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Author Topic: Halfs And Wholes [byShia&National Acrobat, idea by Shia,with summary, COMPLETED]  (Read 7702 times)

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Wisely they let the grimy cover, the last memory of the past nine months on their baby dry into her paper-thin skin and they only took her away for the few quick examinations but as soon as the tiny girl welcomed them with an orcanic cry a nurse returned the nestling to the proud father, only wrapped in a clean sheet, a serial of numbers plus her name around her wrist on a plastic stripe: Simmons-Richardson, Corinna.
"She's all yours know, happy parents, healthy and strong."
Yes, visibly her colour normalized as well and a vivid pink blinked at the world around her from under the yellow-red stains.
"Let me feel her, let me feel her...!" Imma's weakening voice was begging, the woman trying to lift her head from the table, while Doc and Aelina shook their heads in the same frustrated and angry way...
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Offline National Acrobat

He took their daughter, and even though she was swaddled up, he pressed her cheek to Imma's and then lay her gently across Imma's upper chest and neck, so the pair could start to bond right away. 'She can feel you, and you her' he said, choking up with joy as his daughter and wife introduced themselves to each other for the very first time.

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Weakly like a ghost she lifted her chin a little to give a shelter to her baby girl, smiling through invisible tears of joy... but then her face tilted to the side and the monitors showed how Imma's heart stopped suddenly.
"Damn it! Cody, take the child away!" Aelina ordered him and the pads to shock the unconscious patient were already in her hands, charging up with an almost silent buzz.
"Damnitdamnit!" She hissed as the nurses exposed the mother's chest quickly. "Simmons, you can NOT let us down! Understood?!... Clear!"
But the few first tries were in vain - Corinna nestled to her father's chest squeaking, her beautiful little face straining into a grimace of fear...

Offline National Acrobat

The color drained from his face as he took his daughter, cradling her gently in his arms, even as his wife teetered on the brink. Cardiac arrest had set in and now the OR was a whirlwind of activity. He couldn't leave, but he backed off, tears starting to well up, even as he held the bundle of joy close.

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Aelina and Doc didn't pay attention to the freshly formed duo of them any longer - their everything was now the mother, her broken body lying seemingly lifelessly on the table, the sterile sheets covered by drops of her blood here and there, mementos of her struggle that's just finished to give life to her child...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"And.. you'll always come for me like this from now?" The little girl, blonde and blue eyed just like her father was grabbing the slowly moving woman's free hand as they were walking away from the School Unit, directing their steps towards the nearby Park, just like every time when it was about returning home.
While her long white cane was carefully scanning the ground in front of them the mother placed one foot after the other, haltingly yet confidently using her seemingly rigid legs that were covered by a long jeans skirt - turning her head towards the child with a smile as this strange question of her happy daughter hit her ears.
"I hope so. Never again I want to see a power chair." She giggled and squeezed the small hand in hers gently. "You know, when we meet Daddy soon, I'd like to tell something very important to the both of you..." She kept on smiling with a mischievous expression. "Sweetest, will you tell me when you see Daddy?"
The kid, brightened up from the news of an oncoming surprise and such an important mission, jumped in the air though still holding onto the artificial limb that was covered with a very skin-like material, said a loud "Sure!" , almost pulling the blind woman after herself, only to reach there earlier and hear that secret!
"Oh, angel, please, slow down a little, Mommy can't follow you like this, okay?"

This was Imma and Corinna Richardson five years and three type of implants later, as the hospital's beloved teacher and her daughter were walking hand in hand in the afternoon, soon in a most charming Spring as they finally felt soil under their steps...
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Offline National Acrobat

Cody's life had been saved that day. His wife, and his daughter had both made it home, safe and sound. Imma had several surgeries ahead of her, but she had lived, and was determined to live to see their daughter grow into a young woman. It had been a tough road for the first few years, but he'd never change anything about his life. Imma had recently received her new implants, and life was good. Things had settled down, and they had security and stability now.

He was going to meet them, and he could the golden-haired girl walking along with her mom, who was walking again by herself. It made him proud. He'd never wanted her to give up, and that had been rewarded. They were a real family now, fully, in every sense of the word.

He sat down, waiting for them to appear. He knew the game very well.

He was supposed to be 'discovered' so that Corinna could announce to her mother that daddy had been 'found'.

Offline ShiaTopic starter

Of course, by now she knew their usual meeting spot very well, even without her but with pleasure she let Corinna enjoy her discovery to the fullest when her enthusiastic "He's there!! DADDYYYYYYYY!" echoed through the fresh and green area. From then Imma was almost 'flying' after her daughter but she tried to make her own steps as fast as she coud - speed was one of the thing she had to get used to, but for her family everything was worth.
"Then let's greet him" was the last sentense she managed to say before Corie's gallope began, through the caressing grass, right onto her father's lap.
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Offline National Acrobat

'Ah, there she is, my favorite munchkin' he said, hugging her tight as she bounced into his lap. 'And who is this lovely lady that has come with you' he said, holding out a hand to his wife, urging her to sit next to him. He kissed her, and smiled. 'What a lovely day it is now' he said, glad to see the pair of them.

