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Author Topic: Darkcide's Playhouse: M seeking F (Constant Updates, undergoing a revamp!)  (Read 42977 times)

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(5)Hell & Back- This plot features two very unhappy people and I really want to do it with someone who is a very talented writer lol. I am craving this one.

She is an exotic dancer who works at a highly successful Gentleman's club. She really doesn't want to do this for a living, but life has deemed it this way. She wound up leaving her parent's and moved in with a guy that she was in love with. He was bad news and used to abuse her horribly and would treat her like absolute shit. It got to be too much, and she left town and changed her name. Now she's currently dancing to put herself through school as she wants to make something of herself in life. The woman is possibly the most attractive dancer at the club, with a body that is to die for. However she winds up missing out on a lot of money because she will only give dances. She doesn't screw customers, she doesn't remove her panties, and she doesn't give blow or handjobs. A lot of guys are looking for this sort of thing, and she wound up actually punching a customer in the face when he got too handsy and wouldn't let up. Dancing makes it extremely hard for her to meet new guys, many of which won't take her serious because she dances. The money is good, but the job itself is hell. There are nights when she'll leave the VIP rooms in tears and has had to deal with customers getting highly abusive and has fought off a few attempted rapes.

The man on the other hand is a long time martial artist. He is highly devoted to his craft and abstains from drinking, or drugs. He has the utmost respect for women and tries to live honorably. He competes often and this fills him with joy. However he recently had his heart torn from his chest. Him and his girlfriend had been together for roughly 4 years. The man was completely in love with her, but the woman lied to him and she used him. After being roped along on a rollercoaster ride for a long period of time, she left him when he was at the worst point in his life. His martial arts have suffered due to his depression and loss of confidence. Some nights it takes everything he has not to want to die, because to have given all of himself to her without a safety net? It would have been bad enough, but for someone as prideful as him? It was almost like killing him. Plus he is trying to instruct, and business is nowhere near as good as it could be. He's never gone to a gentleman's club, but he decides to give it a shot on the advice of a friend.

The place is quite packed, yet somehow she notices him above everyone else when he goes to tip her while she's on stage. It could be that he is quite young, since she's used to old guys hitting on her. But there is other young guys. It could be that he is highly attractive, and in excellent shape from what she could tell. It could be any number of factors, but one of the biggest ones is how respectful he is towards her. After her set, she immediately goes over to him. Shrugging off several propositions and guys pawing at her and she sits down by him. The two of them talk, and the conversation is a pleasant one that lasts a very long time. He realizes she is losing money, which is something she doesn't even notice. So he decides to be a gentleman and make a deal with the DJ. He will pay for a VIP room for the rest of the night, if she doesn't have to be pestered to go onto stage or anything of that sort. Paying a good deal of money for it. When the two of them make it to the room, he makes it clear that he doesn't want to have sex or anything. He is really enjoying their conversation. The woman eventually winds up giving him her phone number, and has him text her so she'll know his number. When the night ends they go their separate ways and he assumes that she was just being nice. However he wakes up to find a text message from her, and the two go out to get coffee. Dating several more times, the two find kindred spirits in one another. Two depressed people who have dealt with life's turns, are able to find solace in one anther's arms. She supports him and his martial arts in ways that his ex never did, and she feels safe with him and is able to find love and acceptance which is new for her. She is even able to help him with his business. However paradise doesn't last forever, not where these two are concerned.
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(5)I Want To Have Your Baby- Both of us are two young adults who grew up in an inner-city neighborhood. We've known each other for most of our lives, and are absolutely in love. Although it was a rocky road getting there. You're absolutely gorgeous, driven and intelligent. You were destined for great things, however you didn't give your heart out wisely. I'm not a bad person, and I am ambitious and driven to do things with my life. However I have two major strikes against me. The first was impregnating you at a young age, the second was getting sent to prison. I've been in there for years, and in that place? I rediscovered myself completely.

A part of you will always consider me the love of your life. However you gave up on me, and you also blame me for ruining your life. When I get out, I find it hard to get a job but I do. I am intent on bringing the two of us back together, and being a part of my child's life. However you're quite reluctant to do this, and you are currently seeing someone else now. The guy you're seeing currently is no good though, and it is something that pains me to see because I realize I did that to your self esteem. Me & him dislike each other instantly, but you don't plan on leaving him. However you find yourself growing very attached to the new me which complicates things.

