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Author Topic: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)  (Read 43139 times)

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(5)Spicing Up Your Love Life- You're the gorgeous young trophy wife of an older man. One thing he prides regarding you is your exceptionally large ass. You have an interest in spicing up your almost nonexistent love life by possibly seeing other men with his consent it is an idea he is absolutely against. So you turn to the internet, where you engage in cyber sex and erotic roleplays. One guy in particular really gets to you and when you get on messenger with him, you always have to struggle to type because your other hand is kept busy. However your husband discovers this, and he informs you one night he invited the guy over. He won't be interfering in what happens, and that he'll be back the following day as he was assured things won't get too out of hand. He makes it clear that you're to go through with this if you don't want a divorce which puts you in a sticky situation as he's the breadwinner in the house. The guy eventually arrives, and isn't at all what you expected. He's dominant, strict and he makes it clear that he plans on taking your anal virginity and that your bes tbet to make it through the night would be to obey him.

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Do you stick to modern day story lines that are sex based or do you also like fantasy, story based with realism in them?  Check my req. thread and let me know.  Also you can look into some of my writing.  I am a collaborative writer, not a strict RPer...

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(5)She Can't Be Human- I'm a successful & attractive young man who frequents Gentlemen's Club. My reason for doing so aside from the obvious is to hook up with dancers. Frequently sleeping around with them. I know the in's and out's of the industry and all the tricks. However upon going to one of the Clubs in the area I'm less familiar with? I run smack dab into a new dancer who blows my breath away. You're the newest addition to the roster at the club, and one they're excited about. Your face is impossibly gorgeous, you have a large natural bust, a slim waist and flat stomach along with rounded hips and a very large ass. Not to mention that you also have sex appeal, intelligence and you're an excellent conversationalist with goals and an actual personality. You're what dancers wish they could be, and when I meet you? I know that I want you. You're still quite new, and you enjoy talking to me as I am admittedly easy on the eyes and close to your age. But also because I'm not like the rest of the guys you've encountered thus far. When we go to the back, you give me the sexiest dance of my life. Teasing my horribly and getting my blood racing which is new for me as I'm so set in my ways previously nothing would effect me. We go pretty far, but you stop short of taking me out of my pants and allowing me to remove your panties. This drives me absolutely bonkers but I am forced to respect you. Thankfully you give me your number before leaving, and say that you'd like to hang out some time but that you don't under any circumstances give extras or anything like that.

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PMed you, and oh my so many choices....where is a girl to start.

Offline scruz87

I must agree with the other girls, you have an amazing knack for ideas.  There are so many, I dont even know which to ask for.  If you have a craving, please feel free to send me a PM.

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Sent thee a pm.

(5)My Horny Little Nerd- You've always been a nerd, in Highschool? You used to catch hell for it. But something happened afterwards, you grew up. You have some curves, although you're still quite petite but you grew into your face and everything just clicked. You still enjoy cosplay, you still enjoy comics, manga, and video games. Hell you even still hang out with your nerdy friends who are absolutely in love with you. But you also want more now. You care deeply about your friends, but none of them do it for you. You're part of a roleplay group, and while not everyone is your typical nerd with no social grace? A new guy joins the group that absolutely stirs something inside of you. With him joining the group, your position for most attractive person in the group is now threatened. He is charming, witty, doing things with his life and a nerd as well. That in itself is the perfect package for you, as you are to him because how many super hot absolute nerds does a guy get to meet? The two of you hit it off fairly well, and you invite him over just to hang out and play video games one day. The day goes fairly well, until he eventually notices something and smells the air. You? Are absolutely turned on and he's aware of it. The two of you decide to try a new game, and afterwords? You reveal to him that you are an absolutely huge closet freak.

