Zombies Anyone?

Started by Kalab, February 17, 2010, 02:31:45 PM

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 I have an idea for a RP that's sort of a cross between zombie movies like Resident Evil and 28 days later and Ultraviolet. The virus would have originated in a facility somewhere in southern California and has spread over about a third of the United States and a good portion of Mexico.
The main plot of the story would be to retreive a pure sample of the virus from the facility in order to produce an antidote or a biological means to eradicate those infectected by the virus. It is a final attempt at a solution before the government is forced by the other governments of the world to start dropping the big bombs.
The Ultraviolet portion comes about with the agent or agents that are sent in to retreive the sample. They could be survivors of the virus and therefore immune but it has mutated in their bodies so that obtaining a solution from their blood is impossible. The agent(s) would basically have the same enhancements as Violet did in the movie like senses and physical abilities as well as the weapon manifestation thing she did.
It is my intent to do the story as a solo RP but would consider doing a group RP if the idea attracts enough interest. There could easily be multiple agents and of course there will be survivors in the infected zone. My ideas are not exactly set in stone and I would be happy to hear insight from others who would be interested in doing this story with me.

I would like to discuss the story to some extent before I actually start the thread. The story will contain lots of blood and gore as well as whatever other offensive acts that the imagination of my fellow writer(s) can conceive. I am rather sure that could be quite offensive to some of the general population. I am placing no limits on the story so it will be posted in the EXTREME section. This should be considered a warning for anyone that is squeamish, you may want to back away now.