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Author Topic: Infected - All the Rage (inspired "28 Days Later") The group is complete!!!  (Read 8826 times)

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Infected - A Zombiesque Scenario (inspired by 28 Days Later rather than the usual zombies), Europe 2019

I crave a little action-packed apocalyptic horror - please ignore the gaping holes in the logic of it all...

The group is complete, I'm not accepting more players for the time being!

All updates and input will go to the OOC thread from now on.

What happened:

In 2012, there was a sudden outbreak of a virus more deadly and fast-spreading than most epidemics humanity had ever faced. It began in Paris, appeared to be a flu-like assault on the immune system. It was deadlier than influenza ever had been, but those who survived seemed to fully recover. As if by a miracle, the outbreak could be contained within continental Europe and appeared to have been successfully treated. Until, roughly about half a year later, all hell broke loose.

Whether it was due to a mutation of the virus or whether it was a long-term consequence of the original infection, nobody ever had a chance to find out - because it spread too fast. Rabies-like, it seemed to destroy the brain function of people, turning them into crazed, extremely violent - and infective - monsters. Picture 28 Days Later, I draw my idea of the infected from there rather than the usual dead slow-motion zombies.

As once again, Paris was the centre of the outbreak, a connection to the strange flu-virus was assumed by some. Whatever was attempted to limit the number of infections, failed entirely, safe zones became evacuation zones, and these had soon to be given up, too, as the infected overran continental Europe within a few months, and threatened to reach the rest of the world just as easily.

But thanks to the six months following the first epidemic allowing for research on the virus, there had been discovered one thing that might put a stop to the infection - at a terrible price. No human, infected or not, was likely to survive this newly-developed nerve-gas. There being no other chance, however, to stop the virus from spreading over the entire world, the sky over Europe was soon full of planes dropping bombs. When it was over, Europe was sealed off. It was officially claimed the bombs had been nuclear, chemical and biological, rendering Europe uninhabitable, deadly. Nobody should ever be tempted to go there.

With good reason. As predicted, not all humans were killed, nor all the infected. Those in power lied about the real state of affairs in Europe, watching it nervously while researching what little data they had. Years went by, plans were made for a cleansing and possible repopulating of the continent, but time ran out sooner than expected, as a new problem occurred. The virus was back. This time, it hit L.A., an incident that could be contained and hushed up. A year later, it occurred in New Delhi... It was clear now that this could happen again any time, with catastrophic consequences.

Had the virus appeared independently or, despite all security measures, had people crossed into Europe and out again and thus carried the virus, had animals done it? There was only one certainty. There were survivors in Europe, and they must be immune to the original virus, if not even to the one passed on by direct contact with the infected. And there was only one way to find out.

Someone must go there, gather information and samples, from as many sources as possible. The Robert-Koch-Institut and the Universitätsklinik Bonn (among other places) in Germany had collected valuable data during the critical outbreak and been about to send it all to the USA - when they were overrun. This data is needed, too.

In 2019, the mission begins:

Your character would be among those sent to secure samples and data, he'd be someone from outside Europe, possibly an elite soldier, but any other profession fitting this context is fine. He is given what information could be gained from the observations during the outburst and from outside (mostly satellite) observation. This is little enough, since survivors live mostly in hiding and Europe lies in complete darkness all night for lack of electricity.

Concerning the virus, it is feared your character (his entire team) might run a risk to catch the infection, he is also taught that who appears uninfected might nonetheless carry the virus, that there might have been further mutations. He is as best protected as possible and has the means to do an easy, quick test on others for indications of the infection, but still, there are high risks, even not counting in the raging, obvious infected.

About survivors:

The remaining humans often have ganged up, but many fled to remote areas and tried to survive as best they could there, growing their own food and defending themselves fiercely. The cities become the haunting grounds of the infected, especially at night. Yet, it is in the cities where canned food and medical supplies etc. can still be found. It is assumed the population is traumatised, brutalised, desperate, aggressive and ready to kill for the smallest gain, on the least provocation. They might not think too highly of whoever comes from the outside and be distrustful of their intentions.

The infected:

What your character will only find out once he's arrived and faced with the infected: They have a state of hibernation, when nothing is there they can feed on (meat, human or animal, fresh or rotten, is their diet), their metabolism slows down so much they appear dead. Until, that is, there's a light in the darkness, or a sound. Then, they're back on their feet in no time, they are fast, strong, vicious. Not smart, though, they cannot use strategies or open a door with a key etc.. But if one wakes up and starts chasing whatever woke them, howling and shouting, others are bound to hear and join the hunt. They feel no pain, are pale, their veins are very visible under their skin, their eyes bloodshot or glazed, as if drugged. They are not (un)dead and can be killed 'normally', but their berserk attacks make that difficult enough. Anything that instantly kills a human, kills them just as fast, but an injury that brings a slow death won't stop them from attacking, as their bodies do not go into shock, shut or slow down until right before the end.

The living conditions:

Nature has reclaimed a lot of territory, escaped animals and once beloved pets have turned wild, bred and formed highly aggressive packs. Rabies is back, too. The worst is over where the endless numbers of dead bodies are concerned. Together with the increased numbers of animals feeding on them, the infected always enjoy a mealtime no matter how rotten, so, most of the dead are by now scattered bones, picked clean. There is not going to be endless disgusting stink, rotting corpses and body parts everywhere.

Almost all the streets are blocked with cars and barricades, some cities tried to seal themselves off, bridges have been destroyed, the only way to get anywhere is usually on foot. As soon as it gets dark, it's dangerous to be outside, each light or noise will attract the infected (although there aren't vast hordes anywhere other than in areas formerly densely populated, cities, mostly). No electricity or running water works, food supplies and medicine, but also clothes et cetera are difficult to come by, as are weapons and ammunition. In Europe, few own a weapon, and few shops sell any. Most of these will have been plundered early on, as will have police stations and so on.

