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Author Topic: Seeking games. M/M  (Read 858 times)

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Offline shadowspaleTopic starter

Seeking games. M/M
« on: December 27, 2009, 05:02:42 pm »
Revised and organized my ideas. I would be playing the sub/bottom in each and do not want anything extreme unless it ties (briefly) into a scene.

Is anyone out there?

Harley (me) is a late night dj for a small town radio. He gets off work one day to find everyone in his town gone. From what he sees it is as if everyone just vanished in the middle of what they were doing. There are crashed cars rammed into things, some with motors still running. In the dinner, the stench of burnt food is thick in the air. At the gas station, diesel flows freely from the overfilled tank of a Semi, the doors of the local supermarket clang loudly on the filled buggy stopped between them. The only signs of life he finds is a dog who seems as puzzled as he is by the lack of people.

He spends the next few days searching the nearby towns only to find them as empty as his own; at least of people. There is something else moving about, glimpses of motion caught from the corner of his eyes. He sees them so briefly he gets only the impression of a dark shape that walks upright. Totally freaked out, he returns home where he stock piles all the non perishable food and other supplies he can find into the radio station and then locks himself in. He continues to play music, sending out the same message between tracks, a tape sending it out during the times he gives in to the need to sleep. Every half hour his lonely voice haunts the airwaves, guiding anyone who can hear him too him.

Like Harley you awoke to find yourself alone. Unlike Harley you have seen the things roaming the streets and are well armed against them. Battling your way through the nightmare creatures; a loathsome mix of mammal and insect, you follow Harley’s voice.

Looking for an older badass for this one. Thinking maybe the leader of a motorcycle gang or an ex-gang member turned dirty cop; a real blow their heads off ask questions later type of guy.

Heven and Hell

A war has been raging between angel and demon for centuries; both sides have grown tired of it and wish for the end of it to arrive. The end boils down to one person.

Caleb (me) is a human with both angel and demon ancestry that he is aware of. Both the angels and the demons are seeking him as he holds the potential to win the war for either side. Caleb has his own mind and opinions. He wants no part of either side wishing to remain neutral. Life as an immortal human (meaning he is human in all ways except that he can't die unless he is killed by an angel or demon) looks pretty good to him.   

Resiel (Rey) is a guardian angel with tarnished wings. Because of his habit of breaking the rules as he sees fit in order to protect his charge, he is stripped of his Halo and given a new task. He is sent to Caleb to convince him that becoming an archangel is what he should do. Will he succeed in his mission or will love and lust turn him into a fallen angel?

Larssid (Lars) is a demon in shame. He has a softer side (a love of children or animals maybe?) that has earned him a bad rep. In an effort to redeem himself he has taken on the task of converting Caleb to the side of the demons. Will he earn the rep he wants or will his softer side win and he learns what love means?

The names can be changed and details worked out. This could be a threesome.

Body Guard.

Live is perfect for Taylor (me); he is mother’s angel and the apple of his oh so rich father’s eye. He has nothing to worry about but having fun; his parents take good care of him. Daddy is really quick to open his wallet; paying for every thing. He even makes sure the judges realize his son doesn’t spend any time in a dirty jail cell just because he was having a wee to much fun at a party and plowed into the back of a police car. Who cares if he doesn’t know how to do anything for himself? Daddy’s wallet is deep and can pay for people to do it for him.

His grandfather loves him just as much but isn’t blind to the fact that Taylor is being set up for a hard fall. His mother and father won’t always be around and neither will he. He despairs of his grandson ever learning to grow up but it isn’t until death threats are made that he is handed the opportunity to do something about it. He hires the nephew of an associate to protect Taylor. He also arranges for his grandson to be taught that life isn’t one big party and that he needs to become and adult. He sends the pair into hiding in a remote area where “Daddy” can’t be reached.

You will be the bodyguard. I was thinking maybe an ex marine or drill sergeant who received an honorable discharge.
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Offline Tom

Re: Seeking games. M/M
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2010, 06:38:36 am »
Interested in the Bodyguard story. PM'ing you.

Offline shadowspaleTopic starter

Re: Seeking games. M/M
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2010, 03:42:21 pm »
Added new idea