Infected - A Zombiesque Scenario, Europe 2019 - became a group RP [EX]

Started by Malina, February 19, 2010, 01:03:51 AM

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Infected - A Zombiesque Scenario (inspired by 28 Days Later rather than the usual zombies), Europe 2019

I crave a little action-packed apocalyptic horror - please ignore the gaping holes in the logic of it all...

This RP has officially expanded into a group RP! Three male characters are in the game, I now I hope to find two female characters.

What happened:

In 2012, there was a sudden outbreak of a virus more deadly and fast-spreading than most epidemics humanity had ever faced. It began in Paris, appeared to be a flu-like assault on the immune system. It was deadlier than influenza ever had been, but those who survived seemed to fully recover. As if by a miracle, the outbreak could be contained within continental Europe and appeared to have been successfully treated. Until, roughly about half a year later, all hell broke loose.

Whether it was due to a mutation of the virus or whether it was a long-term consequence of the original infection, nobody ever had a chance to find out - because it spread too fast. Rabies-like, it seemed to destroy the brain function of people, turning them into crazed, extremely violent - and infective - monsters. Picture 28 Days Later, I draw my idea of the infected from there rather than the usual dead slow-motion zombies.

As once again, Paris was the centre of the outbreak, a connection to the strange flu-virus was assumed by some. Whatever was attempted to limit the number of infections, failed entirely, safe zones became evacuation zones, and these had soon to be given up, too, as the infected overran continental Europe within a few months, and threatened to reach the rest of the world just as easily.

But thanks to the six months following the first epidemic allowing for research on the virus, there had been discovered one thing that might put a stop to the infection - at a terrible price. No human, infected or not, was likely to survive this newly-developed nerve-gas. There being no other chance, however, to stop the virus from spreading over the entire world, the sky over Europe was soon full of planes dropping bombs. When it was over, Europe was sealed off. It was officially claimed the bombs had been nuclear, chemical and biological, rendering Europe uninhabitable, deadly. Nobody should ever be tempted to go there.

With good reason. As predicted, not all humans were killed, nor all the infected. Those in power lied about the real state of affairs in Europe, watching it nervously while researching what little data they had. Years went by, plans were made for a cleansing and possible repopulating of the continent, but time ran out sooner than expected, as a new problem occurred. The virus was back. This time, it hit L.A., an incident that could be contained and hushed up. A year later, it occurred in New Delhi... It was clear now that this could happen again any time, with catastrophic consequences.

Had the virus appeared independently or, despite all security measures, had people crossed into Europe and out again and thus carried the virus, had animals done it? There was only one certainty. There were survivors in Europe, and they must be immune to the original virus, if not even to the one passed on by direct contact with the infected. And there was only one way to find out.

Someone must go there, gather information and samples, from as many sources as possible. The Robert-Koch-Institut and the Universitätsklinik Bonn (among other places) in Germany had collected valuable data during the critical outbreak and been about to send it all to the USA - when they were overrun. This data is needed, too.

In 2019, the mission begins:

Your character would be among those sent to secure samples and data, he'd be someone from outside Europe, possibly an elite soldier, but any other profession fitting this context is fine. He is given what information could be gained from the observations during the outburst and from outside (mostly satellite) observation. This is little enough, since survivors live mostly in hiding and Europe lies in complete darkness all night for lack of electricity.

Concerning the virus, it is feared your character (his entire team) might run a risk to catch the infection, he is also taught that who appears uninfected might nonetheless carry the virus, that there might have been further mutations. He is as best protected as possible and has the means to do an easy, quick test on others for indications of the infection, but still, there are high risks, even not counting in the raging, obvious infected.

About survivors:

The remaining humans often have ganged up, but many fled to remote areas and tried to survive as best they could there, growing their own food and defending themselves fiercely. The cities become the haunting grounds of the infected, especially at night. Yet, it is in the cities where canned food and medical supplies etc. can still be found. It is assumed the population is traumatised, brutalised, desperate, aggressive and ready to kill for the smallest gain, on the least provocation. They might not think too highly of whoever comes from the outside and be distrustful of their intentions.