Concerning the plot:

This story will be as much about survival under these conditions as about hiding from and fighting off the infected while trying to gain the data needed. My character will be a tough young woman, a survivor, she has seen a lot and done much to stay alive, met many people, seen most of them die. Your character will probably come across her when she is trying to find something she needs in one of the cities, or on her way there. Whether he pretends to be another survivor or openly shows who he is and why he came, is up to you, also, whether they start off on friendly terms with her willing to help him, he takes her prisoner (a living sample), or circumstances force them to team up.

How violent, gory and messy we want the confrontations with the infected is negotiable, I can stomach and provide a lot descriptive violence outside the sexual context. What the focus and mood of our story shall be and how the relationship between our characters might develop on a physical or romantic level, we'll decide together.
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Offline MalinaTopic starter

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2010, 07:44:26 PM »
A few more thoughts on the survivors:

Most survivors will have tried to build sealed enclosures, some might have been lucky and found places heated with thermal energy, or can use a generator, wind or solar energy to produce a bit electricity and heat, even. Some have formed gangs and maraud, more or less, plundering whatever they can find. Those in enclosures might have to venture out now and then to collect things they need, too.

I could imagine the 'communities' trade valuable/rare things, too, and have to protect them against each other. In 'rural' areas, there are few infected still around. As people fled the cities, the proportion of immune versus infected worked in the favour of the immune population, they got rid of most infected, who now are a far less likely danger to run into than animals (boars, packs of dogs) or even other, hostile people and plunderers. It's the cities that are the main problem, they're often full of infected...

All who are still alive and 'normal' by now know they're immune to whatever virus might be in the air or water etc., many of them even have survived an actual bite/scratch from an infected without suffering symptoms. They plant crops, keep animals, hunt, gather and harvest food very much the usual way.

Since food is scarce and hard to come by, depending on the weather and how good the harvest is etc., the communities will not readily take in additional people, you would have to be more than just another mouth to feed, have a skill or talent, or useful knowledge to offer - or prove your worth in some other way, by taking on dangerous assignments, for example.

I think this 'community-founding process' is only in the beginning stages, at first, most people will have been busy fleeing, will have camped out in 'abandoned' houses, till they ran out of food and couldn't find more in nearby buildings, then moved on... But over the years, small communities formed when the 'right' people met who could organize and maintain life on - a farm, for example, things like that. Or they took over an abandoned military facility or prison and turned it into a secure place into which they could withdraw to defend themselves. I could also imagine islands and boats being popular, where it makes sense, both for transportation and safety.

You can create your character profiles now, if you want, and post them in this RP thread.

I'm going to give all of you a very free hand with your own characters, whether they are on the team or survivors from Europe, what their role on the team is. Whether they will have a secret agenda or other motives than those they claim to have, I'll leave entirely up to you.

I need:




Appearance (looks and built, with or without a picture, whatever you prefer)

Work/profession/training/skills/specific knowledge or experience


Languages your character knows/speaks (how well?)


Motives in joining the team (unless you prefer playing a survivor, then, you might describe why your character is out and on the move so he can happen across the other characters)...

How do you suppose your character would behave under stress and react to the situation he is faced with?

Weapons, equipment etc. your character has got

Sexual orientation and preferences

Sadly, I'm not at all good at creating fancy character sheets or 'frames' for posts, but if any of you knows how to do it and would like to see it in this game, here's the spot where you can share this with us and we can pick it up to make the RP look more appealing to the eyes. ^^

Albedo's character will be a team member, someone who has a secret agenda of his own...

Destiny Ascension  -> Anna Angela Hacket, a team member, and a United States Navy, SEAL Team 10, Corpsman

Leorobin -> Utem Eberel, a soldier, freelance bodyguard (when off duty) and C.E.O of his family's company, also on the team

Rick has offered to take the role of either a team member or a survivor - a decision I'll leave entirely to him. ;)

My character -> Friederike Hansen is a survivor in her twenties, she has done Le Parkour ( and some martial arts training in her life before the outbreak, that's how she managed to survive in the beginning. She is very fit and fast, that might be precisely her value or task for a community, that she can seek out a city with a decent chance to make it in and out, and bring the things people want. By now, she is quite experienced, knows how to spot 'nests' of the infected, how to avoid them if she can or kill them if she must (always the greater risk, confrontation, getting close to them)... More about her, of course, is going to follow soon.

Feel free to toss in your ideas here, ask questions, ponder and maybe make plans on how the team might be structured etc. - I chose for my character to be a survivor for a reason: I must admit I haven't got much of a clue about military ranks and procedures, so, if anyone has a fair idea how such a team could be structured and organised etc., please, do share it with us - ahem - me. *blushes*

On the team might also be agents or even civilians with useful knowledge, maybe even someone who came from Germany (I think we'd best take it there as it's the country I'm most familiar with in Europe), was evacuated during the outbreak, and now returns either to help or maybe to find a family member... Anything of that kind is welcome.

Concerning the mission:

Shall we assume the team/mission comes from the USA (characters can be from anywhere, obviously, this is more aboutwho is orchestrating, sending the mission, whether it's and international effort, something the WHO organised, or...)? This should be a very secret high security operation, as there could be a few really twisted, dangerous criminals or terrorists interested in such samples and data as the team is sent to retrieve, obviously, if such people found out about it...

Alright, the arena is opened, fire away! ;)
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Offline Zelric Miras

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2010, 01:12:08 AM »
What do you mean by 'fancy character sheets'?

Name: Utem Eberel

Age: 22

Nationality: Currently living in Japan when off-duty, his place of birth and upbringing is a secret of his family.

Appearance: Utem has deep blue eyes and shoulder length, straight black hair, usually worn in a low ponytail. Caucasian at first glance, but his features hint an Arabic heritage. Eventhough his eyes have more reminiscence of a Japanese bloodline. Approximately 5,9 feet in height, his body is medium built. Through the tight fitting, long sleeved t-shirt he usually wears when not on duty, it is possible to see hints of toned up muscles.

His costum made uniform, aside from the thick gloves and the usual protection, has thicker and padded sleeves and legs, both intended to prevent wounds to be inflicted by cutting or piercing weapons. He also wears a helmet that covers the back, sides and top of his head without hindering his field of sight. With the helmet he wears a pair of protection goggles that can switch from transparent to nearly black according to the lighting.

Work/profession/training/skills/specific knowledge or experience:

Work/Profession: Soldier/ Freelance bodyguard when off duty/ C.E.O of his family's company.

Training: Armed and unarmed combat in different disciplines.

Specific Knowledge: Amateur white and blacksmith.

He was raised in a family that dedicated their lives to combat training, sometimes using brutal methods to ensure fast learning and growth of the abilities. His training was particularly fierce since he was supposed to inherit the family's business, a world wide network of facilities designed for training of elite forces.

Once he was old enough, and had received the company, he left his home and applied for a position as researcher in the military. Much to his relief, the company practically ran by itself and he rarely had to do anything besides holding the position as C.E.O..

In the military, he was reassigned to combat tasks rather than investigation, mainly for two reasons. The first was his skills and the second was a series of incidents labeled as 'being overlyfriendly with the female investigators to the point of being uncomfortable to some of them.'

He 'volunteered' for this mission. It was that or awaiting trial while working behind a desk.

Languages your character knows/speaks (how well?):
Japanese: Basic, quoting him: "Enough to not starve to death, have decent accommodations, move around, get a job, run the company and learn more"

Spanish: He was raised in a Spanish speaking household.

Arabic: Only reading it. He can't understand a word of it though.

French: Basic.

English: 80-90%

Personality: Bold and outgoing. Usually calm and collected, when not flirting with and/or teasing a 'prospect'. He can get carried away during battle, trying to get as many enemies as he can, competing against himself to improve his skills.

He usually thinks before acting, although he tends to disregard certain caution measures when he feels confident about the situation.

Motives in joining the team:
Quoting him again: "I'd rather risk my guts and be cleared than wait for a trial in a boring office."

How do you suppose your character would behave under stress and react to the situation he is faced with?

He will react according to the situation. He is usually cold-headed but he is able to ascertain when something is way over his head.

Weapons, equipment etc. your character has got:
Fire arms: Two semi automatic, double barrel .45 handguns, a modified assault rifle and a sniper rifle, usually disassembled inside a small pouch.
Blade weapons: 10 knifes in different pockets and holsters.
Other weapons: Stun gun, iron knuckles incorporated to the gloves.

Bagpack and vest: Ammunition, a sealed bag with powder, bullet molds, emergency rations, first aid kit, spare set of gloves, two long sleeved t-shirts, a flashlight with an integrated dynamo, a flame retardant blanket, an insulating blanket, two gas masks and an electric lighter that doesn't need fuel.

Sexual orientation and preferences: Straight.

What do you think?

Offline MalinaTopic starter

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2010, 02:00:44 AM »
Excellent! That's what I think, thank you for posting it.  XD

Offline Zelric Miras

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2010, 02:28:14 AM »
I am glad you liked it. ^^

What do you mean by 'fancy character sheets'? Perhaps i can work it out.

Offline MalinaTopic starter

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #5 on: February 21, 2010, 03:08:39 AM »
I have seen some sheets  - and also posts - where pictures were included (embedded in the text? Can one say that?) and who were well structured, used the same script etc. for everybody. The posts had a picture on the right and a little headline saying who and where the character in the post was. Things like that might be helpful to keep track of the characters...

Here's another question for the whole group:

We have a female character joining, it seems, for which I'm very glad.  XD I very much hope to at least win one more lady's interest...

But there's also been someone who asked to join with another male character. Now, I would not object to try my luck with a larger group RP, but I want this to be our mutual decision. So:

What would you think of a larger group (more than six characters), and how important is it to you that the balance between the genders is 1:1?

You can answer this in here or via PM, and whatever the group decides will be fine with me. Of course, if needed, I would be willing to play more than one female character in case we cannot find enough interested ladies.

Offline Zelric Miras

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #6 on: February 21, 2010, 03:42:01 AM »
Oh, those, yes it's somewhat tricky to get them right...

I'd be ok with a larger group as long as we all can keep track of each other's posts. Which might be tricky considering we are intending to write long posts. I run a rather large group rp in another forum, as satated, it can be tricky but it isn't impossible either.

The balance is not that important, I think, at least not on the plot you've set. Eventhough, I've played female characters before, not on E, mind you. So i could also help if, as you mentioned, we can't get enough interested ladies.

Offline MalinaTopic starter

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #7 on: February 21, 2010, 03:59:16 AM »
I think Rick might know how to do that, I remember having seen them in one of his RPs. I could also ask another friend of mine who used them in a group RP.

Thanks for your input! I don't intend to make the group much larger. Ten people would be my maximum, but I'd rather stay below that number, so it doesn't grow over my head.