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(5)You Want The Man, Don't Want To Be Seen With The Man- You're a wealthy young woman who comes from money, you're currently a law student who is interning. You drink the most expensive of drinks, you dine at the finest of establishments and everything you own is lavish. The thing is, the guys you associate with or meet with your status? Don't interest you. They're well groomed and such, but just not dangerous or exciting. They pale in comparison to the guy in your life, whom you must regretfully keep a secret. He grew up in the inner city, and he works as a bouncer at a club. It turns out that for about a week or so? You and a friend worked at his club as exotic dancers. Only for a week, and mostly for shits and giggles although this isn't something you'd want to get out. The two of you are polar opposites, but naturally you can't show him off to your snooty friends. Not that he minds. As much as he figures, you're a rich chick with a fat ass who likes to slum it. Although you eventually get the idea to "make him over" to make him more presentable and to get him an actual security job although he must contend with these radical changes to his life and just what your relationship entails.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)Fucks Like A Pornstar- Sexually, you know that you're the real deal. You are absolutely amazing at it, and guys are not able to last long as a result. This naturally gives you a good deal of confidence, but it leaves you very anxious. You want someone who can take what you give and dish it back out. You're a college student, and your favorite class currently is acting which you took as an elective. A good deal of that is because the teacher? He's a young guy who is going for his masters for Acting. The two of you get along pretty well and you're definitely attracted. However he is with a total shrew of a woman who makes him miserable and she is understandably weary of you since you and him spend a lot of time together as he is helping you get ready for the auditions for the theatre department's plays. One thing leads to another, and the two of you wind up sleeping together. He is shaken because he cheated and feels nothing about it, much preferring you to his girlfriend. While you find yourself smitten and believe him to be the guy for you.

(5)Make Me Hurt- You're an attractive young woman who grew up in a small town, one who as she's gotten older has found out some things about herself. You have an extremely high sex drive, and you enjoy being both dominated and being handled roughly. The thing is that despite your submissiveness, you're not passive about it. You are actually quite rough and will goad someone into being more rough with you. One would not expect that from so tiny a package. However you're now seeing a new guy whom you hope can keep up with you. Nobody has been able to yet, being put off by your roughness and desire to be hurt. He turns out to be everything you've looked for and more, although he's surprised by your requests at first. You never found yourself as someone who'd consider a relationship, but you wind up in one with him as he is able to satisfy you. The two of you get a place together, and you fit into the role of the dutiful girlfriend well. He has his degree, and is working while getting ready for Grad School. You're well into your first degree, and to outside viewers? It appears like the inked up, rocker of a guy is dating this cute little sweetheart. However when the two of you are really able to spend time together? Your neighbors know the truth.

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(5)Everyone Uses Someone- There are a lot of different ways to put yourself through school, the way that you were pushed into however is a bit different than most. You were forced into joining an underground erotic woman's wrestling circuit. The objective of the matches is to strip, dominate and sexually humilate your opponent as you wrestle. It is not scripted, and it has a fairly large fanbase. To make it even more humiliating, when all is said and done? The winner is to fuck the loser with an assortment of toys and to humilate them further. You've never even been with another woman, but you had no choice upon being pushed into this.

The reason that you're doing all of this? You're dating a guy who is all about having control. He had heard about the circuit, and wanting to make money off of it? Shortly in your relationship he pushed you into this. He's not the kind who likes being told no, and this even extends to your love life. Your wrestling seems to bring that out of him even more as whether you win or lose? He will have his way with you afterwords, however if you lose? That doesn't sit well with him. It is likely that if you tried to leave him? He'd not take kindly to the idea, he is intent on having you become champion whether you want it or not.

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(5)Is Your Girl Photoshopped- You're a beautiful young woman who notably has a body that is unreal. Extremely large natural breasts with a backside to match, and despite all of this? You're in pretty good shape, but your body just cannot be explained and you're so attractive that it is actually distracting and intimidating at the same time. The guys you have been with? Just aren't up to the challenge of dealing with a woman like you, they don't know what to do with you. You've always had a complex due to your looks and how people treat you due to them which led to self esteem issues. Not to mention it is extremely hard for you to meet a sincere guy and one who will treat you well.

To this end you've been going to see a therapist who has been a tremendous help. She listens to you talk of your failed and/or nonexistent love life and knowing she has a male patient that you might fit well with? She decides to throw ethics to the side, and gets you in contact with this young man. Even showing you a picture of him, and he is definitely an attractive one. The two of you are set to meet one day, and upon meeting one another? He's blown away, and you find yourself quickly becoming infatuated with him. The man just screams of raw sexuality, but at the same time? He's also shellshocked to a degree by his last relationship, although he is definitely willing to give you a shot before even really getting to know you. You look that well, but when he discovers the woman underneath it all? He enjoys what he sees.