The infected:

What your character will only find out once he's arrived and faced with the infected: They have a state of hibernation, when nothing is there they can feed on (meat, human or animal, fresh or rotten, is their diet), their metabolism slows down so much they appear dead. Until, that is, there's a light in the darkness, or a sound. Then, they're back on their feet in no time, they are fast, strong, vicious. Not smart, though, they cannot use strategies or open a door with a key etc.. But if one wakes up and starts chasing whatever woke them, howling and shouting, others are bound to hear and join the hunt. They feel no pain, are pale, their veins are very visible under their skin, their eyes bloodshot or glazed, as if drugged. They are not (un)dead and can be killed 'normally', but their berserk attacks make that difficult enough. Anything that instantly kills a human, kills them just as fast, but an injury that brings a slow death won't stop them from attacking, as their bodies do not go into shock, shut or slow down until right before the end.

The living conditions:

Nature has reclaimed a lot of territory, escaped animals and once beloved pets have turned wild, bred and formed highly aggressive packs. Rabies is back, too. The worst is over where the endless numbers of dead bodies are concerned. Together with the increased numbers of animals feeding on them, the infected always enjoy a mealtime no matter how rotten, so, most of the dead are by now scattered bones, picked clean. There is not going to be endless disgusting stink, rotting corpses and body parts everywhere.

Almost all the streets are blocked with cars and barricades, some cities tried to seal themselves off, bridges have been destroyed, the only way to get anywhere is usually on foot. As soon as it gets dark, it's dangerous to be outside, each light or noise will attract the infected (although there aren't vast hordes anywhere other than in areas formerly densely populated, cities, mostly). No electricity or running water works, food supplies and medicine, but also clothes et cetera are difficult to come by, as are weapons and ammunition. In Europe, few own a weapon, and few shops sell any. Most of these will have been plundered early on, as will have police stations and so on.

Concerning the plot:

This story will be as much about survival under these conditions as about hiding from and fighting off the infected while trying to gain the data needed. My character will be a tough young woman, a survivor, she has seen a lot and done much to stay alive, met many people, seen most of them die. Your character will probably come across her when she is trying to find something she needs in one of the cities, or on her way there. Whether he pretends to be another survivor or openly shows who he is and why he came, is up to you, also, whether they start off on friendly terms with her willing to help him, he takes her prisoner (a living sample), or circumstances force them to team up.

How violent, gory and messy we want the confrontations with the infected is negotiable, I can stomach and provide a lot descriptive violence outside the sexual context. What the focus and mood of our story shall be and how the relationship between our characters might develop on a physical or romantic level, we'll decide together.

Interested? Questions, ideas, suggestions? Shoot me a PM!  XD

P.s.: Please check my On/Off to see whether our RP preferences match (-> writing, posting, sexual content) before you reply. Thank you!


Sounds a lot like the movie Doomsday (no relation to my username). Have you seen it?


 :D I have indeed, but although the film was fun, it's not what inspired me. I simply reduced the threat in 28 Days Later to a more manageable/survivable level and let seven years go by. I'm not thinking of these (very cool) freakish people as the typical survivors, nor of the very medieval touch of that other group. It will be mostly common people in slightly ragged clothes who managed to make it through somehow.



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First of all, thanks for your interest in this game!  XD

A few things I thought I'd better add or emphasise:

Before you consider joining, please, do check my On/Off thread - as stated there, I'm (always and exclusively) looking for people who enjoy the process of writing itself and prefer a slower pace for the RP and longer, descriptive texts, with at least three paragraphs per post. You should not only be comfortable with writing that much and having a day or more in between posts, but actually prefer it.

The above is the background for a game where survival under duress, fighting off and avoiding the infected, encounters with other (friendly or hostile) survivors from the local population can be expected, as well as being faced with packs of hungry, aggressive animals etc... Thus, characters will be often on the move, hiding, fighting etc., they will have their survival (and their mission) as their primary interest and not too many occasions to engage in sexual activities. So, while a sexual component certainly is welcome and will be included, it's not likely to be the focus of this RP.

In hindsight, it occurred to me this game might even be better as a (small) group RP, with four to six players. It would only be logical if the team sent to Europe would try to stay together or at least in groups of two. While it's possible a character is separated from the others or that those others did not make it, playing with a group of two or three team members and an equal number of survivor characters, it might be even more fun to RP.

Given the 'natural' elimination and fluctuation process in extreme and chaotic survival situation, if new RPers wanted to join the game or others dropped out, however abruptly, it wouldn't disrupt the game's flow, the plot or its logic, which seems ideal for a group setting.

This RP has officially expanded into a group RP, as three male characters are in the game, I now I hope to find two female characters.

Here's the link to the group RP: