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May 25, 2018, 11:59:59 AM

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Author Topic: Anyone interested in playing a dominant drow female? (is there any other kind?)  (Read 2961 times)

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Offline Swedish Steel

Quote from: Swedish Steel linh
No, I have had a sporadic internet connection since I moved.  Soon though...

Woah, that looked odd. :)
Ok, let us know when you do start though.

Offline ZK

Just what sort of game is this turning into? O.o

Offline Brandon

One thats going to be heavily lurked Z.K

Offline ZK

People sure do like Elven interacial lesbian sex apparently. o.O

Offline Swedish Steel

I know, I'm as suprised as you are.  ;D

Offline Soulsemmer

For me, it's more the elves, less the lesbian factor.

And dark-skinned elves... yeah. Let's just not go any further or someone's not getting out of this unmolested.

Offline Apple of Eris

promises promises

Offline ZK

And it has me playing in it as the dominate female, right, Soulsy? ^.~

Offline Elvi

What kind of Ilharess do you do then? o.o

Sort of a mixture of european mythology and the drow played in my live roleplay system.
Yes I guess the D&D drow are in there as well, at least the basic premisse, though I supose when it comes down to it, a drow is a drow......

Offline Soulsemmer

I'd have no other at the top, Z-baby.  :-*

I haven't played a Drow in some time, though I've played Dark Elves for assorted genres. None of them are quite drow, though.

Offline Elvi

Of course if you want the true dominant evily nasty, she has to be a worshipper of Lloth and the Illharess, though of course a Noctacoula worshipper is ......interesting...... though they tend to be male.

Offline Soulsemmer

I tend to lean more towards Shar. She was always the most interesting Goddess to me by a longshot.

Offline Elvi

She seems to be very strongly based upon Hel, the Norse keeper of the underworld.

Offline Soulsemmer

Maybe so. Norse mythology itself always tickled my fancy.

I don't know if you're one for video games, but there was a Playstation game out about five or six years ago called "Valkyrie Profile"... and it remains one of my favorite games to this day.

Basically you play as one of the three valkyries who govern the flow of souls to Midgard, and your job is to find suitable heroes to fight for Odin is Asgard. It's not dead-on when it comes to mythological accuracy, but it was more than enough to make me squeal in delight.

Wow, wasn't that off-topic? Sorry to convolute the thread like this.

So how about them obsidian women? Mm-mm.

Offline Elvi

I love the Valkyrja.
I play a child of the Valkyrja, Brusca on another site and also Hel.

But yes, them there Drow are really 'cute'

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