A new twist to a storybook romance (looking for a cowboy)

Started by Calista Jade, February 16, 2010, 03:12:30 PM

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Calista Jade

First things first... I'm looking for a long, well fleshed out story, rather than a one shot, or a story where sex has all the focus. Sex is part of the story, not the other way around. Give me an epic with good characters and adventures, and I'm a happy girl. Make sure you read my ons and offs (the offs especially), and I reserve myself the right to refuse people, based on quality of spelling/grammar, of posts, and whether they are reliable or not. I'm also looking for mature writing partners. If that means older, then so be it. I will be going through profiles and past posts. Communication will be key, preferably through messenger (Yahoo, MSN or Gchat). Yes, I'm that bad. Bite me. ;)

FYI, the story require the dominant type of male. Dominant doesnt automatically mean a dom/sub relationship. The relationship can be equal, all I want is a man who has a strong, solid backbone and who can take charge when the opportunity arises.

The story is simple... boy meets girl, and we take it from there. Only, boy is a cowboy, a cattle rancher, and girl is confused and in-between, she's not staying in town for very long, longing for the big city. Needless to say, she's never set foot on a ranch before, ridden a horse or even seen a cow from up close. But the more it goes, the more she falls for him, and, well. I'm sure you can tell the rest. Boy must be a gentleman first and foremost, but also a manly man, a family man. The white knight in a Stetson, I suppose?

I expect them to be in their early or mid-twenties, with silly things like school and university (mostly) behind them. It could be set in 2010 or the 50's, doesnt matter much to me... that's the kind of thing that's left for discussion. Feel free to send me a PM.

As of Feb 28th : Work is kicking my ass! I will post this weekend!!!

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Hello I'd be interested in this maybe. I am always looking for a story that isn't just about sex and can last as long as possible.
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