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(5)Don't Tease Me,Baby- You are a gorgeous young woman who has problems with hypersexuality. Basically you're a nymphomaniac and it is something you struggle with as you want deeper commitments. You want to experience love, companionship and a real relationship however your sexual urges usually wind up winning out and despite your promiscuity? You have yet to experience a real relationship. However you wind up meeting a new guy who has a lot going for him and has definitely taken an interest in you. He isn't amoral but he is able to manipulate you in some regards because he knows of your desires and what you want. To that end you go above and beyond to please him, no matter what the cost is.

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(5)Fat Bottomed Girls- You're what is referred to as thick, which has always given you some problems regarding your self esteem. You aren't fat, hell you are the farthest thing from it and you are actually in very good shape. However you don't have that stereotypical Barbie body and this has always gotten to you. You've always lived in the boondocks and despite being attractive, you were always overshadowed to a degree. However this changed when you move to the city. It is senior year and now you're living in an area that is for the most part Black/Hispanic. This would naturally give you a good deal of culture shock however something happens. Whereas previously you were overlooked a lot? Here guys absolutely love you and your figure. You get a lot of attention from guys, however there is one in particular whom catches your eye. He's an aspiring rap artist, and though he sometimes gets into scrapes with his gangmember friends? He's naturally smart, and very easy on the eyes. He notices you one day when you and some friends are skipping, and chilling at a friend of his' place. From there? Things progress between the two of you, although they won't be easy by any means.

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(5)My Mind Is On The Mission- You're an officer and field agent for a top secret branch of the government. You excel at what you do, and want to take the reigns on a new priority assignment. However to your displeasure you're tasked with training a marine who your superiors have their eye on. He has something very unique about him, something they wish to capitalize on in regards to their experiments into creating superhumans. At first the two of you are at odds, but he starts to endear himself to you before a doublecross in your organization leads to him saving your life and being dealt a fatal blow. You believe the only possible way to ensure he lives might be to give him the serum despite it not being fully tested. This indeed does save his life, it also changes him in ways you could have never imagined as he must contend with what he's become and the dynamic between the two of you.

(5)Still An Asshole?- In a world where superheroes and their foes are real, it is an everyday reality that people deal with. In highschool, you had fleeting crushes on a number of the heroes but wanted to be one yourself. Eventually you got the chance to where in a freak accident, you were given powers. Delighted at having abilities, you hastily put together a costume and sought to stop crime. Busting up a few small timers inflated your ego, until you realized that just like there are the worst examples of humanity? That can extend to people with powers, and yours weren't as formidable as you thought. An extremely cruel and sadistic criminal who absolutely hates superheroes encountered you and took you hostage. His mental powers are quite dangerous and with them? He subjects you to months of cruelty where you seemingly vanish off of the earth, and he forces you to enjoy everything that you see and that is done to you. This succeeds in breaking your spirit completely.

You would have lived out the rest of your life like this or until he decided he had enough of you if it wasn't for a series of events. At the time, a new but very powerful hero crossed paths with your captor and when they fought? Your captor's hold on you somehow was broken, which left you in a state of utter confusion before he was taken in. You can remember the hero, even if he did not remember you especially since he went on and became quite well known. You on the other hand had to seek intensive counseling, therapy and now 6-10 years later? You're a bitter, cynical and depressed young woman who wants nothing to do with heroes and their like. Despite your best friend being a famous hero herself, you're now a special consultant/journalist of sorts for a newspaper. The section ironically enough? Deals with superhumans. It was through this gig that you wound up meeting your off-on again lover. He's the same hero who managed to save you all those years ago, although you never told him just because the experience was that traumatic. He is a hero, but far from a boy scout. The man womanizes, has a temper that is as ugly as yours, is not a fan of commitment, and refuses to be a role model. He can be downright abrasive at times. Yet, you know that despite all of that? He is a good man, who does what he does because he is untimely a hero. The two of you wound up meeting because you were doing a case, that he was involved in. Though you were on the scene first? You managed to evade the villain long enough, focusing on keeping the kids he had held hostage alive before he arrived and took him down. The two of you cannot stay together for any length of time however. You're friends, though not exactly buddies. You hate how he sleeps around, and how he talks to you at times. He doesn't kiss your ass like a lot of guys you're used to. While he gets annoyed with you for the same thing, your mouth. You can be quite abrasive, foul mouthed and rude when you want to be. Plus you have a horrid temper and a drinking problem. Still, every now and then the two of you will be intimate with one another.

