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Started by glimmertwin, February 15, 2010, 06:08:23 PM

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The Wedding:

Ok, so I have a wedding to go to. My best friends sister is finally getting married. Yippie! I just want to go for the open bar and free food. Hey! At least I am honest about it. Anyway, I know his sister Cindy pretty well. We were in the same grade growing up (and no, this is not a story of how I did the bride on her wedding day.)
So, I have this wedding to go to and no date. I thought about it for a while and finally decided to ask this friend of mine. I have known her for a few years and we have always been pretty good friends. Never did anything together but I must admit I have wanted to. She is cute. About 5’10” and 130lbs with short brown hair, blue eyes and a nice body.   
I asked Lori and she agreed. She was not dating anyone at the time so it worked out perfect. I had not seen her in about 4 or 5 months so I was excited to see if she had changed or anything.

Looking for a female to play Lori. 

The Neighbor:

Being single does have it's advantages.  No one to clean up after, you can do as you please in your house....but when it comes to having someone take care of your dog when you are out of town, well, you have to rely on the neighbors.  So, that is where my story comes in to play.  I'm single and have a great dog (a lab) who is just the best dog in the world.  I live in a nice, quiet neighborhood about a half hour from downtown.  It's peaceful, a great neighborhood for families and  that but,  I don't have one right now.  I'm 35 and just never settled down.  I had a few long, serious relationships but nothing panned out. I work in Marketing in a downtown office building and when I go out of town, I always have to get a neighbor to come over and feed the dog, take her out, etc.  Well, I had been using the same neighbors daughter for a few years.  She started when she was 15 and is now 20 and in college.  20 and, I might add, very hot.  Although, it's hard for me to look at her that way since I knew her when she was 15 but she still had a killer body.

Anyway, Staci's Mom stopped by today and asked if I could come over and feed their cat while they were out of town.  Seems that Mom and Dad were going away for a long weekend and their youngest was staying with Grandma and Grandpa and Staci was going to be staying with her best friend.  Sure, not a problem.  They live across the street so it was no big deal.

Looking for a female to play either Staci (who has a boyfriend and is going to sneak back home to have sex with him in the empty house) or her Mom who is a hot MILF.  Or, we could get two folks and do a group play.  I am up for either.

The Real Estate Agent:

A few years ago, I got a transfer back to my hometown.  I was pretty pumped about it.  It was step up in pay and prestige and a step back, to my high school and college years.  Back to my hometown.  I was looking forward to it.
I rented a cheap apartment at first, as I didn’t want to buy a house in a hurry.  After a few months I decided it was time to start getting serious about this house-hunting thing.  I picked up a home guide at my local supermarket and started to flip through it as I ate my lunch.  Right away a face jumped out at me.  As in most publications, they had pictures of the Realtors.  Jeni smiled up at me.  She was a tan, blonde, blue-eyed gorgeous young thing.  She couldn’t be more than 25 and, judging from her head, her body must be just as tan and just as nice.  Being single, making good money and with time on my hands, I decided I would let Jeni show me a home.  I mean, why not.  She may be married and she may not have any homes I am interested in but, what the hell….why not get a good gander at her body. 
Looking for a female to play Jeni.
The Wedding:
Roland is 39. Single.  His good buddy was getting married and he was in the wedding. It was one of those big Catholic weddings. All the bells and whistles....and plenty of good looking chicks in the wedding party and in the attendees. Hot young chicks, hot MILFS and an open bar seem to go very nice together.

Anyway, we can start off with the rehersal dinner the night before.....
Lugi's was packed. It was a Friday night and so there was hardly a place to sit and the line was pretty long outside. Inside, waiters and waitresses bussed food around and in and out of the kitchen and into the back, private party room. There was currently a rehersal dinner going on there. The wedding was tomorrow and they had all just come from the church and now were getting their drink on.

Roland sat at a table with his good buddies and drank some cold beer and eyed the bridesmaids. There were some nice ones. The Bride was very cute and their buddy Jason was one lucky guy. The Maid of Honor was a knock out but with a ring on her finger. Not that we couldn't look..just had to make sure it was when her husband wasn't. The other three bridesmaids were nice as well...and single. Roland was the only one with a chance since his other two friends were married as well.  The only problem is they were all pretty young. 

"Hey! Roland!" It was Jenny. One of the cute single Bridesmaids but, also, the youngest.  Just out of High School at 18. "Smile!" She yelled and took a picture of Roland and his two friends.
Looking for a Female to play Jenny.
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I could play as Jeni in the real estate Agent.
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I'd like to play Staci.  It sounds like a really fun idea.
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