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Author Topic: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)  (Read 43156 times)

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Re: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)
« Reply #225 on: February 27, 2012, 12:07:05 AM »

(5)World gone to shit- A little over a year ago, it happened. The infection hit and as far as we know? Everyone in the world caught it. All of those who carry it, display symptoms common to vampires. They cannot survive sunlight, hate both crosses and garlic and are a little harder than normal people to put down. They run rampant at nights, looking for any possible prey and turning on each other if need be. In this period of time, I've lived alone. In a heavily fortified home, where I've fought endlessly to survive. Believing myself to be the last person, and resigning myself to a lonely existence. Things however are thrown for a loop when you appear. You'd spent most of that time with a small group of survivors who constantly remained on the move and saw your numbers dwindled down. As it stands, for the last week or so? You've been on your own, and it hasn't been a good experience. You hide where you can at nights, and travel by daylight.

One day while out and checking on some damages? I encounter you, and naturally? You run upon seeing me, although I'm easily able to catch you and I bring you back to my place. Having gone a long time without seeing another unaffected person. After calming you down, and hearing your story. I reluctantly allow you to stay, reckoning that two people might make this situation more bearable than just myself. Even with something of a mutual attraction, change can be the scariest thing on the planet as I'd completely shut off that side of myself that would be interested in romance and even being social.
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Re: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)
« Reply #226 on: February 27, 2012, 09:14:12 AM »

(5)Popularity and what comes with it- You're quite possibly the most popular girl in our school. It is our senior year of Highschool and your boyfriend who was Captain of The Football Team cheated on you and the two of you broke up as a result. Valentine's Day is coming up and you feel awkward as you've never been single on the holiday. A group of your frenemies seem intent on not letting you live down the fact that you're single. In a bold display you insist that you've met someone new, and in a moment of panic you pick out a guy who is new to the school and say he's your boyfriend. He is greatly confused, and quite reluctant as he's very non-conformist and disdains your crowd. However the guy is attractive enough to get them off of your back about being single, however they insist that you and your new boyfriend come to this weekend retreat with them and he is highly resistant about the whole thing. However you convince him to play the part of your boyfriend for the time being, since you're hellbent on eventually becoming prom queen and know you can't do it solo. You strike a deal with him, and he eventually agrees to the terms. However in the midst of all this, you do find yourself actually growing attracted to him and he starts to feel the same in his own way.

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Re: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)
« Reply #227 on: February 28, 2012, 09:46:14 AM »

(5)So Many Scars- You're a young woman whose life is saved one day by a costumed vigilante. You wind up developing a very strong crush on him following this. The thing about the guy is, he's not hard to find. His identity was recently made public against his will, and though he continues to deny it? The damage is done. Anyone can find him if they wish, so this makes it easy for you to approach him. You can just go to his office, and after you muster the courage to do so? And to initially make your peace with what he does and what it entails? You go to his office and thank him, even inviting him out to a date which is a welcome surprise for him. The two of you hit it off pretty well, but being with him? It is a double edged sword.

The guy's good looking, has a great body, is somewhat well off, he's intelligent, and active in the community. However he has some exes who pop up in his life every now and then and are quite dangerous, he attracts danger and crazed people who are out to get him, and the law is torn between thanking him and wanting him turned in. The question is, can you weather all of that.

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Re: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)
« Reply #228 on: February 29, 2012, 09:47:18 AM »

(5)My Studies, Your Benefit- You're a curvy young woman who has always had an interest in human sexuality. Ever since getting out of High School, you've wanted to go on to become a sex educator even if you've been with more girls than guys because upon actually getting to know guys whom you might be interested in? You can see they are insecure, and narrow minded. Your younger sisters don't share this view however. Currently you're studying, as well as writing a frequent column and Q&A section for a website devoted to sex education. You were lucky enough to go to one of the schools that offers Human Sexuality as a major, and you're minoring in massage therapy. You're in excellent shape, you do kegel and you do as much studying as possible. If any guy were to become your boyfriend? He'd be the happiest man in the world essentially.

Your personality however can be off putting to guys. You're ill tempered, outspoken, and you have a sharp tongue. Most guys consider you to be like Kate from The Taming of The Shrew. Which is alright with you, because you don't want anything to do with boys playing at being men. Your sister's boyfriends and suitors absolutely despise you and the feeling is mutual. So they decide to do something about it, and they wind up hiring a guy to romance you to keep you off of their backs. Once they find someone who is willing to do it? He has to cross numerous hurdles, as you won't let up for a second and don't trust anyone. His patience and matching temperament wind up paying off however and you grow infatuated with him. When the two of you have sex? It is unreal, and he finds himself genuinely falling for you as you turn out to be by far the best girlfriend anyone could have ever imagined.

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(5)I Didn't Know Girls Like You Existed- She is a catch. There is no other way to put it. Very ambitious, very attractive, in great shape, intelligent and a huge geek. Cosplay, conventions, and collecting are her absolute passions but she's had problems meeting the sort of guy she always dreamt of. To that end, one of her friends convinces her to at least on the surface? Dial down her geekiness some, pass herself off as being more conventional and after that? She'd be able to attract any guy that she wanted. This winds up seemingly working, since she met a guy at school who seemed absolutely perfect. He took an interest in her, and yet he was living a lie as well. The guy gave off the impression of being suave, but really was anything but. He was nerdy, he was fairly quiet, and somewhat shy. He wound up picking her up by reading up religiously on how to flirt with and talk to women. Both of them are extremely nervous to invite the other to their house, but he winds up biting the bullet and doing it eventually. Going to great lengths to hide all of his geeky crap. Unfortunately, she winds up finding a loose item and after this? Both parties learn a lot about each other, and decide that maybe it is time to start being themselves.