Offline DarkcideTopic starter

(5)I Need Blood To Live- (Definitely influenced by Let The Right One In) One of us, and this can be discussed will be a lonely highschool/college student. While the other will be the vampire. However the student feels isolated in all aspects of their life, including their home situation. They're bullied and generally feel like they're an outcast. They have a very strong interest in the macabre and spend their time reading up on forensics and crime scenes. Eventually they meet someone of the opposite gender who appears to be in the same age range as them. The vampire is initially very distant andf aloof, but the two of them grow closer and the relationship they share is much stronger than friendship. The two are genuinely interested in one another, and find acceptance and care from the other. However the student has no idea as to the true nature of the new person in their life and must contend with that when it comes to light.

(As for the vampire? Whether I play it or not, I want to steer clear of a lot of the romanticized interpretations of vampires we see. Vampires in here have an almost uncontrollable bloodlust, and are definitely monsters when overcome with it. No seductive aspects, or the more obscure abilities like shapeshifting or mind control or any of that. They do cast reflections, and have shadows.)
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(4)Would You Accompany Me?- You're a highly popular female wrestler who works for the biggest professional wrestling promotion on the planet. You're loved by millions, and a sex symbol who has posed in Playboy. At the same time, you're quite intelligent and actually a little on the nerdy side in your personal life. It is hard for you to meet people due to your work, and because you want to be taken seriously. You are however excited to be attending an upcoming number one contender's bout for the world's largest MMA promotion.

The guy you're rooting for is a charismatic yet deadly fighter who is around your age, it also doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes or that you like his interviews. He notices you in the crowd, and upon winning the fight? Instantly makes his way towards you and makes some conversation, this goes extremely well and you surprise him by asking him to attend an event with you as your date. The two of you grow quite fond of one another and become an item. The two of you are able to help one another in huge ways. With his expertise, your in-ring work grows. With your help, he's able to better work over fans. However the two of you also spend a lot of time apart because you're constantly travelling and he's training.

(4.5)That fight, was just a warm up- You're the most dangerous kind of woman. Gorgeous, driven, seductive and highly aggressive. You had left home, and now you associate with underworld types. The biggest venture many choose to pursue is underground street fights. You work as a waitress, and you discover a promising talent one day. Some guys get very obnoxious at your job, and start to butt heads. He quickly and violently puts a stop to this confrontation and you quickly introduce yourself to him.

It seems the young man recently got out of prison, and now he's struggling to make money as many places don't want to hire him. You get him a job at the bar, but also convince him to give streetfighting a chance. Seeing him as your ticket into getting deeper into the world. The two of you become associated with a local crime boss who is quickly making a name for himself and you move in with him as you two become an item. Although initially you were out for money and power, you start to develop genuine feelings for your new boyfriend. He has mixed feelings about the illegal fighting, but he is a highly disciplined and complex individual. Your relationship with him helps you confront a lot of things about yourself, and he's the most decent man you've known.

However being involved in the world you two are? With him quickly making such a name for himself, it'd only make sense for things to grow more dangerous.

(5)There's Nothing Left-(Very much inspired by I Am Legend, the novel) A virus has stricken the planet, turning possibly all of the earth's population into violent shells of themselves that resemble vampires. They hide during the day, and come out during the night to hunt. The world as we knew it died years ago, and since that time? I've believed myself to be the only normal person left on the planet. Boarding myself into my home which I turned into a fortress, I've struggled desperately to find a way to combat the virus and to survive by any means. The biggest struggle however has been in maintaining my sanity in the face of complete isolation and constant trauma. This had all become a daily routine that I had resigned myself to, until the day I encountered you walking out lost in the middle of the day.

You're a young woman who has spent years in a coma due to an accident. The doctors had projected that you'd never wake up, yet you did against all odds. However to a world you couldn't recognize. Somehow you hadn't been tampered with despite everything going on. You did discover in your short time awake though, that everyone else? Was a monster at this point, and they wanted to either kill or consume you. You discovered that day is safe, garlic somehow is able to repel the beasts, and that you might be the last woman on the planet. Though you hadn't been awake long, you decided to keep on the move. One day? You're out wandering when you come across a man, he notices you as well and there is a struggle between the two of you as you're terrified out of your mind.

The man wins, and brings you back to his place where he works to calm you down. After this is done, the two of you come to the terrifying realization that you might very well be all that is left of the human race.
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(5)Every Night I Burn- The two of us were lovers once, I was a deeply traumatized young man on the path to becoming something horrible. To committing myself to a life of solitude and vengeance but I met you and I was forever changed. You were beautiful, intelligent, classy, and you fully understood the darker aspects of life like few did. The two of us were positively in love with another and I was willing to walk away from it all if it meant being with you. However you wound up disappearing, and I waited for you. I waited for a good length of time but you never reappeared and I was lost. It turns out your father was murdered by a madman, one who I would wind up having many encounters with later in life. You were so driven by vengeance and rage that you turned your lifetime of martial arts training into an obsession. Losing yourself completely to anger and becoming an assassin. We flash forward to the present where I work as a costumed vigilante attempting to make the world a safe place. Your back in town because you've tracked the man who killed your father, and the two of us unexpectedly wind up crossing paths in our civilian identities.

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(5)What The Hell Are You Doing Here?- You work as an exotic dancer at a very popular gentleman's club. You're the complete package. Highly intelligent, beautiful, your body is amazing, and you're capable of great conversation. Yet you're lonely, and craving emotional closeness and connection. Your job makes it hard to meet guys, and despite the sexual image you give off as well as your actual enjoyment of it when it isn't work related? You want love more than anything else. That is what drives you. During a slow night, there is a guy at the club by himself. He's young, attractive, and highly respectful. Upon sitting down to talk with him, you find the two of you have a great deal in common and he had recently suffered a broken heart as well as life in general kicking him around. You're used to this having gotten out of a very longterm relationship where you were abused and treated like dirt. After going to the VIP room with him, you ask him just what he is doing here. A guy like him doesn't belong in this world, and he turns the question around on you as well. The two of you have a really good night together, but that is spoiled when you're told to go home. An altercation almost develops between you and another dancer and he offers to give you a ride home. This begins a strong relationship between both parties, one that is destined to navigate many obstacles.
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(4.5)Always In The Tabloids- The tabloids are always looking for their next supercouple to follow around non-stop, and it seems they're on the verge of finding it. On the surface the two couldn't be more different. She was a successful actress, pop singer & fashion designer. While he is a metal musician and mixed martial artist who has experienced much success himself. The two of them meet because he agreed to appear in her music video as a bad boy type. Nobody could have forseen the two of them falling for each other, but that is what happened. Now their lives & careers have been dramatically altered as a result. She wants to eventually settle down & have a family, while he is unsure of the commitment. His fighting becomes a point of contention, as does the increasing media attention. She personally loves it, while him? He is used to being in the spotlight with the music and the fighting, but not like this. Especially when he is very private about his private life.

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(4.5)Everyone Has Skeletons- You're a young woman who has dealt with a lot throughout her life. Issues like abuse, promiscuity, and low self esteem have been recurring problems for you. Eventually it got to be too much, and you moved away to a new town to begin anew. You were resolved to stay single, and to avoid sex altogether as it never really meant anything to you. It was something you highly enjoyed, but you want more at this point in your life. That is when you meet him.

He's a troubled young man with a history of violence, and he's had to deal with the law several times. Despite this. The man is very intelligent, senstitive, and honest. The two of you first encounter each other at a bookstore, in the sports & martial arts section. You ask him for some advice, which he obliges and you find yourself thinking about him quite a bit after you part ways. He mentally kicks himself for not asking for your number, but the two of you meet the following day at the gym. Eventually it isn't long before the two of you are spending more time together and a relationship seems to be brewing.

Upon actually getting with one another, both parties find something they never knew existed. With you, despite always enjoying sex? You really climax for the first time with him, and you're able to actually make love as opposed to just screwing. He's an honest guy who doesn't cheat, abuse you or lie to you. While he is with someone who is honest with him, and who isn't intent on using him. Things seem to go well, but for these two individuals? The past does have a way of coming back to haunt you.

(4.5)I'm Adorable- We're two college students who have recently become involved with one another. The two of us are quite different though. I'm majoring in Music Theory, however my main focus at times seems to be on my MMA fighting which I do to supplement my income but also because I'm somewhat addicted to fighting. You on the other hand are a sex education major, and quite frank in your discussions of and enjoyment of intimacy. I'm not repressed by any means, but our first time? You absolutely blew me away, and you constantly look to try & incorporate new things into our love life. We have a fairly positive relationship, although you strongly dislike my fighting.  At the same time, while I enjoy sex? Sometimes you can be a bit demanding, especially in the week of a fight when I have to cut you off. I am also quite jealous, and this isn't helped by your flirty nature although you are faithful to me.

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(4.5)Good guy trying to be bad/Bad guy trying to be good- In a noir-styled setting, you work as a cocktail girl. One in an unhappy relationship with an enforcer for a crime boss, you also happen to be niece to this crime boss. He sees you as his most prized posession, however you find yourself drawn to a mysterious guy who starts to frequent the club. He's a loner, highly intelligent and there's an air of danger to him.

The guy is trying to avoid a lot of vices it seems, but he won't let on why. Until one day in a frenzied fit after your boyfriend goes off the deep end? You run to his place, and events spiral out of control. Your boyfriend and his goons are murdered, and now your uncle wants this guy's head. It seems he has a past, one that is being pulled out to the surface as his reasons for being in town are revealed.

(5)She's A Scream Queen- It is senior year, and in this relatively small town? There isn't much to do. The town is infamous for a slew of murders that happened years ago, and so there is a huge horror following. All the same, it is still a fairly boring place. You're a gorgeous young woman who is a wet dream for the nerds in the film club, because you're not only a horror film enthusiast but more approachable in comparison to your friends. On one hand, you're definitely popular. On the other hand, you don't sleep around like they do and you're a part of the film club.

Your love life is kind of in shambles, because the guys who could intellectually stimulate you? Are socially inept, and very unattractive. While the more attractive guys have nothing going on beneath the surface. This changes when you meet the new guy. He's a definite horro fan, although he won't join the club. He's in excellent shape, attractive, and has intelligence to match his good looks. The two of you hit it off somewhat rockily at first, because of an altercation between him and one of your friends but the two of you warm to one another. In the midst of all of this however, one of your classmates is found dead and in the weeks following? The body count starts to rise.

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(5)We Aren't So Different- You're an aspiring young psychologist who has landed her dream job. You'll be interviewing a highly prolific killer-criminal who has become quite infamous. He operates by a code of sorts, and for the most part? Only kills those who he feels have it coming, in his line of work though? That leads to a massive body count. You're surprised to find that he is quite charming, intelligent, and find yourself almost obsessively attracted to him. He expresses attraction in you as well, and you begin to seek more and more time to try to analyze him. In the process? Your relationship with your boyfriend falls apart, and he begins to analyze you.

Discovering your past of abuse and trauma, he emphasizes with you and discovers that you're in all actuallity quite close to reaching the breaking point. Utilizing outside connections, he sets you off by having the step father who abused you? Make his way back into your life, this sets off a series of events where you wind up killing the man under duress and you go back and free the object of your desires. Taking to the road with him, the two of you become lovers and partners as the real you comes to the surface. A violent, amoral and deeply repressed psychopath who exceeds your love in both bloodlust and sadism.
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(5)My Idiot Apprentice- You're a beautiful young woman who has never fit in. Your beauty and your intelligence are formidable, however you were always considered quite odd. The things girls in your town usually cared about? Meant little to you. You always enjoyed fighting, and the martial arts as your father was a notable fighter. Your parents hadn't the slightest idea of what was wrong with you. Potential suitors were disappointed that you weren't their ideal woman. However it didn't matter to you, you liked what you like. Despite this? You were still a fairly happy young woman, until the day it happened. Your town was attacked, and your father's dojo was destroyed by a group of violent fighters. They challenged your father and despite a valiant attempt? He was killed in the fight. However before more lives were taken? A wandering martial artist made his presence known and violently dealt with the men. Your father? He was amazing, and these guys? They were adept fighters, but the man? He was almost otherwordly. With nothing left for you in town? You beg him to take you with him, and to become his apprentice. He plans on having his style die with him, however your determination and your spirit? Eventually appeals to him, and he allows you to tag along although he's highly skeptical about training you. Despite his skill? He doesn't appear to be that much older in comparison to you.

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(5)I Have An Offer- You were a young woman who left her home in the country, with big city dreams. They didn't pan out the way you hoped though, and to support yourself? You had to do something you had no interest in doing. Using your natural beauty and curvy frame, you found work as an exotic dancer but disliked the job. However you wound up getting saved from this when a man noticed you one night. He obviously had money, and commanded respect. He was so taken with you that he sprung the idea of you coming to live with him so you wouldn't have to dance anymore.

You're somewhat naive, but even then you knew this might not be the best idea but you decided to take him up on his offer. You're new benefactor? He is true to his word, you no longer have to strip and he is fully capable of supporting you. However there are some downsides to the new arrangement. One, is that the man is a notorious arms dealer. The second? Is that you are expected to earn your keep. Whether that means doing chores, satisfying all of his demands and generally being his live in girlfriend who is paraded around as a prized possession? You're expected to do as told in your new life.

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(5)Girlfriend Experience- You're a young & very expensive escort who rubs elbows with the elite & successful. You got into this business by choice, and while you enjoy what you do? You also desire more, as you don't hate your clients but none of them are that one "dream" client for you. That changes when he comes into your life though.