Things have gotten so bad for you at this point, that one night? You somewhat drunkenly proposition him despite his worry for you, even allowing and encouraging him to do that one thing you'd never let him do. All in an attempt to feel something, not caring if it is negative. Your best friend fixes you up with a new guy. He's a hero, though not as high profile as your other guy. He's much nicer, part of a team and seems genuinely into you. You two start dating, although nice guys? Don't really appeal to you all that much. However you start getting a number of new cases, among other occurences in your life. You find you're pregnant and really don't think your boyfriend is the father, which leaves you in a sticky position especially as you don't want to tell him that you've slept with you know who. Knowing that would be bad enough, but that it was recently? It'd end things, you want to wait until you know for sure. The biggest of the events though, is that your former tormentor? Eventually is broken out of jail, and lets slip that he plans on paying you a visit as your relationship with you know who worsens.

(5)Is That Blood?- You and a group of friends, are going to be spending Halloween at a huge horror themed event that will be held in another town. Everyone is excited for it, except for you. You do like spending time with your friends, but you're newly single and know that the single guys going and even some who aren't single? Want badly to get in your pants, none of them are your type though. Until the last moment, when a friend brings her cousin who isn't too excited about the trip but is willing to give it a try. He's definitely a real manly sort, but there is a good deal of depth to him as well. He winds up meeting you guys part of the way up as he was handling some business on the way there. When you are all loaded and going, you wind up not being able to make it all the way through. You still have about a day or two until the event but there is a horrid storm and the roads are really messed up. This leads to you all going off the path, where you encounter a local in the small area who turns you to an almost abandoned inn-mansion of sorts. It was the site of some brutal killings, 10 years ago. The owner of the place now runs it as a tourist attraction, and hotel. Seeing no other alternative, you all decide to stay the night in the hopes that the weather will calm by morning. Anyone who has seen a slasher film knows what follows next.

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(5)What's Your Fantasy?- You're a young woman who will be spending most of the summer in Vegas, you never really get to travel a lot and the city is something of a revelation for you as you're a small town girl. You and your friends will be staying on the strip, since you all have a timeshare there. One thing you learn about the city is that it never sleeps, and people love to party. Initially you hadn't planned on going too crazy. You do have a boyfriend back home, but your friends make you realize just how repressed you are. He genuinely doesn't seem to enjoy sex, and when you do have it? It isn't too long or satisfying. Everything you know is challenged, when you all start hanging out with some local guys. One in particular catches your eye, especially since interracial couplings have always been something of a fantasy for you that you never got to realize. While you're initially on the fence, the guy plays his cards right and it isn't too long until you two agree to get physical during your trip. This brings out new sides to you that you had never considered before.

(5)International Love Song- (We can pick a conflict whether real or fictional and set from the early 1900's to now to have this placed in. The female character would be either French/Italian/Russian) War has a funny way of changing people's worlds, in this current conflict? Your country is under attack by a superior army and American forces have been sent to lend their aid. He was a combat instructor, one of the best who while he was actually serving in combat? Was also brought on to train your countrymen in unarmed combat techniques. You're a beautiful young woman who operates a cinema and tries to do what she can for the effort. Allowing the soldiers when they're able to, to watch free films. The American has caught your eye, dark skinned men are near impossible to find in your country plus he's a love of the arts just as you are. The two of you begin a secret romance, however one of the occupying officers? He has his eye on you as well, you're not interested in him. But definitely afraid of what he could do to you, or your lover if he found out.

(5)Let's Keep Things Simple- This plot concerns two young professionals who are friends. Both are lonely and want for companionship despite being quite attractive. They're also both seeing the same therapist who advises them individually to look to your friend for companionship. Both are highly hesitant, they don't want to ruin what they have despite a mutual attraction. They both want the same things, but each party does have a bigger priority in some cases. Initially with him, he wants a more consistent sex life, it is just that he is so incredibly busy he doesn't really have the time to go out and seek partners. He also is deathly afraid of knocking someone up, or catching something. While she on the other hand, definitely enjoys sex but is even more picky then him in that regard. However the main thing she is looking for, is a measure of emotional comfort. She misses cuddling, spending time with a guy and the more romantic applications of that sort of thing. She however knows that a lot of guys are worthless in that regard, generally romance is dead and she isn't very trusting.