I much appreciate your offer to RP a female character, too, in case we'd end up short of them and the others favour an equal number of female and male characters. ;)

Offline Destiny Ascension

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #8 on: February 21, 2010, 07:04:58 AM »
Anna Angela Hackett



Appearance (looks and built, with or without a picture, whatever you prefer):
The years and years of intense athletic activity and military training and discipline are obvious on Anna's body. Her muscles are very well defined, particularly in her legs and arms and abdomen, though shes not nearly as large as the men she serves with, anyone taking a glance at her would know she was very fit. Her healthy diet and personal ambition to stay in perfect condition drives her to push her limits whenever, though she is smart enough to not let herself get paper thin, and maintains a fitting diet for her line of work.

Otherwise, Anna is easily mistakable for a woman in the business of looking great. Her pretty face is framed by light brown hair which she keeps cut just above her neck and down when shes off duty. On duty, Anna keeps her hair in a low pony tail so it will inside a helmet. Her piercing aqua blue eyes are as mezmorizing as any weapons or earthly item, and completed by her pretty face shes hard to ignore in a crowd. This is both an asset and a problem, especially if she wants to blend in, though her talents for being invisible in plain sight are noticed by her superiors, particularly since anyone will notice her beauty and not pay attention to what shes doing, how she carries herself like a soldier, or the concealed weapon she always carries.

Work/profession/training/skills/specific knowledge or experience:
United States Navy, SEAL Team 10, Corpsman

Anna's training exposed her to the darker side of Special Operations. She is trained to kill with any number of weapons, from a combat knife or assault rifle down to a pen or broke bottle, and even with her hands. Her training with the Navy is extensive and there is no environment she isn't completely comfortable in, and very few situations she isn't prepared for. The list is huge, but includes jump and dive school, mountain, arctic and urban warfare schools, close quarters combat school, infantry and squad warfare classes, scout and observations schools, SERE and advanced field medical training to name just a few.

Born in Fort Worth Texas, she was raised in an extremely strict military family, her father was a Navy Lieutenant Commander and her mother a Marine Colonel, both were extremely hard on her and her 3 siblings. She strove to achieve, overcome and always win. She was a straight A student, who enjoyed JROTC as much as she did the soccer she played, as well as softball, volleyball, hockey and football, she played a lot of sports. Her relationships with her parents was strained at best, they were rarely around and when they did they only critizied her for any small matter they could find. She resented her parents by the time she was though high school, often acting out in fights or through her sexual exploits.

She enlisted in the US Navy shortly after graduating high school, where she was placed in the Office of Naval Intelligence for only 5 months before she applied for Basic Underwater Demolitoin/SEALs Training at NAB Coronado, California. She excelled at short range marksmanship and close quarters combat, but what set her above her peers was her skill in medium range, urban marksmanship and land navigation, which she'd picked up doing track and field in long range runs.

Her career in the Navy is best described as hard to believe. Despite her ability, her combat deployments were few and far between. She earned a small celebrity status when CNN and The New York Times did an indepth story about her life and career in the Navy. Though that usually spelt the end of a career in the field, Anna was left in her place on her team, really the only place she wanted to be. Recently, both her parents devorced and her father was killed. Though her fathers death hurt Anna deeply, she never let it show and continued to serve her duty, taking only two days leave for the funeral and the trip back to Little Creek.

Languages your character knows/speaks (how well?):

English very well, French picked up, Russian very little, Arabic understanding and little speaking

Anna has always been something of a jokester. Her love for pranks and joking is directly tied to her undying cheerfulness and up-beat attitude towards life. In her years with the Navy, this has diminished noticeably with her exploits further putting a pressure on her mental state. The things she's seen and done have harmed her spirited attitude, but in comparison to many others around her Anna is a bundle of pure spirit. Her never quit attitude transfers into a desire to see everyone at their best, and since high school her flirtatious style has given way to a sisterly compassion for all around her

Anna is profoundly caring in general, but in combat she is ruthless. Its not a complete transformation in the blink of an eye, but Anna has never hesitated from firing back at someone nor has she ever regretted the necessity to do so. When on the battlefield she is a job, team and teammate first girl and has little time for fun. She will sport the odd smile, and even a joke or song, but in front of others she is cold and unwelcoming as steel, her eyes and face draining of all emotion for the sake of appearances. Her position as a woman in a mans world has forced her to harden herself out of self-preservation, and even though she still has high spirits, her outside appears more and more like rock.

Motives in joining the team:
Orders. Specifically, she is to ensure the mission is completed in a timely and effective manner, provide enhanced security for the team and also serve as jump master for the parachute jump.

How do you suppose your character would behave under stress and react to the situation she is faced with?
Depending on the situation. She's trained to deal with stress and anxiety from several situations, and this allows her to conduct herself in a manner fitting her position even under extreme stress and the worst possible conditions, though she does have a breaking point.

From point to point Anna is a mission oriented sailor. She has been conditioned to ignore all emotions and focus on her mission, her team and teammates and doing whatever is necessary to win. However despite this, she lives by a code of morals created and forged in warfare, and has no intention of pillaging those morals for the sake of her life. She conducts herself, at all times, as though she were with her team.

Weapons, equipment etc. your character has got:
Mk. 12 Mod X SPR(Modifications: Sound Suppressor, Trijicon TX30 Night Optional 4x12.5 Optic),
M4A1 CQB(Moficiations: EOTech XPS3-1 Holographic Reflex Optic, Foregrip),
MP5-Navy(Modifications: LED Flashlight Sound Suppressor, Trijicon RMR Reflex Optic),
P228 sidearm(Modifications: Laser Aiming Module, Sound Suppressor, Trijicon B&T Night Enhanced Sights),
M67 Fragmentation grenade and M84 Flashbang grenades, Intensive Response Field Medical kit, Advanced Trauma Intervention kit, Panasonic toughbook, night vision goggles.