The man is a highly successful Musician that you happen to be a fan of. It surprises you to meet him when he contacts your agency in regards to their services. The man is attractive, rich & famous. He could easily have any woman he wants. However you follow the tabloids enough to know that he recently just got out of a horrific breakup with an unstable star. so he just wants intimacy, and affection with a level of discretion & and no assumptions.

When you finally meet him? He's completely different from what you imagined. The intensity he puts across in his music is there. However he's a perfect gentleman, intelligent, mature and an extremely adept lover. After the weekend you all spend together? He starts to request your services far more regularly, which is definitely something you're ok with. It gets to the point where you're not even seeing your other clients. Problems arise from this though.

You find yourself developing real feelings for the man, to the point where you actually want to leave the escort business and not charge him for your time. You really want to be in a relationship with this man, but you're afraid because you don't know if he wants a relationship with anyone let alone with an escort. Not to mention a former client of yours who has an unhealthy obsession with you? He is deeply angered at being blown off and you spending so much time with the rocker.

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(4.5)They're Obviously Screwing- You're a gorgeous young pop star who is extremely successful but isn't satisfied in regards to your career. You see your music as being way too commercial, and critically? Your reviews are fairly lackluster. Wanting to expand artistically you make a bold choice that could drastically impact your career.

Enlisting the help of a producer/metal singer with an image that is totally counter to yours, you want him to handle the production and artistic direction for your next CD. Your label isn't on board with this idea, and your manager is absolutely against it. However through lots of negotiation, you're able to get what you want. He plans on drastically changing your sound, and in the process? You become involved with the man, despite you having a boyfriend at the time.

When the first single finally drops and the album is completed? You emerge a completely different artist with a different image.

(4.5)What's My Name?- It has been a long time, but you've finally left home. To a degree at least. You're enrolled at a University in the city and living on campus now. The freedom is absolutely liberating, and the environment is completely alien to you. As an attractive young woman, you naturally draw a lot of attention. It is even more drastic for you though because you've always been seen as perfect.

You were your father's princess. Intelligent, ambitious and still a virgin by choice. Despite these positives, you can also be manipulative and self-indulgent. The biggest hurdle in your love life is that it is almost impossible for you to find a man that can keep up with you. Until you meet him that is.

He's a young man who is running his own Dojo where he teaches Law Enforcement, Security, Military and civilians alike advanced combat techniques. The two of you meet at the gym, where he reprimands a student of his who tries to pursue you a bit too aggressively. The man has a lot of the qualities you've always desired in a man. Brains, dignity, good looks, an impressive physique even if he doesn't come from money and isn't extremely wealthy. The two of you begin to talk more often, and you find out he's going to be an assistant instructor in one of your classes.

The class in particular is a fitness based one, which normally you'd have no problems with. But it teaches self defense, and can be quite exhaustive. Under the guise of getting some extra help, the two of you spend more time together until winding up in a relationship. However this is complicated by his being a single father, your own personal issues and a lot of your wealthy friends trying to talk you out of seeing him.

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(4.5)Haven't Had A Crush In Years- You're a gorgeous young woman who is working as an exotic dancer to put herself through school. You know you're attractive but you're painfully shy at the same time. Nobody would have ever figured you'd get into that sort of work. You're highly intelligent, and a bit of a dork who enjoys reading and studying. Your backside as well as your curvy form is something you've long had mixed feelings on. You got teased a lot growing up, but at the same time they make you popular at your job. Plus now that you live in the city? A lot of black guys definitely notice you.

Despite your dislike for your job, it pays the bills and you know you won't be doing it forever. However before the semester is to start? Your world is turned upside down when you meet a new client. He's quite attractive, well dressed and when you sit down with him? You discover he's polite and highly intelligent. The two of you strike up a very satisfying conversation and you wind up spending all night with him before you two go in the back. When you do? You discover he's even more attractive when you can see him better and this leads to nervousness on your part. The dance is an extremely intimate one, and you wind up going further with him in comparison to what you do with other customers. The two of you stop short of having sex.

When the semester starts? You haven't forgotten this guy, which is good because in one of your classes? You discover he is a student as well and definitely remembers you.

(4.5)My Bad Little White Girl- Through circumstance? You have recently started living in an Inner-City neighborhood with a close friend of yours. The neighborhood is different from where the two of you grew up, and yet despite the poverty of the area and the danger? There is something magnetic about it. Not to mention the attention your curvy body gets? That is always an ego booster. When you get fully moved in? You discover your next door neighbor is close in age to you, and definitely easy on the eyes. The two of you start to flirt liberally until he decides to make his move. It isn't long before the two of you start to see each other exclusively. However you must contend with being paraded around, as well as the extensive drama that he has with his exes.

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(4.5)The Price of a Real Man- You're an independent, intelligent and impossibly gorgeous young woman who is very career minded. In regards to your love life? You do want to find someone who is right for you, but you're tired of dating guys or meeting guys who you feel aren't men. Weak willed, spineless guys aren't your sort of thing and so you want a man's man. You currently have a job as an elementary school teacher in a not so good neighborhood. However there is one little girl in your class whom you have high hopes for. She's extremely intelligent, loves to learn and is deeply respectful.

Eventually you get to meet the girl's father and discover that he is very close to you in age. Also that he's single because of a lot of ugly business between him and the girl's mother. The dad however is something of note to you and it becomes clear why the girl is so well disciplined and intelligent. He's fairly stoic, in excellent shape and works two jobs to support his daughter. Eventually her being the daddy's girl that she is, and you being her favorite teacher. She gets it in her head to set the two of you up in the hopes that you two will like one another.

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(5)Why Do You Do It?- You work as a reluctant exotic dancer. A single mother who does what she has to do to make ends meet, you are also actively putting yourself through school and so you need the money. However you keep a clear head, and drink as little as possible. You abstain from drugs, and you will not under any circumstances sleep with customers or work private parties outside of the club.

You live with a cousin of yours, who is newer into the business and much more wild and crazy. A bright spot comes for you regarding your job when you meet a new guy there. He works as a bouncer, and like you doesn't belong in that club. However he needs the work. The two of you are able to have stimulating conversations, and it isn't long before the two of you start to date especially since due to your cousin? Things go south with your boyfriend.

However a number of factors hamper the relationship. The owner is a scumbag who screws people out of money among other things. Not to mention because you kicked her out? Your cousin harbors a grudge, along with the more unsavory dancers at the club. Both of your jealousies also come into play in different ways. Other dancers are attracted to him and throw themselves at him, while he absolutely despises having to walk you and guys to the VIP despite you making sure he knows you don't sleep with them. Can the couple make it through all these hurdles?

(4.5)It Beats Being Lonely- He was a lonely young man who had just gotten out of a long term relationship and was heartbroken. He's currently enrolled in college, and to shake him out of his funk? His friends tell him to go talk to this sophomore who happens to be well known among several of the guys on campus.

The thing about her is that she's developed a reputation as being a freak, and easy. Which was built on a lie, since she didn't sleep with the guy who started the rumor when they went out. Or any of his friends, but guys talk and eventually? She stopped fighting it, because it beats being lonely. However upon meeting each other and going out? They realize that they have a lot in common, he can't bring himself to just sleep with her. Both parties involved feel stronger about themselves in each other's company, and decide to say fuck what anyone else says.

(4.5)All The Best Guys Have Baggage- As a young woman of color, you've made a habit of defying stereotypes. You grew up in a crappy neighborhood, but escaped from it and present yourself with intelligence, class and drive in everything you do. You never forget where you came from, as you put yourself through school but you always think about where you'll be. Guys whether they be black, white or whatever? Absolutely love you, although you find yourself unsatisfied with them. You're no racist, but your ideal guy is a male version of you. A man of color who picked themselves up from out of the same circumstances you did. That is what you want, and intelligence is an absolute must.

To your delight, you wind up meeting this guy and he exceeds all of your expectations and you're smitten. However there are some things you come to learn about him. As a side interest, he plays in an extreme metal band which takes up a good amount of his time which is something that throws you for a loop. The man has something of a temper on him, and has struggled with depression throughout most of his life. Not to mention that he was quite promiscuous before meeting you. At the same time he absolutely adores you, he is affectionate, an excellent conversationalist, attractive, an adept lover and makes pretty decent money. However the lives that you both escaped from? Have the potential of coming back to haunt you.

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(5)She Really Traded Up- You're a gorgeous young singer- sometime actress who is a media darling, and an icon to girls and young women everywhere. You were in a long term relationship with another young pop star but things wound up turning extremely ugly and it became a huge scandal. After everything happened, it has been hard for you to fully get back to yourself but you wind up meeting a new guy who is unlike any you've ever met. He is an actor who is also a highly practiced martial artist. The two of you meet because a friend suggests you study under him for self defense, and when the two of you first meet? He's extremely taken with you. He's completely different from your ex, who at this point? Is the only guy you've ever been with. Smarter, more assertive, yet more caring, far more masculine and and twice the guy's size damn near. The two of you grow closer and manage to keep your relationship a secret until you're impregnated and can no longer hide it. By this point, your image with the media had changed as had your musical content but with you winding up pregnant? You have no choice but to come out in the open which causes a media storm to descend.

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(5)Opposites Attract- As far as exotic dancers go? You're a rarity. One who avoids the unsavory aspects of the job but doesn't actually see anything horribly wrong with her job, Mind you, it isn't what you've planned for yourself but you make do with what you can. You had a hard life, and yet despite it all? You've remained a good person who wants to do right by others, and you are a fairly optimistic young woman. One area you're a little pessimistic is your love life. You hook up with nothing but losers and have always wanted to meet a knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet.

That knight comes, but he's not exactly in shining armor. One night a friend of yours introduces you to a man who works with her girlfriend. The man is attractive, and in excellent shape. He's highly respectful but there is definitely something different about him. It isn't that he can't talk to women, he just obviously doesn't have experience. However he impresses you when a man tries to get violent with you. Handling the situation quickly, the man needs to be hospitalized but nobody had ever defended you like that before. So you ask him to go out on a date with you. What you come to find out is the man works as a mercenary, has a past that is much more traumatic in comparison to your own and no qualms about killing despite his honorable nature. However when he proves to be a guardian angel to you? You pledge to show him a world where you're the brave one.

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(5)Hey, Big Fan. Really- You're a gorgeous young adult film star who has taken the industry by storm. Known for your performances, sexual prowess, gorgeous looks and intelligence? You're poised to become the next Jenna Jameson except a bit more extreme although you're loving it. Things get very confusing however when a new guy enters your life.

Since you've been doing adult films? You've been single and haven't wanted to date any other stars. However you meet one of your biggest fans at a party, who you actually turn out to be a huge fan of and have had a bit of a crush on for awhile now. Even saying in an interview that if you could sleep with anyone in the world? It'd be him. He's the leader & frontman of your absolute favorite band in the world since you're actually a pretty big metalhead. However he's absolutely blown away meeting you. Revealing he's had a crush of his own on you for awhile now.

The two of you grow closer and closer until it becomes clear that a relationship is inevitable unless someone just cuts it off at the knees. Although he's a fan of you? You know well enough to know that should the two of you get together? He wouldn't want you to do adult films anymore. You want him, but you also want to become successful on your own merits and porn is the avenue you chose. So after the two of you are intimate for the first time? And it turns out to be better than you could have ever hoped for? You leave in the middle of the night, a note on the bedside.

He's quite heartbroken by what happened between the two of you, and as are you. You continue doing films but it just isn't the same anymore. Especially when you hear the band's newest single and you know immediately it is concerning you.

(5)A Lady In Public Every guy says that they want a lady in public, and a freak in the sheets. This describes you perfectly. When you're in public? You're the epitome of class and intimidate a lot of the guys who find you attractive because of this. You're very educated, intelligent and a social butterfly. However there is a very dirty side to you. You're a borderline nympho which is something you're quite ok with although you're very picky. You also enjoy experimenting and highly enjoy the applications of rough sex. What you want more than someone who can just satisfy you sexually and keep up with you however is someone whom you could see being a worthy companion.

You frequent a somewhat popular but obscure bar/performance space that hosts a lot of different underground/indie acts. At a poetry reading night, you get a lot of your hipster types showing up and saying some bs. However one guy in particular catches your attention. He definitely isn't a hipster and he delivers one of the most emotional and deep pieces you've ever heard. It is hard to place him though as you know you've seen him until learning that he plays with a local band. Upon meeting and talking with him? The two of you find you have a lot in common and click instantly. Even more surprising is that despite his tattoos, the metal he plays and just how he looks in general? He's actually a highly respected young teacher. The two of you start to see each other, until you absolutely throw him for a loop with your sex drive.

Before this, he thought he had you figured out. Upon discovering your drive, he's overjoyed at first but discovers for himself how deeply your needs run in that regard.
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(4.5)Scrappy Little Bitch- You're beautiful, and one hell of a lady. However at the same time? You also have an absolutely wretched temper, and when pressed? Can become violent. It is a shocking thing to see, a tiny petite young woman like yourself who is fully capable of beating the hell out of grown men but there it is. You've had training in regards to fighting, and were mostly raised around boys. You learned at an early age not to tolerate shit from anyone, this has carried over into your adult life. It is part of why you're single. You have very high expectations of what a man should be and won't settle for anyone that can't keep up with you. A new man appears in your life, that you meet where you train. Previously, you were the absolute top student in class. However with his appearance he is fully able to match you and keep pace, this awakens a rivalry/attraction between the two of you and you can quickly tell he is something that you'd like. However as the two of you spend time together? You also discover that his temper is just as quick as yours, and romance between two highly aggressive people? It can turn nasty at times. The two of you, you especially are not afraid to get physical with one another and yet? You always seem to make up somehow despite what happens.