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(5)One Hell Of A Birthday- It is the end of senior year, before everyone will graduate and either go on to college or whatever the case might be. We both come from completely different social circles. You're the most popular girl in school, you get good grades and all of the guys would pretty much give up a testicle to get in your pants. While I'm far less popular, known as that kid who does MMA and despite being attractive myself? I don't fit in with the popular kids. My friends wind up throwing me a birthday party that turns out to be huge and an absolute success, with loads of people in attendance. Despite usually dating college guys? You find yourself growing more drawn to me throughout the night. We were never really in each other's circles to get to know each other. But throughout the night, and after a good deal of drinking and flirting with me? You really start to wonder what it'd be like to make it with me, and after I beat the crap out of a guy who is being a disrespectful jerk to my house and throw him out? That confirms it for you.

You take me up to my room where the two of us do body shots and you present yourself to my utter disbelief as my birthday present. We share a night of passion the likes of which you never expected nor experienced. It is completely mind blowing, but stupid as all hell since neither of us use protection. Despite having enjoyed yourself, the following day and the next few weeks or so? You avoid contact with me, because despite me being an attractive sort of guy? That was slumming for you. Later in the summer, you start to get sick and go to the clinic where you find out you're pregnant. You instantly know who the father is and realize your life is going to change. You show up at his door step to his surprise, as he had never expected to see you again with you avoiding him in the like. In tears, you reveal you're carrying his baby and now both of you must figure out what to do. You know guys, and expect him to bail. You are not getting rid of the kid though, not believing in that sort of thing. It is your turn to be surprised however when he reveals that despite not really liking a kid? He's going to be there for you and the kid. He works on getting the two of you a place together, which surprises everyone including your parents that not only is the perfect girl pregnant but who she is with.

The relationship however is a very rocky one. Outside of a mutual attraction and having enjoyed sex in the past, you two have nothing in common. You refuse to let him get anymore nookie, and go out on dates with guys that are more traditionally your type. Even if you don't sleep with them. This naturally pisses him off, but you two are different in personality and you grow angry with how much time he spends on his MMA. However he proves to be resourceful and he is able to get you guys into a place.

(5)A Brotha's Dream- You're a very curvy young woman who has always been self conscious in regards to her build. It hasn't helped that the guys you've dated aren't the best representations of men. You like to be wined and dined, and it seems that guys don't know how to be romantic anymore. You figure that if a guy had the class to do that, and to really make you feel sexy and appreciated? You'd absolutely blow his mind, since you're a very sexual person. A friend of yours is holding a very small get together, and she says that she has a guy in mind for you that will absolutely love you. You've always preferred guys with muscles and who are more heavily built as you're not tiny and you need a guy who feels like a man to you. You're thrown for a loop when her guy friend? Is a black guy, and this leaves you somewhat uncomfortable. You're not a racist, but you've never been with someone who isn't white and yet? You do find him attractive, even if he is something new. You just grew up in an all white area and have had limited exposure.

The two of you wind up hitting it off, and he hits all of the perfect beats. Your concerns shift towards the off chance that if the two of you slept together, would it be true what they say about black men? You agree to go out on a date with him later in the week, and the date goes very well with you even allowing him to come up. You find yourself wined and dined, and although you come very close to sleeping with him? You relent at the last second not wanting to be seen as being easy or a slut. He accepts this reasonably, but does convince you to allow him to get you off which he does. Not even insisting that you return the favor. This turns out to drive you crazy, and you plan the third date of sorts. One where you plan on absolutely fucking his brains out.
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(5)Vermilion- One thing you never could have seen yourself doing, is giving yourself to a man completely. You've always prided yourself on having control in your life, manipulating people and getting them to go to unrealistic places in an attempt to gain your favor. However the current guy you're seeing? He's been gradually changing that. You're unable to find what it is exactly, but you're quickly growing addicted to him to a dangerous point and the list of things that you deny him quickly starts to shrinken despite his highly dominant personality. You flirt between the line of hating the effect he has on you and rebelling, and loving the feeling of giving yourself to someone completely and wanting to ensure he's satisfied. In a relationship like this, you have to wonder if there is such a thing as going too far.

(5)Worlds On Fire- In a Mass Effect styled setting, you're the captain of a ship that is on a mission of the utmost importance. You're known as being tough, if somewhat unconventional. You dislike politicians, and the feeling is mutual. However you succeed in misisons, so they're unable to do too much in regards to you. During the course of this mission, your superiors have paid the expenses for a highly infamous mercenary to join you. He has information and skills that can prove useful, but you absolutely don't like him. Having always been a part of the armed forces, while he is far more selfish and amoral. The hostility between the two of you starts to fade however as you discover more about each other. He proves to be a useful and trustworthy person, and when the mission's importance becomes more pronounced? He starts to take it more seriously. Against all odds, you find yourself letting your guard down around him and this leads to a utterly terrifying relationship between the two of you that you strive to keep quiet.

