looks around. Her eyes staring into the deep void of the night. She had with her two of her finest fighters. Both were male. And both had been her friends since she was but a child. Her eyes scan the darkenss. Her ears listening for the tell tale sounds of footsteps. She waits to hear if the footsteps were approaching or retreating. She moved not an inch until she was certain the Hell Scouts had vanished into the night.

She looks at her men. Now wasn't the time to say anything. But she signals for them to follow. As she runs along the path leading to a food storage base, she thinks over how to get the most food out in the least amount of time. She sighs silently. It was too quiet...and it was almost too easy to get in. Something was up. She felt instinctively that this had to be a trap. She signals for the two men to back off. That they wer leaving and would return at another time.

Two weeks later....

Yuri looks around. They'd fought many battles and won. Though the costs had been great to their rebel numbers. She had gone into town to try and find more Mutants. More people who were willing to fight to save what was left of Earth. She sneaks through the town like a thief would a house.