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(5)I'm With Her- Absolutely attractive, with a body that is to die for. You're a wealthy young woman who is used to the finer things in life. You came from money, and as a result? Attended an Ivy League School. You currently work for your father's Record Label and are one of the managers. However the guys you've traditionally been set up with or have gone out with? They're not able to appeal to you. You don't like rich guys, and you like your men to be a little rougher. You wind up meeting the perfect guy for you when you go with some friends to an underground music spot. The guy in particular who catches your eye, is an aspiring musician. His music blends elements of Hip Hop with Heavy Metal and you are definitely attracted to him. This attraction is returned when he meets you. You find that he is working a rather pedestrian job and you take an interest in him. Seeing him in private while at the same time, helping to guide his musical aspirations and working tirelessly to get him a record deal. You're in the public's eye often, so you try to keep your relationship as quiet as possible. Despite his talent musically? He's a hard person to push because his commercial accessbility is limited. He absolutely refuses to dumb his music down or to give it a more mainstream sound not to mention he is equally invested in both of his projects. His solo project, and the band he plays with. Still you're utterly infatuated with him, and would do just about anything for him. The guy has managed to get you that sprung, however when fame finally does come? Your relationship does wind up coming out into the open, and you have to wonder if he'll remain the same person he was when you first started dating him.

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(4.5)Down To Fuck- As far as young women go? She was a man's wet dream. The girl was gorgeous, extremely curvy and a complete freak. The two of them go to school together, and they share a human sexuality course. He stands out to her because he's confident, whereas a lot of guys try to fake confidence. Not to mention she's always been curious about sleeping with a black guy, just because it might be an interesting first. However she's not the type to just toss it someone's way. She wants to see if they're worth the effort, and likes to be pursued as she enjoys teasing. So under the pretense of watching horror movies as they're both fans of the genre? She invites him over to her place. It gets fairly late, and she tells him that she won't send him off home in the snow and such outside. Intimacy happens between the two of them, and both parties enjoy themselves greatly. Afterwards? He finds himself getting fairly regular calls from her when she's in a certain mood. Neither party has a problem with a friends with benefits deal, as they're both extremely busy but a good thing can only last so far.

(5)That's A Thick Bitch- He knew his new girlfriend was a sexual person when he got into the relationship, he enjoyed sex himself but he had never for once imagined just how high her drive was and the things it could driver her to do. The guy had always been old fashioned in certain regards , and grew up in an impoverished neighborhood. It surprised everyone he knew when he started dating that thick white chick from the boondocks. As far as him, he still lived in the neighborhood he grew up in although he was a full time student and well into his major. She on the other hand was currently living on campus and enjoying her freedom. The girl had spent so many years repressed, and was now making up for the lost time. She watched porn like a guy, masturbated multiple times a day and was quite frank in her enjoyment of sex and didn't like being told no or to wait. He had appealed to her in the first place because despite his intelligence and drive in life? He had that roughneck appeal to him and an Inner City guy was something that she was curious about. While she appealed to him because she was curvy as hell. The girl would never be mistaken for being skinny, but she was far from fat. Not even chunky. The girl was in good shape with an ass that was beyond captivating and some naughty piercings which definitely caught his attention when he learned of them. The two of them are still a fairly recent couple but things are going well enough. She's a highly devoted girlfriend who enjoys sex and pleasing her man both in and out of the sack. However he is very flirty, and can get over friendly with women which doesn't bode well for her jealousy.

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(5)I Need A Test Dummy- She is an aspiring sex educator who frequently gives people advice and writes columns online concerning the matter. In particular, the young woman specializes in the wonders of rough sex. Her very recent boyfriend is someone whom she delights in using as a test dummy. Trying new things with him, and for him to see what the two of them find most enjoyable. For the most part he's cool with it, as it means plenty of sex. However it is enough to make most men uncomfortable to some degree, as his girlfriend is always surrounded by sex. He tries to be supportive, but it all really comes to a head when she starts doing some modeling and even wants him more actively involved in her work. Suggesting that they allow pictures to be taken of them, that he appear with her for seminars and that they produce a video together. While nowhere near a prude, there is no way he's able to be cool with this. So what will have to give?