OWOD being human story, Ghosts,Werecreatures, Vampires etc OH my!-Interest check

Started by Sabriel, March 02, 2010, 07:49:39 AM

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being human

A story about a Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Demon, Witch, etc. etc. who share a house and live together hiding there secret from the world and trying to eke out an existence.

OK so my premise for this idea is to combine a show with which I am quite fond of with the world of darkness which I suspect had a great influence on the creators. If your now familiar with the show that is not important since knowledge of the show will in no way help you really anyway other than to give you a better idea of what this story will be about.  You can easily find out about it by simply googling "being human" but I hope my explanation will be enough to give you the gist of the idea.

This story is basically about what the name above says which is also a large theme of many games in the WOD system which some people seam to forget. For example some Vampire players often seam to forget the whole Humanity thing and the struggle against the beast, I'm sure anyone familiar with WOD will have encountered this and not just in Vampire. Now I have never been a big fan of cross venue things but in this case I think it is an interesting story.  Your character types will be supernatural creatures who feel alone in there world who have banded together despite there differences to form a common unit and family, after all the one thing you have in common is that your not human really and the world would likely view you all in the same way regardless if one of you seams more monstrous than the other.

In the show being human it is a story about three main characters with another sort of joining later, first of you have Annie a ghost who haunts the house that Mitchell a vampire and George a werewolf move into.  Annie is of course very pleased to have two guests in her house who can see her and interact with  her and well she has a love of making tea and keeping busy hehe.  Mitchell the vampire is a bit of a dark card with a bloody past but a strong desire too stay of human blood he is see as a freak by his other kind obviously because they are much more controlled by there vampiric nature. George is a werewolf and well he is really a nice guy too just unfortunate enough to be stuck with a condition that overcomes him at certain times of the month. This little gang have formed a tight friendship and they all share the goal of trying to live a normal life which is not so much a bad thing is it.

I want original characters for this idea however I don't wish to copy the show I wish to tell a story like it a look at it from another angle perhaps and well some fun and shenanigans with other supernatural types. I will be taking on the role of a storyteller of sorts myself and well weaving plot and story into the mix as well as providing a few characters to meet and interact with. It will be slightly different from the show since I will be taking a more detailed look at it via the WOD view. I mean vampires won't be so brazen about walking around in the daytime unprotected and they likely won't be active at all in the day in general, one trying/struggling to maintain his humanity would however find this easier than those who have given into there vampiric nature.  Also any werewolves in this story will not quite be the same they won't likely be cursed but rather born as such. 

I will clarify these things at a later date however for now Id just like to see if people are interested and what kind of characters they would like to play if so.  I am going to be open to most supernatural types and even non supernatural if there is a good cause for it.  I won't be accepting characters which are blatantly inhuman since this is a game about trying to maintain a sense of normal life and survive and hide generally keep your identities secret. So a demon that likes to go around tearing people apart or something will not be welcome and I can't imagine many people would really want to live with them, No Edward type characters either please, there will be no shiny sparkly overly whinny vampires here.

OK so that's this open for discussion any questions or ideas please post here or pm me if you would prefer I don't mind either way.

Thanks for reading :)


I would be interested in this... Are there any oWoD archetypes/races that you'd prefer not to see a player take up?


I don't think it is feasible for me to make a list of what Id prefer not to see as player types, so i would treat each case on a basis of if it made some sense and would fit in well. If it would obviously cause problem or made no sense I would not allow it, there are some certain ones I see being hugely unlikely Sabbat orientated vampires for example, Fae, Hunter's, Mummys and Technocracy Mages.

There are also certain things I would never in a million years allow but I sort of feel that these don't require mentioning since they are either dead clans of vampires or tribes of werewolves or things that would have no place in the setting, as an example there will be no Nagah sharing there secret of what they are with a house of supernaturals :P Basically anything someone with common sense would not put in a game without regard to story or setting just because it's "cool".

As a few examples her are some ideas.

So something like the rare Black Spiral Dancer cub who escaped there hive and has no real intention of being a part of there tribe or the wyrm schemes, wanting to try forget the things that happend to them and live a normal life and escape the darkness of the world. -Is fine

A Tzimisce fleshcrafter who has no humanity or care for mortals or the world at large. -Is not really going to work Id imagine.

A Orphan mage who shuns the traditions and prefers to make it on there own in the world with other likeminded supernatural. -is also fine.

A Ghost that haunts the house trying to get the supernatural to leave or worse kill them. -Not going to work :P  Although some behavior like this could be acceptable providing that secretly the Ghost did not actually wish them to leave or any harm, I.E a ghost that was the previous occupant of the house might act like he begrudges having them there and such but actually quite like them just not like to admit it, maybe over time the ghost would show more of a friendly nature to its friends.

Basically I guess the main thing to keep in mind is that you should obviously at least want to be with the other characters for some reason, you don't have to be the most friendly creature in the world maybe you might be grumpy or anti social but there should be a reason for you to share each others company and support. 

In the end I am open to hear all suggestions for character ideas

Just so long as you don't sparkle  ;D

Although there are some things I might allow to technically "sparkle"   :-\



A mage, then, but one who just barely fits the definition. He woke up one day and was aware of the universe not working how other people thought it did, and even more aware of the fact that it suddenly didn't like him as much.

If it's alright, I'd like to play as this mage. Just a kinda weird guy trying to be normal, until this all happened to him. Now he can't hide what he is, not all the time. I'd like to give him the flaws echos and weirdness, so that his magic always has something off about it and there's something about him that always points a subtle but damning finger at him in the least convenient times. Aware that he couldn't pull off hiding with any normal humans, and very apprehensive about cooperating with the few mages that he's interacted with so far, he was struck by fortune when he found an opportunity to hide with some companions in similar circumstances.

And Sabriel, you're forgetting, there ARE no Nagah. >.>


not familiar with WoD, would that be an issue?? to join?
this seems like the calm easy roelplay i would like to join


Hehe neat that my kind of mage it fits perfectly and well I think a look at the mage's perspective would be nice, Ive not problem with you taking flaws to represent weirdness either, magic should be a little weird afterall.

And exactly that there are no Nagah they do not exist at all, and well none of the ones that don't exist would ever live with other supernaturals not even the ones who are really "Mokole". But you know some people have that delusion that there real :P Strangely they always seams to disappear after suggesting such.

It must all be some Malkavian ploy  ::)

And Duchess it would not really be a big problem id imagine since I don't really intend to enforce a system at all unless people want me too.


Most excellent, Lady Sabriel! So, should I draw up an oWoD character sheet and write a description for him somewhere, or what would you prefer I do?

And to Lady Duchess, unless we intend to get into fights with powerful werewolves and celestial forces beyond mortal comprehension, old World of Darkness hardly ever requires you to actually crack open a rule book.



OH well that is great we are certainly building up a little group of housemates quicker than I expected :)

I have you to thank for part of my decision to give the idea a try too Senti since your game sort of spurred me into wanting to try this idea of mine :P


hmmmm : i think i will throw the dice on a changeling, what kind still have to think, guessing a fae


Ah well that could be intresting I suppose I could not tell you to much about Changeling's myself since that is one of the WOD venues I'm least familiar with, but it is not essential to me that we go exactly by the books anyway. 

So a Fae would make an intresting addition too I believe :)


I would fancy a Nuwisha if that would be allowed? If not a werewolf.


It would allow it although Id either have to ignore or alter the fact that there is only supposed to be so many Nuwisha on earth at one time or weave some elements into the story where you might find your nature conflicting with your choice of lifestyle. Thinking about this however it could prove intresting so I don't see why it should be discounted.




I'm interested in this.  I'd love to play a demon- a defiler or a something along those lines if thats okay.

I don't think I'll be able to make a character until early next week, though, I'm a little booked today and tomorrow.


Quote from: Dizzied on March 06, 2010, 11:39:22 AM
I'm interested in this.  I'd love to play a demon- a defiler or a something along those lines if thats okay.

I don't think I'll be able to make a character until early next week, though, I'm a little booked today and tomorrow.

Oooh, have you ever considered playing a demon-thrall? I tried demon once, and it was nifty, but thralls have so much potential for fun!

Well, fun for the player. Missing your soul takes a chunk out of enjoying things. But hey, if you traded your soul away, it means you got something worth it in return, right?


A demon would certainly be a neat little addition and I can certainly see why one would want to just be a normal human, after being trapped in hell for so long id imagine just being able to ignore the past and revel in normality would be quite appealing. 

I did consider that people might want to play things like Thrall's, Ghoul's and such too of course.


I loved Demon when we played it.

The fact that normal folks end up with a demon soul.

We had a bus driver, a drunk school caretaker, and an office worker that played PC games all night. It made a wonderful mix of all powerful with the really banal and normal.


Oh god, our characters are never getting their security deposits back, are they?


 OK well it seams that we have quite a bit of interest for this so I think its time to decide upon some facts for the setting. I thought it would be nice to sort of poll you all as to where the characters would be living and where in the world that would be.  I am also quite open to this place being entirely fictional since well fictional places can allow for a bit more freedom.


Somewhere slightly urban, is my ideal. Preferably somewhere in the Northeast US, with the echos of the industrial age starting to fade as the rust flakes from abandoned warehouses just outside downtown. A small city, not big enough to attract a large supernatural presence in its best days, but not small enough to escape their notice. It would be a place where the winters are quiet, blanketed in snow and cautious tension, but the other seasons are uncomfortably full of the flickering uncertainty which marks the area's supernaturals staking their ever-shifting claims over the dwindling local resources.

It would be a large enough city for a variety of places downtown to keep some night life alive, perhaps fueled by college close at hand. It could be old enough that a few things are still asleep in the sub-basements of stone churches built by union workers before the first Great War. It could be just out of the way enough to lay low for a while, or shrug off the burden that your nature places on you. It might be just big enough to have almost all of what you need, if you spend the time and effort to look. It would be lightly dusted with reminders of the ages it passed through, with a faded fallout shelter sign nailed to the wall of a steel mill on its last legs, perhaps some statues of the area's founders scattered in parks here and there, old enough to have filled acres of land with its dead citizens, and young enough that even some of the old native magic hasn't faded from places in the hills around them, or where the river takes a sharp turn at the corner of downtown.

It would be a city built just on the borders of... the twilight zone.



I was thinking the northeastern US, I should have clarified that in my post. It's an area I know well, and one with enough different features to it that I've never seen it get in the way of playing any given character. I'll edit my post to include that, though.



The area I live in would be perfect lol, from what Vrag is describing, except it has no old ancient churches. But it has a two colleges, SU, and Community, to keep the local economy alive but the populations of the three cities is small thus allowing lots and lots of breathing room for supernaturals. The amount of local authorities is small as well for the three cities. The weather is similar, the mountain areas get snow, the valley is hot during the summer, cool during the winter with plenty of rain.

-chuckles- Anyways, I am interested in playing a Vampire, probably a Toreador. Since the rules are not going to be heavily enforced if at all, how strong do you want our characters? Basic build or a little higher?


Well me I like games set in the UK, but again that is just a preferance I am not about to do pistols at dawn :)