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Author Topic: [Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 181  (Read 1102 times)

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[Blog Series]Miss Marguerite & The City - Day 181
« on: February 16, 2010, 09:40:11 am »
February 13th [181] - Fisherman's Wharf, Here We Come!!!
I woke up two hours before the chicas because I was anxious about Fisherman's Wharf. I have been to Fisherman's Wharf plenty of times but with the roommates and not taking a car makes it more interesting. After microwaving the leftovers brought back from Olive Garden, I plundered through Elliquiy. Things are a bit up and down with Elliquiy for me and over time, I seem to have adjusted more and more to the atmosphere. When I came around in July of 08, I pondered whether my background could be accepted in Elliquiy. The last site I was on known Darker Roleplay (did it go down again?) was a site I enjoyed until it went in other direction like Gaia (another site I was on in my younger days). Now, I can say I will never go back to those sites even if it were the sites which aided in my debauchery.

As I finish a few things on Elliquiy, one of the roommates, Big Black Chocolate Thunder, wakes up from her sleep. Chocolate Thunder has a routine she has of washing her face, prepping her face, brushing her teeth and so on. Once she is able to go through her routine, she is able to be functional and form words. I have a ball watching her going back to one room and then another before finally making her way into the living room. We still have no couch so she settles down on one of the chairs she bought along with the table I am using to place my laptop on. I watch her from my position on the other side of the table. Usually, I am facing the television and her back to it thus she blocks my view most, if not, all of the time.

While Chocolate Thunder brushed her teeth, I sat back and searched on to figure out the possible routes to take to Fisherman's Wharf. I now loathe using the website now because it kept giving me options where I would need to get on two buses and a rail line to head over to Fisherman's Wharf. I am not going to ride two buses and a rail line to make it down to Fisherman's Wharf. When I let Chocolate Thunder know about the options, she smiled and laughed at the ridiculous options the website gave us. It would take about two hours to get to the Wharf and two hours to get back thus cutting our exploration of the Wharf in half.

N., who woke up a little while later was able to cut through the bull and see the M line which is right by our house can take us to Fisherman's Wharf. However, we did not know where to stop off but the directions from the transit said to get off at Market and walk to Powell. I wrote down the directions just in case while we all got ourselves ready. We all planned to take the 1pm shuttle but seeing as we all had large bills, we headed to get change to pay for the Muni rail. Honestly, I never took the Muni rail even though it has been a few weeks since moving into the new place. Even before when I lived ten minutes more from school, I never took the chance to hop on the Muni. Usually most of errands and job sites were easy to use my Tracker. With clients, there was a hotel near Daly City to go on with the sessions.

Now taking the Muni rail is almost like the Olympics. As the three of us waited for the Muni M, I noticed people were gathering in groups towards the front and to the back. It was not until the Muni stopped and the doors opened did I realize the reason for it was to find seats and pay for their tickets. The Muni M was packed to the rim with people squished up against one another. Chocolate Thunder was not happy about having to stand up and hold onto germ-infested poles. I hold agreement in the germ poles because the three of us are trying our best not to get sick this semester.

The second part in this so-called Muni Olympics is the strength in your legs and arms to not only hold onto the poles if you are standing up but keeping a good stance. A good stance keeps you from falling forwards, backwards or side to side when the Muni lurches forward to get to its next destination. I learned the hard way when I almost let go of the pole as I was thrown backwards. I had to widen my stance to keep my footing. Around me, other people were gripping the poles or keeping their backs pressed up against the walls when the rest of the poles or seats were taken.

Once a few stops were made on the way to Market, N. nodded and screamed for us to take two vacant seats by the window. However, the space to scoot into the seats were small and I managed to smack my knee against the wall. Later on, I would figure out I had a purple bruise on my knee but it was worth the experience to ride the Muni. There were various people on the Muni and I pretended to write up little stories about their lives. Silently as I made up stories in my head, N. took a picture of Chocolate Thunder and I on the M line. You can see the hair cut I received a few weeks back to get rid of the dead and split ends. This is what I get for curling and straightening my hair week after week. Still, I am enjoying the fact I have shorter hair but not short enough to make it seem as if I am Shirley Temple. 

When the Market street stop came up, the three of us made our way off of the Muni and without snapping my fingers three other people took our seats. At Market, we needed to find Powell street and the three of us realized we were in the heart of Financial District. There we all were seeing vendors selling their merchandise and people singing or dancing to make a few coins. Now, when the three of us searching for Market and Powell, I thought we were going to take a bus to get to Fisherman's Wharf. Perhaps, I wrote down the information wrong because we found ourselves looking at a line of people waiting to get on an old school cable cart. Now, N. suggested going back on the Muni M but think let us think about it.

The three of us could experience going on a cable cart that goes up hills and hills of San Francisco. Besides, the line being long and the wait time to be an hour, the three of us bought tickets and waited in line. The waiting took about an hour but we all wanted to say we rode a cable car in San Francisco. I think there is a bucket list of things to do specifically in San Francisco. If I had a San Francisco bucket list, one the list would be to ride on a cable car and look at the sights while going up the high streets. I slipped into the cable car and sat where I could see the sides of the window and watch the scenery in front of me. What I did not realize as the cable car took the three of us up the streets was the cable car had been converted as a stop ride.