Offline ShiaTopic starter

"Here, here, Mommy, you sit here" Corinna was the most eager to help her once she covered her father's proud cheek with the softest of kisses.
She understood well that one of her parents was different and helping her mother she never found as a burden - for the family never took that as a burden.
Imma willingly let their little fairy guide her and always said thanks with a wide smile. So small, and already so filled with goodwill, like those blonde curls were actually from Heaven together with her heart of gold... she thought again. Like she was the best part of their best parts, the crystal of their essences, the perfection of their biggest hopes.
The young woman caressed back her long loose hair and folded her arms around Cody's shoulders, kissing him with the same sparkles.
"How about making it even more lovely?" She gave him a playful smile and pulled out a flat paper box from her side bag, handling it to her husband. "Open it and watch."

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Offline National Acrobat

'Hmm, how can I refuse such an offer?' he said to his wife, giving her another kiss after she had kissed him.

'I hope everyone has had a good day?' he asked. His daughter and wife smiling simply lit the place up. He was very happy.

Offline ShiaTopic starter

She playfully punched into his husband's arm with her elbow.
"Hey, won't you open it??" She giggled and wrapped around Corinna with a kiss on her crown as she climbed atop of her thighs, pressing her small back against her chest - heart against heart, their very first meeting repeating itself throughout the years, carrying the same joy.
"Yeaaah! Mommy has something to tell!" Their daughter was riding on Imma's lap, more excited with every passing moment. "Openitopenit!" The crystal blue eyes sticked to the box demanding.

Offline National Acrobat

'Of course, Of course' he said, smiling. 'I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my lovely ladies and their day' he said to her.

He wasn't sure what to expect, but he opened it. 'Opening it now' he said to her eager to see what had her so excited.

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"Ta taaa" Imma said softly when she heard the box opening and the fresh and shiny book being pulled out of it with the greatest of care.

A bunch of /more or less/ useful tales

written by Imma Simmons Richardson

"This is..." Moving closer she leaned her head against Cody's shoulder and also tightened her embrace around their dearest. "my confession of love to the both of you.. They published my writings and.. it's been possible mainly because of you. So.. thanks for inspiring me."
Corinna gave a bit confused look to her mother.
"What is 'ins-pir'??"
The woman rubbed her nose against hers and kissed her forehead, her long hair covering her daughter like a soft veil.
"It means: giving wings to somebody. A great gift. To help somebody making dreams come true.. Like Daddy did to me.. And you did to us."

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Offline National Acrobat

His face lit up with a bright smile, and tears rolled down his cheeks. 'That's wonderful dear' he said to her, smiling and touched. 'So very wonderful. I am just glad that you gave me the chance to love you. I would not be the man I am today, without you' he said, kissing her cheek. 'I feel like the luckiest man in the universe, to share my life and love with the two of you' he said, hugging both of them tightly, as if he were afraid to let them go.

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Imma blushed a little, her heartbeat speeding up, that he could feel even through her wool springtime coat.
"Is there.. a place for a third one?" She chuckled, her own invisible tears making her voice trail off as she pulled out a blurry image of 'something' from her pocket and carefully pressed it against where Cody's hand felt to be...

Offline National Acrobat

He was about to say something when it registered with him what she had just said. He had that stupid grin that indicates he was both stunned and happy at the same time. 'I, sure, I mean, wow!' he said, taking her hand in his and taking the blurry image from her other hand. 'Really? I mean, wow!' he said. He hugged tight.

Offline ShiaTopic starter

"Ab-so-lute-ly really!"

There were a few lazy lines written on the other side of the soon-to-be-a-recognisable-baby image.

'You are right. Carrier is nothing.
Congrats again, daddy. Wow, this was quick! ;)


"I think Aelina just sent you a short message with the picture.. She said.. the thing she likes the most in our family is that we always produce things unlikely to happen." Imma chuckled and rubbed Corinna's back who was watching this early image of her sibling with the same curiosity as her father did. "She also said: with this one we can fully enjoy the heights and depths of laboring if we wish so."
Their daughter turned to face her then glanced at Cody.
"Hey, who's this in this picture??"
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Offline National Acrobat

He was still in shock, but a good feeling indeed.

'She said we can do normal child birthing? Really? That is wonderful news' he said, and that should say it all. She was medically cleared, which was joy in and of itself.

'I am so glad. I wanted always to have more than one, for Corinna to have a sibling. It's like a dream come true' he said to her.

'We need to get a bigger apartment' he said.

He looked at his daughter. 'That is your baby brother or sister' he said, patting Imma's belly. 'Right now, they are sitting inside Mommy's tummy, until it's time to come out and meet everyone' he said.
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On the first page there was the dedication 'To Cody and Corinna, to Corinna and Cody', then an artistic black and white photo of the three of them, almost just like now, sitting under a large tree, entwined in touches and in their love for each other, smiles shining even through the paper...
And below a few lines from the author.

'I don't count the days of my life like: before the explosion and after the explosion.
I count them like this: before we became one and after that.'

Soon rain began to pour, soft and gentle, urging them to return home. Home.



The Perfect Storm-Yours Forever

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