Wearing:  Black nomex jumpsuit, tan combat boots, a sand tan tactical vest and webbings, a grey and tan combat ballistic assault helmet w/ a communications hookup and night vision mounts.

Sexual orientation and preferences:
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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #9 on: February 21, 2010, 11:59:31 AM »
I should have a character posted today or tomorrow, hope I'm not holding anything up.  :-[  Looking forward to playing with you all.  :)

As to gender balance and number of players, I don't have strong personal preferences, but here's my two bits.  Since the RP isn't all sex sex sex, the gender balance isn't that important, but I like to see a few of each gender simply for variety's sake, including lieges when they can be found.  As to size of the group, having an extra person or two isn't a bad idea, because group RPs usually have a sharp decline in participation after the initial novelty wears off.  The more people join, the more likely some of them will stick around for a while.

Of course, Malina, all those decisions are ultimately yours.  :)

Here are some links to commonly used bbcode and further info about jazzing up the visuals in posts (thanks to Saerra and Butterflykiss for the second link, a particularly thorough help thread) ...;area=bbcode
(The third column there is quite useful for copying and pasting commands right into your posts.)

The only commands I use frequently that I didn't see mentioned in those links are the float command to put images next to text, and the padding command to put some space around images.  Those look like this:
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=5][/img][/floatleft]That picture from the wiki will now show up a bit to the left of this text, if you copied and pasted all this into a post.
I use Elliquiy's Wiki to store image files for use in threads; the process is fairly simple once you've figured out how to do it once.  Here are some related links, I can help anyone who has questions or problems with it.

The only tricky part with that is knowing to right click the uploaded image and then copying the image location or link location to paste it into your post, rather than using the address from the address bar at the top of the page.

(Sorry if the info above is overly complex or poorly explained; I can attempt to explain the process more clearly for anyone who asks.)

If consistency is a big concern, any one of us could put together a template for either the character sheets or the posts themselves, which the rest of us could use by copying and pasting. 

The decision of whether or not to insist on complex formatting is up to you as GM, Malina; I personally enjoy such trifles but don't consider them crucial to my enjoyment of a game.  Same goes for the use of pictures.  Another consideration if you decide to include pictures is whether or not to insist on a particular kind of image:  anime-style drawings, other types of drawings, photos of famous people, photos of anonymous people, etc. etc.

P.S.  At the bottom of this post of mine is a template that anyone can use (copy and paste), from a totally different game, of course.  It contains all the coding from this character sheet
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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #10 on: February 21, 2010, 08:05:15 PM »
Thanks, Destiny Ascension, for putting up your character sheet!  As I said before, I like your ideas for Anna a lot...  :D

You're fine, Rick, not holding us up at all. I still have to post my own character's details, too. I'll get to it in a bit, I hope, it's mainly a matter of filling out the 'sheet'. ;)

Thanks for your input on the group size question, and for the links and explanations on how to use these bbcodes. I wouldn't insist on formatting - I just find it very appealing myself and know a lot of people like if they can present characters and posts they have worked on in this manner. I wanted us to have that option, although I couldn't offer it myself, not knowing how to use the bbcode... I really like the look of your character sheet there, Rick, thanks so much for posting it for us!* beams and offers a hug*

As for gender balance and group size, I've got good news, we might soon have another female character, a survivor this time.  XD Which would make us a group of six, and even numbered, genderwise. There are, however, two more who are interested in playing a male character, if the rest of our group, Albedo (hope to hear from him...), Destiny Ascension, and Tiaan, when she joins,  have no objections, I'd let them join, too.

Offline MalinaTopic starter

Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
« Reply #11 on: February 22, 2010, 01:29:18 AM »

  Character Name:  Friederike Hansen, called Franka

  Nationality:  German

  Age:  22


  Curly, brown, rather short hair, light green eyes, freckles

  Height: 1.68 m or  5'6"
  Weight: circa 58 kg or 128 lbs
  Well-proportioned, light-boned, muscular body


Training/skills/specific knowledge or experience: 

Sixteen at the time of the outbreak, she didn't even have her Abitur (University qualification) or a driver's licence when everything fell into chaos. Has talent for and had interest in languages and the humanities. A sports loving child and teenager who loved running, gymnastics, martial arts, mountaineering and free-climbing, which led to her grand passion for Le Parkour ( she discovered at the age of eleven. Fairly good swimmer.

Has considerable knowledge about the infected, communities and nomadic groups, cities and possible routes of travel in the Rheinland. Knows how to survive, deal with animals and people she comes across.

Her greatest 'gift' is her perceptive, highly developed instinct and understanding of how people (survivors or infected) and  animals 'tick' and will behave or react. This allows her to approach and interact with them in ways that minimise danger. Has observed, if not downright studied the infected. When it comes to hiding from them, sneaking past them, outrunning them or getting rid of them (not only by killing them), few survivors are more experienced or efficient than her.


Grew up in well-off middle-class intellectual household, lived in the country, later moved to Hamburg. Was an open, popular, fun-loving, sometimes cheeky girl, great at sports (did it for fun, not very interested in competitions)and a good student. Came down with the 'flu' in 2012, but recovered quickly. Was on a holiday in Berlin with a clique of Le Parkour and mountaineering friends when the epidemic broke out in June 2013. Berlin soon was run over by hordes of infected. The constantly shrinking group of friends tried to make it to the nearest evacuation zone, but by the time the three who had survived this long arrived, evacuations had stopped and the safe zone wasn't all that safe anymore.