However the two of them decide to have a very quick fling, on the understanding it won't change anything. Just a screw to get it all out of their system. Afterwords, both parties find themselves deeply satisfied. The sex was amazing, and when they finished? He actually held her and they fell asleep like that. Both parties are left deeply confused, and decide to make this a more regular thing although they refuse to "officially" date. Both parties are afraid of commitment, of being hurt, of not having an out without someone getting hurt and of ruining their friendship. However this friends with benefits deal? Quickly takes on a life of its own.
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(5)All The Right Spots- You've always had so much potential. Beautiful, with ample curves, intelligence and charisma. That was why when you got into the porn industry? Everyone was thrown for a loop. However it was what you wanted, you're someone who absolutely thrives on sex so this business always seemed like a natural fit for you. You quickly rise up in the industry, and a large part of that is through your rabid fanbase. You connect with them frequently, and constantly update your website and blog and such. You're not really in the department for a boyfriend, although you would like something that is somewhat regular. You enjoy sex, but more often than not your job? Is just that. One day you're skimming through emails and you get one that absolutely surprises you. You're asked to be a date, for whom? For a celebrity who is around your age that you're actually a big fan of, it surprises you that he's a fan. However he asks you to be his date for an award show he's attending. The two of you go, and you have a great time. When it comes to intimacy later? He definitely keeps up with you and then some, afterwords the two of you see each other fairly frequently and this starts to cause you to tire of the porn industry. Just because you've always liked sex, and can appreciate what the business has done for you. Seeing him though? It has opened so many doors in other venues and you literally realize you can do anything. Music, modeling, acting, art anything you want.

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(5)What's Changed? Aside From Us- In a world where people with and without special abilities parade around and fight it out daily? There was us. On different sides of the law. You were a criminal, but not a horrible person. You didn't take lives, you didn't really hurt people. You were just a damn good thief, who sought out lucrative targets and did it in large part for the thrills. You're absolutely gorgeous, and able to use your attractiveness and natural seduction skills to great effect. Your agility is insane, and you're a very skilled fighter. Not to mention you have the benefit of luck powers on your side. Things seemingly work in your favor quite often. While I'm a costumed vigilante who has resigned myself to a life of solitude because of the nature of my work. It wouldn't be long until the two of us crossed paths. You instantly found yourself smitten, and I in turn was highly attracted to you. We'd fight, we'd flirt and this cycle would go on until there was a very large threat to the city I worked to stop. You of all people lended your aid, and despite my protests after it was finished? The cops still arrested you, I assured you I would see that your contribution to the city was taken into account.

In my normal identity, I was able to greatly impact the authorities to the point where your sentence is greatly reduced. Other than probation? The amount of time you spend behind bars isn't all that staggering. When you get out, I visit you in costume from time to time despite your being "retired." You start to get to know me in my normal identity without knowing who I really am. But it gets to be a lot for you. You want the thrills and the excitement, so in your old neighborhood you were raised in during a rough childhood? You discover there's a man who is preying on prostitutes in the area. You find him, and take him down and this greatly changes your perspective. To the point where you don your costume once more, to defend that specific neighborhood. The two of us wind up crossing paths again in costume, and a romance starts to develop between the two of us. However it couldn't happen at a worst time, when someone who has a major mad on for me wants to take me down and is systematically destroying my life. Seemingly they know both of my identities, and as I strongly dance with the possibility of letting you in completely? Many factors work against us.

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(5)All In The Family- You're a woman who was born and raised into a prominent Italian Mob family. You and your older sister were granddaughters of the Don, and always encouraged to do for the family. Your sister was a strong follower of this belief. You both married guys who were in the lifestyle.

You wound up marrying a monster however. He beat you, and raped you. This began a period where you essentially lived in hell. Your husband would find new ways to inflict cruelty on you, and took massive amounts of pleasure in your pain. It was fairly common for you to have to make visits to the hospital. But you were sworn to silence and to remain, your sister and her friends would always be there for you. They'd take you shopping, go out to dinner with you, listen to you and your sister would always remind you of family.

