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October 19, 2021, 05:02:10 am

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Author Topic: In need to get started  (Read 761 times)

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In need to get started
« on: February 25, 2010, 01:19:37 pm »
Heya, everyone. Ive just recently been approved and am now looking to get involved in some roleplay. Done some hunting around the open freeform groups threads and non-adult ones. Found some good ones but most of the ones Im interested in tended to be quite in the inactive zone. Been wondering around for days on end now, so Ive decided to advertise myself a little. Here goes, starting with some simple points.

General Stuff

- I'll likely be able to post at least once a day. Twice or more if Im on a roll. Apologies if I tend to disappear sometimes. I try my best to come back as soon as I can.
- I write around the range of middle class literacy, or more commonly known as semi-literate. Every now and then I have the tendancy to write advanced, but for the sake of enjoyment through simplicity and time, I keep it a habit not to write too much. Minimum of 2 paragraphs with hopefully some decent descripts. If anyone is to allow me to, I can also attempt to introduce a few plot twists to make things a bit interesting.
- Like a lot of people who think too much in too short a time, I do suffer from writer's block every now and then. Apologies in advance.
- I have inclination to play in both Anime and realistic role plays. Dont expect me to have real life pictures for character appearences because I believe that using a person's real picture is like stealing their soul....
- Unfortunately, I will refrain from message and chat based roleplay of any kind. Will be sticking to a forum role play for now.
- NPCs. I tend to use quite a bit to give a story some life unless they are not needed.
- Im a third person writer. I find it kinda awkward to write in first person.

Roleplay Stuff

- I'm open to most genres. Interested mostly in either a fantasy or modern story. I enjoy roleplaying as some magical creatures from time to time e.g. hawks with silver wings.
- Not picky about storylines or plots as long as they are interesting.
- Currently looking for a group roleplay in any forum, except Bondage, Non Censential Exotic and Extreme.
- Good humor is always fun in any roleplay. :D

Sexual Stuff

- I'm a submissive male, also a little shy. However, I get uncomfortable when others try to dominate me or my characters. Apologies if me or my characters can get a little conservative or a little slow. I'm trying to get over this by playing in some Forced Sex roleplays.
- 100% Hetero. I can tolerate homosexuality in any form. I dont mind threesomes, foursomes or gangbangs either.
- Theres still a lot for me to learn in terms of vocab, expressions and directions. Consider me somewhat of a beginner when it comes to writing and expressing sexual roleplay.
- Currently in search of some adult roleplays of the slightly darker kind. Non-violent highly preferred.

Some ideas floating in my head

Warhammer 40k: The Few of the Brave

Flying bolter rounds. The thrust of loaded weapons in the air. The whistle of a rain of steel. Warhammer 40,000. The Imperial Guard, with the thunder of their armored cavalry and almost inexhaustable number of brave fighting men, battling invaders of all kinds in the Emperor's name. Although they are only normal humans unlike their superhuman Space Marine allies, they possess the indomitable fighting spirit of any human being would have when fighting nigh impossible odds. I'm looking for anyone interested in roleplaying with me an epic Warhammer 40k scenario involving them in the frontline, since I see that there are a few others who want one to come into existance too. Once I get a few words from these individuals, we'll discuss how its going to go. Non-adult forum, as it will have no sexual scenes of any sort. May involve quite a bit of blood and gore due to the nature of Warhammer. I unfortunately have no knowledge about the d20 versions so it will not be using any rule sets.

Something in the Water

Heres one Im not completely sure of but Im thinking it may be interestign with some development. A set of individuals in some institute or workplace live normal lives, until they ingest some strange bottled mineral water. A certain drug inside these bottles that is accidently mixed inside it induce initially a mild headache and some disorientation, but with time gradually amplifying their primal sexual desires. A modern day love drug, or something to that effect. Adult, Non-Consensual Freeform Human forums, either Anime or realistic.

Any questions? Feel free to message me or post.