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Author Topic: Midnight Gets What's Coming To Her (NC/possible EX)  (Read 699 times)

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Midnight Gets What's Coming To Her (NC/possible EX)
« on: February 22, 2010, 12:42:54 PM »
Meagan Wood is a junior at Metro City Univerisity, Met U for short, and is studying to become a mechanical engineer with a minor in electrical engineering.  Suffice it to say that she's smart and will probably get a good job straight out of school.  She's played volleyball for Met U and soccer as well.  The girls at the school have all spandex uniforms which suits her just fine.  Though nothing quite suits her like going out at night and patrolling the campus and the city looking for any criminal activity to clean up.

Her alter ego is called Midnight.  She wears an all black body sheathe with a zipper up the back.  A knife is kept on her left hip though she's rarely seen using it.  She has two main powers. Telepathy and telekinesis.  She can read surface thoughts of a person and while she has great potential to get better, Meagan hasn't had the time to concentrate on it.  She uses the telepathy to read what a person plans to do next, or what punch they're going to throw, or even to detect that they're sneaking up behind her.

Over the course of three years it's been determined by nearly everyone that if you're a criminal and you see midnight, you'd better run.  Her telekinesis is far stronger than her telepathy.  She can form walls of invisible force, she can form it around her body to make her bullet proof, or she can use it to fly.  The ranges of uses are numerous, though she often uses it as a sort of super strength.  She can lift cars and busses alike with little problem.  The heaviest thing she's lifted to date is a freight liner (the boat kind) and only got it a couple of inches out of the water before passing out from the strain.

Luckily, at the time, she was just testing her ability.  She loves going into hand-to-hand combat.  Though her only time to exercise her love for up-close-and-personal fighting is with thugs.  They're often no stronger than her, and normally can't fight all that well.  It's still not a fair fight, but it's fun and it gets her heart pumping.  Plus, dressing up in impossibly tight spandex always helps for the erotic charge she gets from fighting.

While she is undefeated she's also pissing off a lot of badguys.  They want her head (or her large butt) on a silver platter.  Bounties are on her head from the underworld and villains try to collect quite their own demise.  There are still things that can defeat her though.  They're listed below.

1) Thugs.  They're numerous and most of them can't fight their ways out of a wet paper bag.  However if someone gets lucky (as seen below) then she could be easily over taken.  Her guard is down, she's not even bothering to read them, since she figures she's honing her skills.((On an OOC note, I like this idea best.  The super hot, superheroine getting taken out by a normal thug turns me on.))

2)Monsters.  Or rather anything that's not human.  She can't read their minds so they could easily sneak up on her, or surprise her with some kind of attack she'd never see coming. 

3) Animals. Really could go with the above, but if someone controls animals or has trained them to take her out then this could be a possibility.

4) Other telepaths.  Again she can't read someone with a mental shield.  Even if they're not a telepath they just can block her thoughts (like Magneto's helmet) then they may well be able to take her out as well.

5) Invisible people. She can't see them and she can't detect them with her telepathy.  It makes them hard to fight, plus they can secretly follow her home and rape her there too.

I should also say that I'm looking to play Midnight in this scenario and that I'm looking for someone to play the thugs/monsters/whatever.  The plot to the game is more how Midnight will get taken down, raped, and slowly develop some fetishes for getting her butt kicked, not matter how much she may deny it.  Eventually I want to her to win, but she has to be torn down first.  Also, I'd prefer a well written post being able to put together and a frequent poster (at least one paragraph per post, and a post per day).

The plot is open for suggestions, I'm definitely wanting to develop it a little more.  Check out my Ons and Offs, linked in my signature, and PM me if you've got an idea.  Or post here! I'll be keeping tabs on this thread.



P.S. Don't forget about the slideshow/video below.