One night things had changed. You had enough, you couldn't live this life anymore. Profiting off of death and crime, and living with your monster of a husband. In a frenzied state, you threatened to go to the feds about information regarding your family. As a result, on a drive home that night? Your car was blindsided, you were brutally beaten and tossed from a bridge. This was supposed to kill you, but somehow you survived this attempt on your life. You were believed to be dead, so you changed your identity. Used what little money you could gather or still had to repair the extensive damage done to you and to get some restructuring done on your face and body. You travelled the country and learned whatever you possibly could. Whether they were soldiers, cops, gun handlers or combat instructors. As a result of your trauma. You couldn't truly feel anything during sex anymore, this has angered you to no ends. Sometimes, you even assaulted the poor guys when they can't make you feel anything.

Your husband along with some of his hitters, were slaughtered by a ruthless vigilante who had been forever changed by the events of his life. You and him were almost the same on the inside. Dark, hollow, broken and exposed to the truly ugly sides of the world. However he is more capable of handling this world due to his upbringing as a child soldier, and his adult years as a soldier for the US. His grim crusade, was essentially a mission to him. After you got revenge on the family? Who knows what there'd be left for you. However during a set up/ambush you manage to save his life despite his taking several bullets. Taking him back to your safehouse, you attend to his wounds and express how he's an inspiration for you and how he killed your husband.

(5)She's One of Us- You're a CIA agent, one who is lucky to not be in prison because of a double cross by your ex-husband/former partner who is also an agent. You were freed from prison to aid on a special mission that could potentially wipe your record clean and allow you a normal life. Your superior who is involved in many underhanded deals, wants to put together a new project that he has been given the green light on. It'd be completely off the books, and involve some of the most lethal people on the planet hunting down and eliminating some of the top priority targets on the planet. They'd get paid, and essentially have government backing in their deeds. There is one man in particular that he wants for this operation.

A former special ops type who had set a bar so high it could never be matched. He had specialized in the impossible, his list of kills extensive, and he truly understood that war meant the total destruction of the enemy. However somewhere along the lines, he got disenfranchised. He didn't go career like his superiors had hoped, and he seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. When in reality, he only existed off the grid so he could hunt down targets around the world he felt truly needed to be wiped off of the planet. Your superior has a bead on him, and he wants to recruit the guy. You all are able to bring him in, alive.

You've always been a bit on the fucked up side. You cuss a lot, you have a morbid sense of humor and are pretty adept yourself when it comes to a firefight or espionage. You've always been attracted to dangerous men, and him in particular? You have a major attraction to him, and want to jump his bones. Though you think this whole thing is a horrible idea upon meeting him when he's kept locked up inside the place you all are operating from. Almost instantly, you realize this guy isn't someone they should be playing around with. He won't play ball, and there are also some highly dangerous men after him who have tracked him to the base. They'll stop at nothing to see him dead.

Things get ugly, and the two of you wind up escaping since you lend him a hand. He reluctantly feels that he owes you for helping him out of a tight spot. The two of you are being hunted, and the only choice you have is to kill everyone following you. But that would leave the larger problem of the CIA as a whole, in which case? The two of you need to get hold of your ex, get a confession out of him about his betrayal of you and the underhanded things he has done off of the books. It needs to be videotaped, and you're pressed for time.

(5)Damaged Goods- You're a young woman of an unspecified East European ethnicity. However your life has been a literal hell. Your village was attacked when you were in your teens by a militia consisting of slavers. You among other girls were taken captive, and in the process? You were essentially forced into prostiution. The slavers had the mindset of "Rape them to break them." Eventually you wound up getting pregnant, and the baby was used as a tool to make you work harder as you were allowed to see it once a week. It gets to be too much, and you escape with your baby after being brought to America. A well meaning social worker however unintentionally is the cause for you being found and your baby murdered, you find out abou tthis and in a fit of rage go out and try to murder one of the men responsible. This turns around on you, and it seems you're going to die until he came. He wasn't exactly a knight in shining armor.

He was a killer of killers and criminals, and he guns them down. He was going to leave you to your fate until you reveal your baby was murdered and pass out. He takes you to his safehouse and has you explain your story, once you finish? He pledges to keep you safe and to kill every person involved with the slavers.

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I love your last post.  Sounds like my kind of story.  Please drop by and say hello if you have time.

