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September 26, 2021, 05:49:22 pm

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Author Topic: 0 Current Plots -- Female Role Needed  (Read 528 times)

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0 Current Plots -- Female Role Needed
« on: February 27, 2010, 02:56:07 pm »
I haven't RP'ed in a while, but I came up with some plots.
PM me if you're interested. :)
Female roles are needed.
Strike-through = taken.

Daddy's Little Angel [NC]

Your character, the daughter, is a perfectly innocent and soft-spoken virgin. Her single father, my character, is in financial trouble. One night, while buzzed as usual, he walks into the bathroom and sees his daughter dripping wet and just stepping out of the shower. Seeing his 16 year old daughter in a whole new light he takes her virginity in the bathroom. Having enjoyed himself so much, the father calls in sick from his job and calls her school to tell them that your character won't be in for the entire week so he can experiment on his innocent daughter with toys, bondage, and even alcohol/drugs.

- Modern

Alien [NC, pregnancy]

Aliens are not green little men as commonly believed. Rather they are tall, about 7+ feet tall, and look like regular humans but have powers beyond anything of that of humans. Such as telekinesis, long life, and are extremely intelligent. All the females on their planet died out, and it looks like their days are numbered as a race. However, they come across Earth, and see that the species is similar to their own but not as advanced. They abduct some of the women (one of which is your character), and use them to replenish their population. They purposely get them pregnant, which their pregnancies last about a week total, opposed to the full 9 months. The advanced pregnancies take a toll on the womens' bodies, but one alien in particular (my character) grows rather attached to your character and repetitively gets her pregnant, and uses her as his own personal slut whenever he wants. After a while your character develops a sense of Stockholm syndrome.

- Futuristic

The Scientist [NC, tentacle, bondage, enslavement]

A nosy journalist (your character) breaks into the private estate of a suspicious scientist (my character). He has a whole estate dedicated to research with a few selected scientists working for him. The journalist breaks into one of the green houses and decides to poke around. A genetically engineered plant that the company that the scientist created was working on takes an interest in the woman and rapes her. The scientist ends up watching the entire thing from inside the estate on a high-tech surveillance camera. After his creation is done and the nosy and feisty woman passes out, the scientist goes and collects her, bringing her inside and holding her captive. He uses her as a human test subject for many drugs, some unsuccessful and others rather successful. He also uses her in other ways to achieve sexual gratification and as a toy for his plant whenever he wants a good show.

The Vampire and His Bride [NC- kind of, enslavement]

My character, a tall dark and handsome and slightly insane vampire has gone centuries without finding his true bride, the one woman destined by fate to be his forever. One day he finds his bride in the oddest of places -- a dark alley. She is a human women, being brutally raped by another human man. My character pulls the man off yours, and kills him. The vampire saves his human bride and takes her home with him after she passes out from the trauma of the night. He ends up cleaning her up, and taking care of her. When she wakes up, the young woman is a mess and just wants to leave. However, the vampire doesn't want to let his bride leave when he'd only just found her. He bites her, which causes her body to feel both pain and immense pleasure and for him to get aroused as well. Although his bite doesn't turn her into a vampire. He doesn't let her go and constantly fighting the sexual urge. At some point he can't take it any longer and ends up forcing her into sex (bondage? NC, but not brutally so). Will she resent him forever? He doesn't want her too, but he knows that if he lets her go he'll never see her again.

- Modern

** PM Me, Please.
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Re: 4 New Plots -- Female Role Needed
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2010, 04:08:24 pm »
Interested in the first two. Sent you a PM.

Offline Lady Aura

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Re: 4 New Plots -- Female Role Needed
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2010, 09:36:42 pm »
I am interested in the first and last. Going to go send PM now. :D