To her knowledge, none of her family or friends survived. Like most, she tried to find out what had happened to them in vain. During her search for them and later while keeping on the move, she has joined and been joined by several groups and individuals, most of them dead or infected by now, too. In the past two years, she has regularly visited three small, stable communities of survivors in the region near Bonn which she helped scout, cleanse of infected, and secure. Carries news between the communities and secures goods (often from nearby cities) they need. Wants to join one of them and would be welcome.


Excellent German
Rather fluent in English, speaks with British accent, understands all accents and dialects from the British Isles well, but has (considerable) difficulties with American accents (hardly ever heard them spoken), especially when combined with slang or a blurred pronunciation
Speaks a very broken French and doesn't understand much, either, when spoken fast and with strong accent
Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and similar languages she can pick up quickly when she hears them spoken (her listening understanding of them will increase very fast)


Her formerly cheerful, open and fun-loving personality is almost entirely buried. Will, if necessary, explain for hours how best to cross a territory or survive in a city, but says almost nothing when it comes to personal or private matters. Sought contact and to bond with others in the early years after the outbreak, but seeing others die and having made hard decisions a few times too often, she has become emotionally detached. Doesn't encourage or respond well to attempts to get to know her or make her interested in another person on any but a superficial and 'functional' level.

Had a healthy, steady personality and psyche to begin with. Has much willpower and determination, is enduring, a survivor through and through. Relies on her own judgement and instincts, applies logic and analysis, doesn't respond well to bullying or attempts at intimidation, but won't challenge the decisions or authority of others unless they try to force them on her.

Hasn't degenerated through the events, still acts according to a set of morals, is rarely aggressive, not overly selfish or unscrupulous, will help others if motivated to.

Behaviour under Stress: 
Applies logic and follows her own judgement. Tough, enduring, resists stress over a long time, remains calm, calculating and rational in most situations. Doesn't hesitate to abandon or even kill someone who becomes a danger if she sees it as the only way to secure her or her group's survival.

Weapons, equipment etc.: 

to be added ;)

Sexual orientation:  Straight, possibly a touch of bi she isn't aware of. A virgin, inexperienced when the outbreak happened. Contraception being almost impossible to come by among survivors, sex didn't seem worth the risk, to her, a pregnancy would equal certain death.
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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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Excellent, I like your character (and the character-sheet, obviously) very much. No changes necessary, thanks for posting!  XD

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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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I have to admit the whole picture thing looks ...kinda good. I've never tried it before.

*saves that little line of code for a rainy day*

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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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It does indeed - and so does your character sheet, not to mention your character herself. ^^ Perfect choice for her, those pictures.  :D

I hadn't tried it before, either, only eyed other people's character profiles or posts with longing when I saw something like that. *has also saved it in open office*

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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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*always enjoys pictures of pretty ladies ... especially bad-ass ones ... even ones making rude gestures*


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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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Hey all, I look forward to playing with you all. Here is my sheet.

Name:  Derrick Silva
Age: 31
Nationality: Afro-Brazillian/American.

Appearance: Black hair, worn short. He is very muscular from the life he has lived. He has a rich brown skin tone, as well as several scars across his back and a rather bullet wound scar in his abdomen. Derrick appears as if he is carved out of stone, honed and forged into a weapon. He has dark, rich bedroom brown eyes. The scar in his abdomen causes problems from time to time as it hasn't fully healed, being quite recent. It was treated but only time will truly fix it. A few assorted gang-related tattoos on his torso. 6'2", he weighs approximately 236 lbs.

Work/profession/training/skills/specific knowledge or experience:  Former Gang Member, Soldier in The U.S.M.C, C.I.A (SAD) Operative, Hired Muscle, Martial Arts Instructor.

Background: Derrick grew up in a one parent household in the Inglewood area of L.A. His mother died early on in his youth from an overdose. Afterwards he was moved to a group home where he became violent and withdrawn. Frequently getting into fights, this would worsen when he became a member of one of the street gangs known as the Blackstone Pirus. Frequently engaging in criminal activity, he seemed to be heading on a one way street to prison before his parole officer got him to enlist in the Marine Corps. The P.O was the father figure he never had and actually adopted him at the age of 16. Here he was given structure, and discipline. His guardian a former millitary man himself trained him extensively in Krav Maga for two years before he enlisted.

Upon joining the Marines, he flourished and was quickly allowed to train for Special Operations. He was scouted by the Special Activities Division of the C.I.A and became one of their operatives. Specializing in Counter-Insurgency. This seemed to be the perfect career for the young man as he had no issues in conducting morally reprehensible acts. However this would come to an end when he was placed in Columbia and on a routine debriefing, the outfit was ambushed. Derrick was taken captive and held prisoner for two years where he endured torture and his own government disavowed any knowledge of him. After the camp he was held at was attacked by an unrelated paramillitary operation, Derrick used the chaos to escape.

Making his way to Europe with the few contacts he had left, he worked over there as hired muscle until having a child. With his life put into perspective, he stopped working as a hired gun and instead became a martial arts instructor in France. It was this relatively simple existence that he enjoyed before the outbreak happened. He lost his daughter, and doesn't know whether she is dead or alive.

Languages:  English. Fluent French, Fluent Spanish, and basic Israeli, Russian and Portugese. He cannot write or read in Russian or Israeli.
Personality:  Derrick is not a trusting person. He can be downright hostile, but for the most part he is a deeply brooding and tormented man. The loss of his daughter hit him hard, and he has a somewhat nihilistic world view. A pessimist to the core, he operates by an odd code of conduct that only he understands where aid that is granted to him must be repaid in full. If one were a psychologist, they would seem he is deeply wounded. Despite his upbringing, he is a very intelligent person. Derrick speaks in a surprisingly eloquent manner at times. He has a grace to him, a sort of poetic spark and is fairly religious. He is also quite flirtatious as he and his wife were divorced before the outbreak, and he had sole custody of his daughter.