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(4.5)I'm Going To Call You White Chocolate- You're a beautiful young woman who is looking to make a name for herself in adult modeling. You have an amazing body, although your most prominent feature is definitely your bottom. In your personal life? You have something of a preference for darker skinned men, and this leads to how you break into the industry. You're aware of a popular ethnic amateur site focused on women with large backsides. You decide to apply to do a shoot for the site. The pay is good, all the expenses are covered, this could get your foot in the door plus at the very least? You'll likely have fun. The owners of the site take notice of your application and immediately form up a contract for you to sign and fly you out. One of the owners, who is also a male talent that has crossed over into mainstream will be performing for you that day. The two of you have an awesome time, and he offers to guide you into the industry while at the same time developing a relationship of sorts with you.

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(5)You Don't Understand Anything- The setting is modern day, however there are supernatural elements to the planet that most people are unaware of. Essentially two planets in one. We both belong to this other world in differing capacities. A good percent of the populace is unaware of what goes on because of the efforts of a secret organization that is dedicated towards maintaining secrecy of the shadow world and trying to keep order maintained. They utilize technology, weapons and magic to suit their ends. You're a witch who is in training at their top academy where you are top of your class. You are a borderline genius with an adept handle on magic and who strives to overachieve. You absolutely fear failure. All the same you've long had a fascination with many aspects of the supernatural world, especially the Demon Knights. They were legendary warriors of demonic heritage that were ancient and possessed vast power. However almost all of them are deceased, except for one who is an enemy to your organization. He commands an army of sorts, and seeks to amass more power so he can shower the world in darkness.

However there's hope in the form of a young man you wind up encountering. He's already a talented warrior in his own right, one who hunts down and eradicates demons wherever he can find them despite being part demon himself. It turns out that one of the knights was actually his father, and his mother was a seraphim. Despite this complicated lineage he's not at all what you'd expect. Although he hunts demons, he doesn't do it out of any sense of greater good. More for fun in comparison to anything else, he can be arrogant and brash and downright offensive at times. Although he does intrigue you as you believe there is more to him. The people in your organization catch wind of him, and after much convincing on their part? He joins your academy and is in your class, although he isn't capable of using magic. You find your status as top student in other departments threatened and the two of you develop a complicated relationship amongst yourselves as he learns more of his past, as do you of your own.

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(5)I've Found The Unicorn- Nerdy as all hell, Highly attractive with an ass that defies explanation, and a fairly high sex drive? This is every man's fantasy and it is essentially you. Yet, you don't really date all that often. You went through an ugly duck phase for a good portion of your life where guys just saw you as a nerd, or as a sister figure and weren't really interested in you except for your fellow nerdy types. In the few years since High School ended however you've really come into your own but you're still quite shy in regards to your own attractiveness. Still you are an absolute nerd, and you wind up meeting someone who attracts a great deal of interest from you. He's just returned to town after spending years travelling, the two of you went to school together years ago. Back then? He was also someone who got past their ugly duck phase as he used to be overweight, and now? He's an amateur MMA fighter but also a nerd himself. The two of you cross paths at a comic shop where you give him a suggestion on what might be a good book to read. The two of you are mutually attracted to each other, and he invites you to come over to his place and watch movies sometime in the near future. I'm sure everyone can see where this leads.

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(5)My Bosses' Wife- You're the pampered yet unsatisfied trophy wife of a much older & wealthy Casino owner. Your husband dotes on you but provides you no excitement where it counts. Your sex life typically consists of him having you bend over in front of him and spreading yourself open while he masturbates. You're not the most faithful wife however and you frequently step out on him and have one night stands. What you want is for your husband to die so you'll be able to get hold of everything. More disturbingly, the kind of guys that turn you on? Are violent ones, extremely dangerous men who you don't get to meet often. Until some of your husband's more shady dealings come out into the open, some of his employees have fucked up bad and he has brought in a specialist.

An infamous criminal with whom he is somewhat familiar. The man has no loyalty however, though he quickly proves his usefulness. Your husband wants to keep him around for awhile to deal with any othr leaks. You on the other hand? No the man is at the very least physically attracted to you, the feeling is mutual on your end. Initially you approach him regarding sex which begins an affair, however you really want to get him to agree with you in killing your husband so you'd run everything and get all the money. You'd even offer him a much better deal.