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(5)Break You Out Your Shell- Throughout your life, you've always been somewhat repressed and deprived of actual intimacy. You're not a virgin, but the times you've had sex in the past? It has been pretty mechanical and never really focused on you finding enjoyment in it. Your exes have been pretty selfish and it is a lot to stomach. To that end, you're somewhat shy and you don't really like to date too much. Despite that, you're very good natured and generally an upbeat sort of person. You've recently started talking to a guy in one of your classes, and so far the two of you have hit it off nicely. He's a bit different from you, in that he's fairly pessimistic and generally doesn't seem to like people. A lot of his time is spent on different forms of expression, and as you get to know him? You realize he's suffering from depression, and yet that doesn't really translate into mood swings or negatively affecting you. He mostly deals with it, and keeps it private. When you have sex with him, it is your first real taste of intimacy and you find it is something that you definitely enjoy which translates in you being more open and bold with him, and you turn out to be a source of levity for a man who otherwise wouldn't be able to find it.

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(5)There Is No Armor- (This setting is based somewhat off of Marvel's Universe)
Hard to approach is one way to put you. You are after all the perfect woman. You were genetically engineered by your brilliant scientist of a father. Highly intelligent, strong willed and capable, fit and able to defend yourself easily, not to mention you were genetically modified to have several traits that would be found to be attractive in women. All in all, you're absolute perfection and you couldn't possibly be more lonely. You either intimidate people, and are aware that men will only see you for your body and not who you really are. This has left you with something of a "prickly" demeanor and a deep dislike of your father. You've spent your adult life working for a counter intelligence agency where you are one of their top agents. Currently your agency is facing its' biggest threat yet. A number of organizations that are top ranking threats to the world have seemingly united under one flag, and your agency was left unprepared for this. Your superior who has become like something of a father to you tasks you with freeing someone with a unique gift who could be useful to the cause.

The person in question is a violence adept, and possesses the ability of excelling at violence as a result. He constantly evolves, adapts and learns as he's in violent situations. He also is imprisoned by his own choice in a heavily fortified prison. At first the guy doesn't want to go with you, but when the prison is assaulted in an effort to kill him? He quickly springs to action, and agrees to go with you. The two of you are to work to dismantle this organization, and to find what you can and act accordingly. You were aware of him before accepting the mission to free him, having found him somewhat fascinating. Initially that is where it ended, but as you two get to know each other and you find out just how deeply violence affects him and how he's just as lonely as you are? Your armor slowly starts to peel away as he respects all aspects of you, isn't intimidated by you and treats you like an actual person.

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(5)Something's Not Right- Senior year can be full of changes for everyone. You're an aspiring journalist who has a keen eye for stories, and who strives for justice. That is something you take seriously, and something that annoys you to no ends about your boyfriend. He can be quite the bully, and delights in treating others like dirt. At times, you don't know why you're with him. You have been for awhile, and his family with their connections? Can ensure that you can go wherever you like for college. Your home life isn't all that great, so it is always good to be able to spend time where you're appreciated. Still, you want more. You wind up finding a kindred spirit of sorts.
There is a new guy at school, one who catches your eye. He comes off a certain way, but you with your keen insight and all? Suspect there is more to him. You unknowingly are right, he spends his nights running across rooftops in the city in a costume beating criminals to a bloody pulp. He frequently comes to school with bruises and minor injuries and pases it off as mma training. You become fixated with this unknown vigilante when he saves your life one night. However the city must contend with an increasing amount of violence that is tied to a new player on the scene. One who because of your boyfriend's family connections? Has his eye on you as well as this new vigilante.

(5)Power Couple- Superpowered beings on both sides of the law? Aren't uncommon. People are aware of criminals with powers and the heroes who work to stop them and to save the world. You happen to be one of these people, and have been a hero since Highschool. You previously were part of a teenaged superhero team but eventually gave the costumed bit up because your boyfriend who was also a superhero? Was an asshole who cheated on you with one of your teammates. You have a pretty nifty set of powers, and decided that your powers would be better served lending aid in a third world country and providing relief, and food where you could. Despite the sour memories of your ex, there was one bright spot about your time in costume a couple years ago.

You were friends with another young hero. One who operated solo, but who was very powerful and who frequently finds himself in very harsh and ugly battles for the fate of the planet. There generally isn't a lot of heroes around who have his level of strength and durability, which serves him well. The two of you actually went to school together, and you were attracted to him but dating your ex at the time which he was painfully aware of as he liked you. However the two of you haven't talked in awhile because of an incident in where he got into a knockdown drag out brawl that leveled an entire city almost with a powerful alien. He managed to put him down, but went into a coma himself. He was taken off planet, and studied but awoke and has managed to return to earth. When the two of you cross paths, you're now young adults and he finds himself as the most powerful hero on earth for all intents and purposes.

You two had a lot of history together, good and bad. When he comes back though? It is a chance for the two of you to see what would happen if you were together and it isn't anyone's surprise that the two of you are perfect for each other. The only things that suck is him being the biggest hero on the planet now, which means he is responsible for it when nobody else is. That isn't even the worst of it, the worst of it would be the discovery that he is half human and that his people who share his abilities? Aren't as benevolent as he is.

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(5)Our Choices Are Slim-The country is overrun with the dead, and at this point? Zombies outnumber the living. You're staying in a very small community with a group of survivors, several of which you're related to. You're a fairly young woman, definitely attractive and desired after by several guys. The problem is? Even if you lower your standards which you have to do? The guys are either related to you, too old, or sickly. The relatively young guys in your group? Are all older than you, in their 30's or early 40's and married or the like. This however changes when you come across a wandering man while you're out looking for supplies. He's relatively close to your age range, and very capable which could make him an asset to the community. There's a shortage of strong guys who are capable of heavy lifting and the like. You can tell that social interaction is something he hasn't really known in awhile. He has that whole strong, quiet thing going although he's definitely somewhat interesting.

The two of you start to spend a fair amount of time together, as he pulls his weight. At your request, he starts to teach you self defense. Circumstances arise, and you pose the idea of having sex together to him which takes him by surprise. Your logic is quite sound, both of you are fairly strapped for choices. Sex is something you know you miss, and you're sure he misses it. Plus during the conversation that led to this? He mentioned being lonesome, and you are quite lonesome. The sex is awesome, but shortly after? Even if you try to blow it off as a casual thing? You find yourself starting to develop real feelings even as he remains wary of the group and closed off from them.

(5)The Big Payback- For as long as I can remember? You've been a source of torment for me. Whether it was you being horrible to everyone in High School, to you eventually becoming my boss and lording your position over me. Naturally, that came with a large amount of resentment. Resentment that I'd eventually be able to act out on, when some juicy information came into my hands. You see you're married, but your husband isn't aware of a lot of what you get up to. Even if you're my boss? He's still the one that owns the company, and knowing the kind of guy he is? If he found out the truth about certain things, there'd be a divorce and he might even have you arrested as he wouldn't want to be humilated by your actions. Revealing this information towards you, I make it clear that I want a raise and that I'm the one in control. Just to drive that point home? I force myself on you in your office. After this? You find yourself frequently called upon to satisfy my urges, and it is clear that I delight in my treatment of you and the dominance I'm able to assert. The part that sickens you beyond how I treat you, is that you start to find yourself enjoying it. You and your husband aren't really intimate, and he's so busy that you spend more time apart from each other then with as he's based out of another country.
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(5)Lonely Road- You know how people joke about the impending zombie apocalypse? Well it happened, and people have become walking happy meals. It hasn't been overly long, though it has been long enough for society to collapse and people to lose their minds. So an area of 8 months or so. You were living in a small community, but that community was overrun due to incompetence and you were forced to flee. You stayed with your family, but they eventually got whittled off one by one. Until you eventually encountered him. When it seemed certain you were going to die, he was able to save your life and get you out of there. You were able to tell he'd been alone for awhile, and you knew you wouldn't be able to survive by yourself so you made him an offer. He was highly adept when it came to survival. Able to make hard choices without a moment's notice, a natural killer with excellent combat skills and a very perceptive and strategic mind. All in all, he was the sort of person who could survive in this world. You could offer him companionship though, which was something he lacked. The two of you then despite knowing nothing of each other, and even having qualities the other disliked? Began a relationship of using one another. Both of you were alright with this. You needed protection, and he needed companionship. It was a mutually beneficial relationship, but it sadly wound up turning into something that approached the real thing as both parties developed feelings in their own way for the other. In a world like this, that can be both a strength and a weakness.

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(5)Is that mine or yours?- You're the absolute hottest piece of trim on campus. That is putting it lightly. Utterly gorgeous, with an amazing rack and unbelievable ass, you work out frequently and have hair that other chicks would kill for. Your attractiveness doesn't just stop at the physical. You're a good student, you have an infectious smile, and to those whom your friends with? You're a genuinely good friend. The problem is that despite all your positive traits? You're not the nicest girl on the planet. You're used to being the Queen Bee. You enjoy it, and anyone who challenges your rule? Is taken care of rather smoothly. The other thing that is contrary about you? You don't date, like at all. You're someone who is attractive to the point where it has made you insecure. Any guy who gets with you? Is obviously going to be going after one thing and isn't going to really see you or treat you the way you want to be treated. Naturally this is a touchy subject for you. At the very most, you'll go out on a date with a guy and won't go to his place or your place for the sake of appearances. Not to mention you can intimidate people with your temper.

A guy who is something of a social outcast has his eye on you. He's an outcast by choice, and utterly dislikes what he deems fake people. He is antisocial, just as ill-tempered as you are and refuses to conform. He's a loner and perfectly fine with it. To your displeasure, you're paired with him on a project which requires the two of you to spend a good deal of time together. You absolutely won't let him go to your place, so you don't really think and go to his place where he lives free of parental supervision. The work between the two of you takes on a snarky turn, and to your surprise? He decides to give you the spanking he feels you never got as a kid. That'd be shocking enough, but the time he spends to freely admire you afterwords? Is even more shocking and outright offensive, and when he catches on how self counscious you are about your appearance? He merely advises you to let people see the real you. After that, he lets you go about your way.

You find yourself thinking about him a lot, how he's got more balls than any guy you've ever met and about how despite his spanking you and the attention paid to your appearance? It was somewhat respectful and tasteful in a fucked up way. This begins an awkward flirtation between the two of you that floats between love and hate that eventually turns sexual. Once it does? That is when things go to hell, because he's actually your first and you find yourself immensely connected to him even if you still want to maintain your social status and don't let on that you're dating him. Other than you indirectly being ashamed of being with him? The biggest problem in your new prospective relationship is that both of you are ill-tempered and neither party really wants to be submissive in this relationship.

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(5)The Bride To Be- (Obviously somewhat influenced by Game Of Thrones) You're a young princess, one who resides in a kingdom that has seen better days. Your father is not the warrior he once was, and your kingdom is doing its' best to fight a war on multiple fronts. Your father is not a kind or subtle man, and has doted on your brothers more than you. Planning on eventually marrying you off to increase his own power. That chance comes when he decides to try to enlist the aid of a nation of brutal and fearsome warriors. Offering your hand in marriage for the aid of their leader, a deal is struck and you're forced into a marriage that you're not prepared for. Not even meeting your husband until your wedding day.

Upon meeting him you're definitely thrown for a loop. The king is actually fairly young. A few years older than you at best, or he at least looks that way. He is also more attractive than what you had anticipated. However there are some cultural differences which you're somewhat dismayed to discover after your wedding when he takes your virginity. You've always been on the meek side, and submissive by nature. Even though your new husband is taken by your beauty, he is somewhat disappointed in how malleable you are. As his people are warriors. But your time with him, among his people and even speaking to the women of the kingdom proves to work out to your benefit. You gain confidence, pride and truly feel as if you've found a home. Surprising your husband even with your newfound aggression as you force relations with him when he returns from a short conflict. He comes to see you as his equal and you partake in the rights to truly be one of them. However you'll discover that being a queen to such a nation brings its' own set of problems, especially as your ambition begins to exceed that of your husbands.

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(5)To The Victor- You're a young woman who has spent a good deal of her life being trained to essentially be a companion despite technically being a virgin. You know several ways to please a man, and have always fantasized about belonging to a king of some sort. Your wildest dreams wind up coming true, although not in the way you're expected. Your virginity was going to be used as a bargaining tool between the village you live in and a nearby kingdom for security. However both are laid waste to by a superior army. The army in question is always on the move and always claiming what they conquer. You are seen as the crown jewel, amongst many beautiful young women in similar positions. The leader of these men however slays an underling as he desires you for himself. You find yourself becoming the king's concubine, and despite being married for political reasons? Turns to you for all of his desires, and the relationship flirts the line between tolerable and hostile between the two of you quite frequently as he will not accept no for an answer and is far rougher with you than what you'd like. Not to mention the way they live? Is a lot harsher and more rugged.
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(5)Headlines- She was a talented and beautiful young french actress who was highly acclaimed in her own country and well on her way to doing so in Hollywood as well. She's viewed as a sex symbol and is highly sought after by suitors and the tabloids. In comparison to the femme fatales she usually plays, she actually considers herself somewhat nerdy. She's fairly introverted and absolutely loves acting but she doesn't enjoy being a celebrity. A lot of people are surprised that she is single, as she could easily have any man she wants. She wants a very particular type though and doesn't believe in wasting her time dating just to date. Preferring staying in and reading with wine as opposed to the club scene.

Her latest project is her absolute biggest commitment ever. It'll require a lot of time and work to finish but is one of the most anticipated franchises ever. Akin to The Lord Of The Rings, this trilogy which is being shot at the same time is an adaptation of a work with an absolutely huge following. She has managed to land the lead female role, and after this trilogy is finished? She'll be able to get any role she could possibly ever want without having to fear being typecasted again. One of the lead males is someone who she has known of somewhat for awhile now. He was a musician who made the shift to acting while still putting out music, he is striving to be taken seriously as an actor and has done some good work thus far. This movie will make his career, and he's beyond stoked. She's familiar with him through his music, and is somewhat curious regarding him. The characters are supposed to be part of a love triangle in the film, and so she decides to get to know him and to spend time with him to increase their chemistry. The project is a very one, and requires all of the actors to go through an intensive boot camp like experience. With the two of them getting it possibly the worst, the two rely on each other for support.

What they didn't expect from this project however was meeting someone from a completely different world who is like the other in enough ways to cause both attraction and arguements in certain regards.

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Your idea for To The Victor really struck my interests... I just wish I could have seen the picture that went along with it. I'd be quite interested in playing that out if it's still left available. :)

I know I sent you a PM too... I've just had a few messages that didn't go through when I was arranging a RP with somebody else so I wanted to be sure that you knew I was interested in your wonderful ideas. :)
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(5)A Hard Lesson- Revenge is all that was on her mind. She is a part of a very noble and wealthy family. Raised in a castle and used to getting her way. Before everything happened she was an oddity amongst her family. More interested in fighting, and warfare despite her beautiful looks. She was to eventually marry a lord or a knight even if she found that sort of life distasteful. However things didn't go the way she planned it. Her family was amongst several others who found themselves betrayed by the new and psychopathic king. Any family that could pose a threat was dealt with, and now what remains of her family is split apart and desperately trying to fight back against the king's rule. She escaped with the help of rebels and has done her best to evade him at every turn as she knows he greatly desires her. The rebels bring her to their base of operations, where many people who are oppressed by the king's rule and the like have been fighting against a superior force. The man who leads them is considered to be a god.

Gods do exist, although they're not omnipotent. They can be killed, just they're notoriously hard to kill. They can do things that other people can't and are very long lived. This one in particular's domain is war, although he is very complex. He's been alive for a long time and at one point was apparently a brutal butcher who delighted in slaughter. Now he's more quiet, reserved and contemplative which stands at odds with his legend. He's currently their leader for his own reasons, and it is because of him that they've been able to hold their own against a superior army. For the most part, the women who are a part of this faction operate in a more domestic capacity. She cannot bring yourself to do this, and asks to be trained so that she can stand and fight. Eventually she's able to convince him and discovers for herself just how brutal of a teacher he is. In the midst of all this, she learns a lot about herself and the two even develop a relationship of sorts. However it seems he's only able to give so much of himself to her which is something that begins to become unbearable for her as she's deeply in love with him by this point.

(5)A New Arrangement- You're a young and exceptionally beautiful young prostitute who also has a keen mind. This living is not to your liking, but if it is any comfort? You at least entertain royalty and men of regard at the very least. You crave more though. You crave position and adventure, and to get out of this way of life. Your chance comes when a man enters the brothel you call home. He's one you recognize. A recently freed gladiator of some renown. His way of life typically consists of drinking, fighting and screwing. You see him as a possible ticket out of there and decide to give it your all. Completely blowing him away not only with the sex, but how apt of a conversationalist you are and the other capabilities you possess you spring on the idea of him possibly purchasing you from the brothel and you accompanying him on his travels to fight in different arenas across the republic. Although initially wary and reluctant, he consents when you remind him that he'd never have to frequent a brothel again as you could easily service him in that regard. What he hadn't expected however was for you to be such a handful to have to deal with.

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(5)What You Won't Do?- You knew what you were getting into before dating him, at least to a degree. He was nerdy, you knew it since he'd read comics and the like and you were totally cool with that. It is somewhat endearing, and you managed to have him wrapped around your finger back before other girls wanted him. You two have known each other for years, and practically grew up best friends. You were each other's first kisses and lived next door to one another. However things wound up changing around middle school/high school. You developed into a beautiful young woman, and all the guys in the school were chasing after you for the most part. Naturally you got caught up with the attention and you two drifted apart some as he was in his ugly duckling phase still. After graduation he left the country for awhile, and you wound up having some regrets. The guys you dated didn't treat you like a person, they weren't exciting and they weren't him. He had never stopped caring about you, and years later upon returning stateside? You find that he's finally become a man outwardly as well as inwardly. He's big for starters, which is funny because he had been somewhat small in High school which led to a lot of guys trying to pick on him. Now he fights, does security and has girls giving him the sort of attention you're used to. Yet the torch he carries for you, never burned out. The two of you wind up trying out a relationship, and you find yourself quickly falling for him. However despite his looks, despite his build, despite the fact that he fights and bosses people around for a living? He's still the same shy and awkward boy he always was. He convinces you to go to cons with him, and to dress up in costume and do all manner of nerdy things that you wouldn't normally do. While you force him to go to clubs with you, and to partake in the activities he's too reserved and shy to get into. The one thing you hadn't counted on, was you turning into the jealous one in these situations however.

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(5)Smash?- She was complicated, and for all intents and purposes? She was essentially two different people. Her other personality would develop due to the circumstances of her life. She grew up very shy, and was raised by a single father who was controlling, overprotective and judgmental. This would obviously lead to a great deal of repression. She didn't get to date a lot growing up and hid a fair bit of resentment. Despite that, the girl was at the very least very sweet and very considerate of others. Upon growing up, and getting out on her own however? Something happened, that she just couldn't explain.

When extremely excited, angry, or afraid? She changed into a completely different person. One whom is far more independent, less repressed, aggressive and aspects of her other personality that she might not consider tasteful were in turn repressed. Her other self looks different, although she's still attractive in both forms. She just changes from what would be considered sweet to sexy. In her more sultry form however, she loses a good deal of her sweetness and while she deeply values affection and closeness with people? She'd rarely admit it. The other thing about this new form? Is it gives her super strength, durability and attributes. So naturally she'd become something of a hero.

She winds up eventually meeting a guy, who discovers both of her personalities. He's also powered, and could be considered a hero although he's a little more self serving in that regard. The relationship itself is a complicated one as he's a fan of both of her personalities, but prefers things that are unique to each one. So how is she going to reach a compromise?

(The female character is definitely based on She-Hulk. She doesn't have to be green or anything though lol.)

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(5)Red Lagoon- The two of us become stranded on an island, and we're forced to rely on each other to survive the ordeal and to either escape or to continue living. There's a problem with that theory however. We absolutely despise one another. You were supposed to be handing me over, since you were part of a joint operation for the CIA that was taking down a supposedly rogue agent. Despite capturing me, you lost several friends including your boyfriend in the attempt. The plane winds up crashing due to one of the agents who was actually corrupt wanting me dead so the information I had couldn't be leaked. In the struggle, the pilot was shot and the plane landed on an unknown island. We were the only two survivors in the crash.

You strongly believe in justice and won't let me die despite what I've done, wanting to turn me over to your superiors. However you don't initially give me freedom either. Keeping me locked up as you try to fend for the two of us. However you're more than aware that in environments like this? I just flat out have more experience than you and reluctantly you let me go so that survival will be easier. The two of us reluctantly work together, although there's still a lot of hostility. The more time you spend around me though, the more you wonder if the reports were true and why I went rogue. We discover a number of things on the island. Including that we're not exactly alone, how bad your agency wants me dead, a cache on the plane, and that two people who hate each other when forced to rely on each other long enough and spend that much time around one another? They eventually get lonely.