Motives in joining the team:  He recognizes no man is an island, so he will join up with a group if he believes that they have a chance of surviving.

How do you suppose your character would behave under stress and react to the situation he is faced with?  The ends justifies the means. After his deeply troubled childhood, and his experiences and torture it seems nothing much phases him. Derrick is more than willing to kill, steal, or do anything that needs to be done to ensure his survival. However he is deeply sympathetic towards children. The life he has lived has had a profound effect on him, and he deeply believes that for his trangressions he is being punished.

Weapons, equipment etc.:  Franchi SPAS-12(lifted off of a corpse), A 3.57 magnum, M1911 pistol he uses as a backup sidearm. Stainless steel black Ka-Bar. A small picture of his daughter. Small first aid kit. A titanium crowbar that is used as a tool but also as a weapon. Water bottle. Backpack. A few spare pair of socks. Box of matches. A flashlight. Sunglasses. Pair of binoculars. Extra rounds/slugs.

Sexual orientation and preferences:  Heterosexual, divorced.
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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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*chuckles* Good to know, Rick!^^

Thanks for posting your character sheet, Darkcide, I like it very much. Welcome to the group!  XD

We're almost ready to launch... The last two profiles should be up very soon. ^^

I plan to have the team meet in the USA for the first time. They will have been, under strict secrecy and with very short notice, summoned to a certain building, where they'll be briefed about the mission and can make each other's acquaintance.

The next day they will be dropped from a plane with parachutes, over a a region near Bonn.

Their first goal (apart from seeking out survivors of the virus, collecting data, documenting what they see etc.) will be to reach Bonn and secure what data they can retrieve about the outbreak from the Universitätsklinik Bonn. There is a slight hope the data the Robert Koch Institut in Berlin was not able to send to the USA before the building was completely lost to the infected, might have reached Bonn in time - which could save them the long, dangerous trip to Berlin, a far bigger city, swarming with infected.

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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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Ouch.  My teeth hurt.  :)

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Re: Infected - A Zombiesque (-> 28 Days Later) Scenario, Europe 2019 seeking F
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Hi, everybody, XD

thank you all for your interest, your ideas, your writing and posting all these great characters so quickly!

We're very close to getting started. I might open the RP thread tonight, but most likely, I'll wait until tomorrow. If you simply cannot wait that long, nudge me via PM. Nudge, Destiny Ascension, gentle will do, no kicking my head. :P

I have named our game (-> zombiesque sounds so dreadful)  : Infected - All the Rage.

It will be in the 'Extreme' section (due to violence, possible splatter and gory fighting scenes)  for small groups. I've opened the OOC thread and posted info there. ^^

See the symbol below? Clicky, please! ;)

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Re: Infected - All the Rage (inspired by the film 28 Days Later)
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Name: Ashleigh de Jong
Age: 23
Nationality: Dutch (Netherlands)

Appearance: Always a girl that was more interested in the artificially lit labs and books, Ashleigh's skin is a fair tone. This also is something she attributes her flawless complexion to. Though she can't believe in the claims due to its lack of scientific support, her rather 'isolated' life stunted her aging, giving her an appearance of of a girl no older than 19. Or so she's been told. Blonde hair often worn straightened when out and about; reached down to just below her chest. In lab settings and the like, she is careful enough to either tie her hair back into a messy bun or a loose ponytail. Grey/green eyes never cease their analytical gaze. A little on the shorter side, lean; 5'6", 125 lbs, 32B - 28 - 30.

Work/Profession/Training/Skills/Specific Knowledge or Experience: Originally moved to Canada to study at the University of Guelph. Originally Ashleigh had been eager to learn about agriculture and other environmental studies, but quickly changed over to toxicology when she figured out that she knew much of what she was allegedly being taught. She was well into earning her Masters when the outbreak in Europe was making headlines. Her attentions were obviously diverted, focusing on what made this virus work.

Background: Studious is the one word that Ashleigh is very familiar with - it being one that she hears in conversation rather than speaking it. Never really her fault, though, as her family had quite the library in her home to keep her occupied. That's not to see she never went out to kick a ball around with her friends... she'd just rather have her nose in a book. Traveling far and often with her parents, the young girl learned much and gained a deep appreciation for Europe's history and land. So much so, that when she came of age, she traveled to Canada to study, hoping to bring back more knowledge to sustain Europe's brilliance.

It was a good plan, if not for the sheer lack of advanced knowledge. Ashleigh thought it would be better to study something new, while still being able to use the labs for her own personal work. Toxicology at the University of Guelph was appealing, and she had kept her studies up for a few years until the outbreak. Her studies were thorough, despite her lack of front line observation with the affliction. Finding it frustrating to have only theory to run on, she found an organization willing take her there. It helped that they were looking for her as much as she was looking for them. Whodathunk the American government would want to get their hands wet?

Another word that was often thrown about with Ashleigh around was pretty. She never was a fan of that one.

Languages: Dutch, German, English, Faux-French (something she picked up from a Quebecois friend. Would never actually speak it to someone fluent). Spanish and Italian are languages she plays around with, beginner levels at best. Her accent is a soft spoken Dutch/German - living in Canada has helped dull the harsh tones and inflections on some of her words.

