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Author Topic: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...  (Read 8508 times)

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Offline BraveEarth

Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #125 on: September 14, 2010, 09:41:21 PM »
>.> <.< |.|

Are  you allowing Hunters?

Offline Dark King

Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #126 on: October 04, 2010, 02:56:59 PM »

Age: Born in 1090 AD Turned 1116 (910)

Race: Wolf

Clan: Gangrel

Station: Warrior of the pack second only to Torulf


Abilities:His vision Gives him an edge in battle. It is so acute he can read the opponents movements. To Ulric everything move in slow motion. His eyes process movement at very high speeds. Allowing him to react much quicker than the normal wolf. His reaction time is what makes him such a formidable warrior. Although he can't use it for an extended periods of time. Needing  2 hours to recharge after prolonged use. The longest he can use it at once is an hour. Making it so he can only use it 8 times a day. He can use it to a lesser extent in human form but its no where near as good as when he is in full wolf form.


Personality: Ulric is like all wolves aggressive and testy. It does other well not to look him in the eyes for too long. Wolves see that as some sort of challenge.He is loyal to his pack. He is also an Alpha by nature. Though he does his best to control the wolf inside of him and has gotten very good at it over the past 900 years he is still a creature of instinct

Biography: Ulric was born a wolf but he had had a pretty normal life. Growing up as any young man of his age did. His parents were not wealthy but his father was a merchant. Always sending them what they needed when he went off on his long trips. He was always gone once a month and for at least three days. The night his life changed He was Hunting in the forest. One of the only time he felt at ease. When he met a woman. She was  more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen. He was head over heels instantly. He Knew he had to talk to her as if drawn by some unforeseen force. Her name was Heather and he loved her. He fell for her just as she had fallen for him. Their nights were filled with passion and their days with laughter. He had wanted to marry her. The night of his planned proposal. She told him that she would have to go away for a couple of days like she always did, but he followed her this night. He planned to surprise her with his proposal. Attempting to completely sweep her off her feet. He left with her then. They lived a hundred years together. There passion was the same weather they were man or wolf. He never left her side. She eventually told him years later he was an Alpha a dominate wolf. It was what attracted her to him in the first place. He did not really know what she meant at the time but pretended to understand. Ulric was happy living a life of dreams until they met the Vampire that ended it all. He had relived that moment a thousand times. He had watched his lover ripped apart by the Vamp. It sent him into a mad furry. Attacking the blood sucker with all he had. Then something  happened. The vamp he could see the vamps attacks coming. Timing was everything he may not have been faster but he would know when to strike.He tore the vamps head of but was dealt a damaging blow not being able to get out of the way of The fangers last strike. It reverted him back to human form. He crawled to his lover holding her limp body. He cried howling at the moon before blacking out. When he woke he met Torulf, and his pack of wolves. They were chasing the renegade vampire that had killed his mate. He howled again when he heard the confirmed death of Heather. All the members of the pack howled with him except Torulf. That was what it meant to be alpha.  He finally understood. Being an Alpha Meant you were  dominate over other wolves. Torulf was an Alpha that surpassed Ulric.  Torulf took Ulric and made  him into the warrior he is now today. Ulric may not like vamps but will follow Torulf to the ends of the earth. He had put him back together giving him some thing to live for. Even now he still morns his lost lover.  She had promised him forever. Now until he was killed his forever was a curse. Every day he was without her.
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Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #127 on: October 04, 2010, 11:23:19 PM »

I'm assuming you'll be a Human then? If you can come up with a good subplot and character profile for him, then I may make an exception. The problem would be that if your character is the only Hunter amongst a vampire meeting (with wolves on the side) then he'd need something special to keep him alive for more than a minute. ^^;

Dark King:

The wolves in the Altare clan are pure-blooded wolves and thus would not be Turned at all. Being Turned only applies to the vampires in this game (if you're a Turned wolf, you're a mutt and would just be hunted down by the Grangel).

Also, have either of you taken a look at the actual game thread? Doing so should give you a better idea of what is expected and how the game runs. Chapter 1 is coming to a close and we would like to start off Chapter 2 with new members if possible.

Offline Xanatos

Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #128 on: October 05, 2010, 12:41:45 AM »
I am not Myobi so my opinion is not law, but playing a hunter would be a bad idea. I can't speak for the others, but I cannot imagine ANYONE tolerating the presence of one who kills their kind such as a hunter (Myobi's characters situation is an exception and one the character loathes). Xavier and the Brujah, undoubtedly (since Myobi never made mention of hunters to my knowledge and thus this is from my own interpretation) would make good sport out of killing the so called hunters. I know Xavier would love rending poor hapless humans who thought themselves man/woman enough too dare make an attempt an immortal's life.

Myobi, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't you make mention that Humans don't know of vamps/weres and that the only ones who do are strictly loyal to vamps/weres? I know, exceptions can be made; I too like exceptions.
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Offline Dark King

Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #129 on: October 05, 2010, 09:54:48 PM »
Edited my original post. i did Read it  but what i was saying was instead of being a bitten Were his father was a bitten Were. Making him a born wolf just not enough to change on his own. When he was bitten it made him say about 75% wolf enough to fool but not true pure blood. I was trying to make  a character that would help the plot. I didn't mind if he was discovered eventually and had to run or die. Sry if that didn't fly. I did edit my post though. once again I get carried away in story telling some times and seem to end up some where else :D

Offline Cassiopeia

Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #130 on: October 05, 2010, 11:23:37 PM »
It's no big deal, DK.  The only reason it didn't work is because we've very specifically made bitten Weres mindless, violent, primal creatures, that's why Gangrel (and Cara) hunts them, they barely qualify as sentient.  So it's less of a hatred for them being "lesser" than actual necessity to keep the populace safe from rampaging mutts. I like the character though ^_^

Offline LucianLuna

Re: Darkest Desires - Good enough to sink your teeth into...
« Reply #131 on: October 09, 2010, 09:12:05 PM »
Name: Lucian
age: 19
race: Human
appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes. 6', 120 pounds. Dragon tattoo no chest
personality: Shy and a little suspicious of people he doesn't know.
Biography:Lucian was adopted into the Luna family along with his twin brother when their parents were killed in a car crash. The adopted mother was always busy so their older brother raised them. Lucian lived at Luna mansion, but decided to go on the show to get away from the other two because of all the fighting they were doing.
He also wanted to get away from the town near by the mansion because he had caused to much trouble in the town and to many people were trying to get to him. He figured if he was away for awhile things would cool down in town.