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(5)Give Me One Good Reason Not To Kill You- You're a young heroine with a great deal of darkness to her. You operate out of a very large and corrupt city as a vigilante and carry out your brand of justice with the utmost seriousness. You can be fairly brutal at times, though you make a habit of not killing criminals. Feeling that they should answer for their crimes. In your alternate identity, you're a wealthy young woman who is in the public eye and whom none would assume to be a vigilante. You've had your share of weird dealings in regards to others, but one in particular is a very sour spot for you. You have a lust/hate relationship with another person who wears costumes. Only this one is a great deal more amoral in comparison to you. He's also military whereas you're more of a martial artist/investigator, however he's notably one of the few people who can fight you to a draw. He can fight on the side of angels, but is also a mercenary whom is only really loyal to himself.

You've never trusted him, and he's never trusted you all that much. However both of you are very strongly attracted to each other. You're both somewhat similar to one another in regards to personality, and you're both damaged goods. There are a few incidents that took place between the two of you, one in particular where he betrayed your trust. Since then? Whenever he's in town you're none too happy. In the midst of a mystery involving several criminals that has really pushed you, he comes into town and after the two of you get in a fight with some particularly nasty rogues of yours? He gets shot from an almost impossible distance, with a high calibur bullet. You reluctantly bring him to your personal doctor, and due to his fast healing ability? He'll be back to his full capabilities in under a day. However when he awakens? He is greeted by a none too happy you who wants to know what the hell he's doing in your city. This turns into a violent little skirmish between the two of you, which turns even uglier after he forcibly kisses you. This proves to be the beginning of something dangerous between you two.

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(5)Thinking Like A Man- You're a naturally shy and somewhat reserved young woman who recently hooked up with a young gentleman who aspires to be a musician and has had a lot of success locally. Initially you met him at school, and it seemed that out of all of the people in the class? He had singled you out and made it his mission to talk to you. He was a lot more forward and confident in comparison to a lot of guys, but there was genuine sweetness to him and he didn't come off as fake as a lot of guys usually do in your presence. Who can blame them? You're a smart and pretty young woman, plus the shyness can be a bit on the endearing side. The two of you spend a lot of time together, and you're genuinely happy with him. Even if you're quite nervous because you're a virgin, and you know he's somewhat experienced in that regard. The sour spot about his choice in career however is the unwanted female attention it brings towards him, and to someone who has been considered adorable their whole life as opposed to sexy? That could definitely be problematic.

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(5)No Meaning Yes- You're a highly skilled and dangerous assassin who has a number of things going for her. Your father is the head of a very large and secret organization of ninja who have their hands in many criminal organizations and specialize in assassinations. You're quite beautiful and easily able to use your looks to your advantage. You've been trained by the best in your trade, and you have abilities. However there's one man you've been studying intently, and you find yourself quite taken with him from afar. You have talked to your father who has longed wish for you to take a husband and to sire an heir. The man he has in mind is quite possibly the most dangerous assassin on the planet earth. A man who never fails his assignments, has no morals whatsoever, and is a sadist who kills for the fun of it.

The man you have your eye on is completely different. He's one of the most dangerous people on the planet, but he uses his skills and abilities to try to defend the innocent and to fight crime. The two of you have a past together. When you were very young, he trained alongside you for a short time before changing masters. He'd been bred to be the perfect killer his life, but rebelled against that training. His determination, will power and inherent nature are traits you find admirable. However you're under no circumstances willing to take a no from him, especially when it comes out that he is very much attracted to you and somewhat shaken by the feelings he has towards you.

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(5)You Did This To Me, Time To Pay- You're more troubled than most superheroines. Having been experimented on birth by your father who worked as a scientist for a criminal organization. You were brought up in this organization and initially believed them to be the good guys. Your eyes were eventually opened however and you opposed everything that they stood for. In an effort to make up for this past that was beyond your control? You dedicated your life to helping others. The problem is that you're prone to bouts of depression, people in the community know of your past ties, and you are your own worst critic. In your eyes? You're not really a hero, and you don't have that defining aha moment that people can attribute to you. A lot of your peers feel otherwise, and they're inspired by the fact that you turned your life around completely.

You were dateless for awhile, having a hard time meeting guys which is surprising because you're a stone cold fox. You have trust issues though, and are scared to let people in. One of your best friends who is also a hero has tried to set you up, but to no avail. It seemed this was the routine until you met him. He was different than other people in your community. Darker was definitely a word, and he also seemed to dance on both sides of the law when it suited his needs. While the two of you started out as enemies, you gradually became more and in the course of all that? He decided to try his hand at truly becoming one of the good guys and it worked, even if he isn't a complete white hat.

During all of this, it was dangerous and exciting but you two never really dated. Mostly having flings, as you insisted you wanted to try dating a "good" guy. Until you started getting sick and came to a realization. You were carrying his child. You were afraid to tell him, and afraid to tell the current guy you were with. But it came out and you reveal to him he's definitely the father and you want to keep it. He is actually quite pleased with this, and the two of you move in together. This would normally be a happy ending, however there is a problem. The two of you never really dated in the first place. It was mostly physical, and now? You have to fill in the blanks and see if you can work as parents in your crazy world.