(5)I'll Put You To Work- You're a sex driven young woman with a very curvy figure and plush ass, you have always been built like that and have gotten attention from black men because of it. This lead to a mutual attraction as they've always liked you and you've always liked them. The only problem is that where you are currently located? There aren't a lot of them, and so a friend of yours? She decides to introduce you to a guy she's friends with. He is definitely what you were looking for, and takes a shine to you as well. Although he wants to keep things strictly physical for the most part as he's a very busy person and doesn't really have time for relationships as he puts it. He stays in the inner city, and is involved in the music business. Eventually you discover one night, amateur adult films online of you and him. You knew he had taped the two of you before, but you didn't know he was making money off of them or posting them. Naturally this pisses you off, and you go to confront him about it. After a heated arguement and make up session later, you reluctantly agree to continue in this venture but you want to be his partner in it essentially and have a say.

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(5)Part Of The Job- You're a gorgeous young agent who is sent to gather intel on the leader of a criminal organization. While undercover, you eventually meet him and he wasn't at all what you expected. Young, magnetic and quite attractive. The two of you begin a relationship of sorts eventually, and despite mission parameters? You start to sleep with him quite frequently. Him and his followers are anarchists, and in the process? You find yourself somewhat agreeing with a lot of his views. You're so deep undercover, that if you were to be discovered? There'd be no extraction, but you start to develop genuine feelings for the man and find things are more complicated than you ever could have imagined.

(5)So Good Being Bad- You're a popular young pop singer who musically dabbles more in the realm of Rihanna or Gaga frequently blending genres and enjoying your sexually charged image rather than being another cookie cutter type of singer. Your voice, your attractiveness and personality have gotten you much success and coverage. Despite all of this? You're somewhat lonesome, you're busy and don't get to date much. Plus the kind of guys you're into? Those aren't the ones approaching you. You however have developed a celeb crush quite recently.

Another young talent has caught your eye. Controversy follows him like flies to shit. He's a frontman for a metal band that is quite successful, an actor, a martial artist, a spoken word artist and a host of whole other neat little hobbies. However he's very outspoken, can be quite offensive, loves strip clubs and other colorful establishments, frequently gets into fights and basically says "Fuck Being A Role Model." All the same he sticks to his guns, and won't compromise his principles. Despite how infamous you are, you can freely admire his freedom and lack of fear. To your surprise however, the two of you are slated to work together since the producer for your newest album? Is the producer for his group and close friends with him, he's convinced him to do a guest appearance for your next album. Upon meeting, the two of you hit it off greatly but find yourselves becoming the biggest media targets alive.

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(5)We're Not In America- We're two young martial artists with many differences between the two of us. I've been studying multiple different styles throughout my life, and I actively compete in tournaments and fights. Also I am an American, who is travelling to Japan for the first time since I was a child. My father was a martial artist and marine who took me around the globe. You're Japanese, and the daughter of an aged master of Karate who is familiar with my dad. When my dad was a young man, he was stationed in Japan and learned under your father. Now I'm travelling to Japan so that I may study under the man as well. Your father has trained you throughout your life, and you're the assistant instructor of the Dojo. The two of us had met a few times as children, and hated each other back then. Now? You see me as a violent, and stupid American who thinks he knows more than he actually does. Still your father agrees to train me, and despite all my experience and training? Nothing could have prepared me for this. Not just the training, but the lifestyle as a whole. I frequently have to deal with a lot of dislike from other martial artists as I'm not a Japanese man. Due to the time we spend together? As well as the hardships I have to face? You start to see past my exterior, and the two of us grow closer.
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(5)He's Not Right For You- You work as a teacher, enjoying your job as you're giving back to the community. You have a favorite student in one of your classes, a young girl who lives with her uncle. It just so happens her uncle is close to you in age but he's also a member of a feared motorcycle club in the city. He eventually meets you and the two of you are quite taken with one another, once you wind up dating him however? Things become different for you. You're treated differently by people as you're essentially his old lady now. You realize how dangerous his life is, and even you start to change as you become more aggressive and willing to step outside of the law due to what you're feeling for him.

(5)I Don't Know If You're Right for The Part- You're a beautiful young actress who truly loves her craft. However you're quite eccentric at the same time. You're borderline innocent, you haven't had that much sexual experience and despite your good looks? You are seen as cute and not sexy. This greatly effects the roles you get, until a director decides to give you a shot. You're to work opposite a far more infamous actor who is noted for his skills, looks and disregard for the law. The two of you are vastly different, but as you spend time together for the movie? He starts to push for you to show your more seductive side, not caring if that means he needs to seduce you, grope you or even sleep with you to loosen you up. What happens if she starts to like this new attention and chance to step outside of her usual self?
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