There were a few stops the cable car made on the way with people getting off or people getting on with a special cable pass to be allowed onto the cable car. A few stops ahead, a big, fluffy and dirty-shirt wearing male hung onto the side in front of me. The wind was hitting the right way and I did not have his smell hitting my nasal cavities. Once more, N. took another picture of S. and I at a time when we both were looking to the left to see the beautiful city. I must say, I enjoy the non-posed moments the three of us take because it shows the easy going nature between us. Somehow, I was waiting for the shoe to drop but we are all having a blast with one another. Even with the fact N. is seeing someone and whom I am not fond of because I get territorial when males start encroaching on girl time. Luckily, the male in N.'s life did not try to interrupt the three day V-Day weekend the three of us planned together.

The cable cart ride took us around Chinatown and ended an hour later by dropping us two blocks away from Fisherman's Wharf. I took the chance to use the little Domina's bathroom at the nearest Barnes & Noble. What? Sometime in a story, I am going to have let you know I am human who needs to use the bathroom or even sneeze. Not as if I am a perfect being who does not sneeze, needs to use the senoritas room to powder her nose or need to eat. Besides, you know I love to eat.

As soon as I left the Barnes & Noble, my stomach growled and urged me to search in my bag for an apple I packed for today. I like Fisherman's Wharf but I hate the outrageous prices to eat food. Before leaving the apartment, I packed an apple, a bag of Doritos, a canteen of water and a bag of cheerios to snack on. What I wanted the most was shrimp from Fisherman's Wharf and huge ice cream cone. I am not fond of clam chowder but I do adore the sourdough bread bowl it is poured into to eat. While I munched on the apple, N. suggested to hit a burger spot on Fisherman's Wharf because she was hungry as well. I do my best to feed N. and get her to eat more because she is a small little chica. Seeing her keel over from hunger is not on my lists of things to see her do.

The Burger place called Johnny Rockets was not bad and the prices were well off. N. had herself grilled cheese and a cherry coke while Chocolate Thunder served her love of spicy food with spicy chicken wings and a side of cheesy fries. I enjoyed a chili cheese dog with a side of cheese fries. Eating the chili cheese dog, I remembered why I do not partake in hot dogs because of the fact I feel nauseous after. I used to eat hot dogs as a child but now I avoid them less and less because I do not want to feel sick the rest of the day. Nonetheless, the chili cheese dog was great and the cheese fries dipped in ranch was glorious. However, I had to leave half the chili cheese if I wanted to keep down the rest of my food when the three of us visited Pier 39.

Once we hit Pier 39, it was magical. There were a lot of tourists so we had to push through the crowds to get anywhere. We stopped at a few stores here and there, especially a sea shell where it was made into jewelry. Big Black Chocolate Thunder tried on a few rings while N. and I aided in choosing the best one. Something on Chocolate Thunder's College Bucket list was to steal a packet of gum or a small item. Now this is aiding someone in a crime but I plan to pay a store clerk for the packet of gum and have Chocolate Thunder think she stole a packet of gum that she did not pay. Well, she really did not pay for it since I would but helps to clear her conscience later on.

The three of us made it towards the end of Pier 39 to see the beautiful Alcatraz. We took pictures in front of it, took pictures solo and took pictures of just the Island. However, it was disappointing to see only a few seals who were docked on Pier 39. Seems less and less seals are willing to make the trip to visit the San Francisco population. Still, the three of us enjoyed the moment and went off in search of more food to consume. All the walking and laughing our asses off made us hungry. Anytime I visit San Francisco, I like to buy an ice cream from Pier 39. Not anymore. Damn prices have gone up and for a scoop of ice cream is now 6 bucks. Sorry, but I rather buy a gallon of ice cream from Safeway than buy one scoop from Pier 39.

I went without ice cream but Chocolate Thunder wanted her mini-donuts. I was not going to deny her the chance to eat mini-donuts. N. and I waited but N. was busy looking through the guide map to look for the nearest Muni rail. The way to get back from the directions given to us by the website was to take two buses. Hell. No. Not going to take two buses when we only had to take a Muni rail and a cable cart. The cable cart I enjoyed without a doubt but we all agree we were not going to spend another five dollars to be on a cable cart again.

Luckily, N. found Embarcedero Station was a few blocks away. What a damn liar. It was more like twenty blocks of walking and in boots when the wind was starting to pick up was not my friend. Nonetheless, the three of us started walking away from Pier 39 and with every Pier getting lower and lower, it brought us closer to the station. By the end of the twenty block walk, we all agreed to take the bus which picks up people from Pier 39 and takes them to Embarcedero Station. Yes, the three of us are that lazy and if you had to walk about twenty blocks in the wind, in boots and with a light sweater you would choose to take a bus to the Muni rail station.

The rest of the night ends with getting on the Muni M, arriving back at the apartment around 7pm, getting dressed in pajamas and watching a few movies together. All in all, a day at Fisherman's Wharf was wonderful. Plus, Sunday, which is V-Day and Chinese New Year, the three of us plan to dress in drag. Oh yeah.

Tempting apple in one hand and a whip in the other,

Miss Marguerite & The City

P.S. I love comments.

P.S.S Here is the Photo Blog. I will add more over time.
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