(5)Can't Forget You- Back in Highschool, you were something of an ugly duckling. Generally unremarkable and seen as unattractive. It wasn't a good time for you, and your classmates were pretty cruel. Especially since you spent a part of it in a coma due to a car crash. There was one guy you had always had eyes on, and had the biggest crush on. He was an athlete, but a lot more thoughtful and mature in comparison to the rest of his teammates. He actually treated you like a person and wasn't out to make you feel miserable. His girlfriend who was a popular cheerleader on the other hand? Was the biggest instigator of the hell you went through.

That was then, and now? You're absolutely gorgeous and have turned into a beautiful swan. You're far more confident, and you are secure with who you are. You've discovered you're a fan of intimacy, even if you can't really get it that often because the guys you've dated? They fuck, they aren't intimate or romantic about it. You'd left town, and gotten to do a lot and to see a lot. You're currently working as a publicist and when you return home for the first time in years? You're surprised by what you find. For starters your old nemesis? Nowhere near as hot as she used to be, and she had a kid with the guy you'd always had feelings for. After an ugly battle for custody which he wound up winning? She'd really let herself go, and the single father? He was doing what he could to support his kid. Working mostly in security, but also fighting on the side. You go to see him, and though you don't know much about fighting? One of the guys who works for you and is a fight fan, notes the guy is a talent and might be worth promoting.

The two of you catch up, and you reveal your feelings towards him which throw him for a loop. You talk to him about the possibility of actually fighting for a career as you remember it was something he was passionate about and though unsure initially? You're able to get him onboard. The guy you're seeing currently? Isn't happy that you're spending so much time with this guy you've talked about quite a bit. Especially as sparks seem to develop between you and him.

(5)There's Something About You- The most popular girl in school, falling for an offbeat guy. It only happens in movies right? Well not in this case. You're popular, very much so. You enjoy being popular and you like that the guys are interested in you and the girls either want to be your friends or they hate you. Yet you also don't like how full of it everyone you know is. You want to be seen as a real person, and not some sort of idol or whatever the case may be. To that end you're into a lot of different things that step outside of the conformity of your circle. For instance, you're into really heavy music. To that end, you and a few friends go slumming so to speak. Going to a really rowdy and notorious spot for a show.

There's a guy you go to school with who isn't popular in the least. Mostly because he's extremely antisocial. He doesn't like people, and he doesn't hide that fact. He's actually very cute, but he doesn't play on the sports teams and he is somewhat on the violent side. Having gotten into altercations with several of the more popular guys at school. He's something of a loner and doesn't really associate with anyone at school. Though he's known to hang out with older people, and his sort of crowd? Is at that show you and your friends go to.

You're surprised to see him there, and even more surprised when after a group of assholes get into it with your friends and a fight breaks out? He steps in and defends you. Getting plenty scraped up in the melee even though he wins. You were for the most part abandoned by everyone else, even the guy who was supposedly into you. You are definitely curious about your knight in not so shining armor and invite him back to your place since your parents are out of town. No, not for that. But to clean him up and make sure nothing gets infected. The two of you talk some, and despite never having spent a lot of time around him? He is definitely something of a surprise. Quiet, speaking only when he really needs to but he's obviously very, very intelligent and exeptionally well built. You surprise yourself by kissing him that night before he leaves.

After that night? He becomes something of a minor obsession. Your crush for him develops more and more even if you know that dating him would be social suicide. You visit him the next day at his home with breakfast which surprises the living hell out of him. You work in the office at school during your free period and were able to get his address that day. He reluctantly lets you in, and you discover he doesn't live with his parents. Over the next few weeks you find excuses to spent time with you, and over that period of time? He slowly starts to open up a little more, and even grows somewhat attached to you in his offbeat sort of way. He's different to say the least from anyone you ever met. Very antisocial, but very loyal and caring to the people that matter to him. He doesn't believe in relationships, usually chasing sleazy one night stands with girls who look nothing like you. In spite of himself, the two of you find yourselves dating privately without ever really coming out and saying it. The big surprise here is that he is capable of being very affectionate and very tender with you, though he won't talk too much about his past. This is for good reason because it is quite dark and not as dead as he'd like to believe.

(5)What's Bothering You- Dancing was never a top choice for you, in fact you actually hate it. A single mother has to do what she has to do though. Especially when her ex is in prison, and is a scumbag either way. You're quite lonely, and you refuse to have sex with your customers or to ge to know them because it just feels wrong. You're not the only one who is lonely though. Your new neighbor is a pretty lonely guy as well. He's very quiet, and you two only really see each other in passing. However an odd chemistry develops between the two of you, especially after a stalker from the club follows you home and makes a scene at your door. He handily takes care of the situation, and you ask him to join you and your son for dinner which he accepts.

Despite not knowing what you do, he shows up at your club one night which is initially awkward. But he doesn't make a thing about it, and isn't phased. Remaining respectful, and even telling you that you don't have to remove your clothes when he gets a dance from you. He seems like the perfect guy in his own little way, and when the two of you start dating? Both of you are able to cure those lonely feelings. Yet there are some things you could stand to know, like how he shoots people in the face for a living.
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