Personality: Ashleigh is oddly chipper for someone so inclined to have little organisms and parasites as company. Her enthusiasm for everything science can appear to carry over to her interactions with any people around her. A friendly soul, though far from innocent and naive as she tends to be cynical of facts unless they are her own. The line between conversational and opinionated are rather blurred. All-in-all, a good person who will go out of her way for those she find important; at this moment in time, she believes those are the victims of the European fall.

Something that is not really known to anyone, besides those that do it with her, Ashleigh figure skates in her free time. Not a champion by any means, but when there is time on the ice set out for a free skate, she will take it.

Motives for joining the team: A native of the lands across the pond, Ashleigh always had something to protect when the outbreak was official. The only word she had gotten from her family back in Holland was that they were weary of the news, and that they were going to prepare themselves for whatever is to come. What that was no one exactly knew, but contact after that was something non-existent. Her education and work was enough of a basis for the relatively young Ashleigh to dedicate the next few years of her life to the causes of the outbreak. Finding an end to this to save those still surviving and perhaps reverse those afflicted is motive enough.

How do you suppose your character would behave under stress and react to the situation she is faced with?: There is more to be afraid of on a petri dish than someone with a gun. Or so one would think when dealing with something just as deadly. In reality, mindless husks of human beings rushing towards you is something hard to gauge a reaction to, but if asked, the girl would probably say that she would let the bullet do all the speaking for her. Something on a more mental, intellectual level, would leave her contemplative and focused until she could come up with an answer.

Weapons, equipment, etc.: The usual stationery for a student of the sciences; smart phone, notepad, camera, netbook laptop (she hates the little tablet things), etc. Had taken basic weapons training, but does not own a weapon of her own, for personal safety or otherwise.

Sexual orientation and preferences: Straight... enough (can be swayed), currently single.

Uh... hope that's okay. Running on crap sleep since I just got back from overseas maybe a 20 hours ago. Bwahaha.

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Re: Infected - All the Rage (inspired by the film 28 Days Later)
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Uh... hope that's okay. Running on crap sleep since I just got back from overseas maybe a 20 hours ago. Bwahaha.

It's fantastic, and you posted it so fast - I'm impressed. I saw you were gone till the 22nd in your A/A, and now your profile is already up, after you asked me about joining only yesterday. Wow! *beams*

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Re: Infected - All the Rage (inspired by the film 28 Days Later)
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Here's my character sheet. I'll probably add a few more details and for information as time goes. If there's any problems with it, let me know and I'll change it asap! :) Looking forward to RPing with all of you guys.

EDIT: For some reason my formatting is messed up. It looks and works perfect in the preview, but when I actually have it posted, all my links and images are not showing?

  Character Name:  Jacob (Jake) Daniel

  Nationality:  American, with various other nationalities mixed in.

  Age:  28


  Short, brownish hair, brown eyes, handsome features
  Height: 6’2”
  Weight: 200 lbs
  Very athletically fit, toned, lean and muscular build


Training/skills/specific knowledge or experience: 
In the Marines, Jacob had worked his way up to become a rather skilled marks man. The Marine Corps taught him stern discipline. And being a pretty outdoorsy person, Jacob knew how to survive in the wilderness – wilderness not filled with blood thirsty cannibals.
The only information he’d had about Europe was that it had been a poison, and little did he know that that ‘poison’ would turn humans into living monsters…

Jacob had been born into a well off family. His mother had been a lawyer, and his father a Colonel in the Army. Perhaps that had been why he had chosen to join the armed forces after college. To follow in his father’s footsteps. Jacob attended the University of Washington, and was able to finish his studies one year earlier than usual, due to attending school full time and taking courses over the summer.
Right after college, instead of pursuing his career of choice, Jacob spent three years in the Marine Corps after he was finished with college. The Marines brought him all kinds of training, and whipped into the best shape of his life. After the three years in the Marines, Jacob was offered a position to work with Xe Services LLC, also known as Blackwater, a private military security firm, in other words, the largest mercenary firm in the world at the time. Blackwater offered a nice paycheck, which had been the primary reason Jacob had joined in the first place. Blackwater had a thing for special agents, as it was primarily Army Rangers, Special Forces, and Marines that were hired.
Blackwater had been putting its business in foreign affairs for years, hence why they’d dispatched a team over-seas to help secure the borders of Europe. But in the process, the plane Jacob had been on had crash landed somewhere in Germany – somewhere near Bonn.
Completely fluent in English and somewhat fluent in Spanish, French, and some German from high school elective courses.
Boy scout up until high school, Jacob had always been an outdoors type of person, whether it be camping, hiking, or dirt biking in the mountains. He had also been fascinated with machines – cars to be exact, hence his ability to fix anything when it came to automobiles. Had that been a better paying field, he would have easily pursued that as opposed to joining the armed forces.

Behavior under Stress: 
Having been in the Military for the past 7 years, Jacob has learned to handle almost any situation he comes across. Because if he stressed out under the job, someone would die, and something like that just couldn’t happen in his line of work. Though, the outbreak in Europe had definitely crept under his skin for the first couple months he’d been in Europe.
Weapons, equipment etc.: 
(Primarily weapons from the crashed airplane)
M86 Sniper Rifle , Glock Model 22 , M4A1 Carbine , Butterfly Knife , Survival Knife , as well as other basic supplies from the crashed airplane. Food rations to last years, but a lack of water, hence one of the reason for Jacob leaving the crash site.

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Re: Infected - All the Rage (inspired by the film 28 Days Later)
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I would love to join into this RP, but I don't know if this is closed or not. I have a concept for a character in mind, but I dont think im going to elaborate on it until I know its okay to join.

Thank you in advance tho. I look forward to this RP whether I am in it or not. :)