Looking for an [UN] M/M fantasy

Started by Nadir, February 20, 2010, 11:34:30 AM

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Subtle Magics
   Setting: Fantasy
   Plot:The court magician gets a new apprentice, one around the same age as the crown prince. Follows the apprentice and the prince through their first meeting, to their friendship and eventual romantic involvement.
   Desired Genders:m/m
   Desired Tag: [Van] upwards
   Notes:I'd prefer to play the apprentice.

Kindda thin plot - I want to build something thicker with the playing partner. With quite a bit of lesson skiving and late night shenanigans and (mostly) good times. Something that starts fluffy with undertones of angst (total opposite of my usual).


Another reason why I left so much to the imagination is so that it can include anything, anything at all. You seriously cannot creep me out, Mnem has given up after trying for years. We can make anything happen with this. The only limits are those of the site. I have only four offs, two of which are situational. Or instead of wild, we can stay tame and fluffy and cute. Or drown it in angst.