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Author Topic: Demik's Roleplay Ideas  (Read 4509 times)

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Demik's Roleplay Ideas
« on: January 29, 2010, 12:04:40 AM »
I generally write at least once a day. Either post on here or PM me if you are interested, preferably PM so we can discuss things a little easier. Oh, and so you know, when I say male needed I mean male character. I don't care what sex you yourself are ;) . Another note: I enjoy working out a story with my writing partner so many of these ideas are quite incomplete.

Crystal Tears (Male needed)
I got this idea from watching Yu-Yu Hakusho. A young woman is captured because of a special ability (either of her kind or just some abnormality haven't decided yet) that turns her tears into very valuable gems. Of course in order to produce the gems her captors have to make her cry.

The Wild Nature Goddess
A wild Goddess of Nature begins to go rather insane. The beings of the world are destroying her creatures and forests. She comes to hate them and begins to punish them in very vicious ways. This does not please the Creator Mother though. The Mother decides to strip the Nature Goddess of most of her power and send her to the world as a Human woman hoping she will come to understand the Humans better as they are the ones she hates the most. Is this for better or for worse though? This could actually take place in either a fantasy setting or a modern one. I can easily tweak it to make it modern.

Overthrown Goddess
A great, wicked beast comes and threatens the world created by a Goddess. This Goddess fights the beast but in order to destroy it she must sacrifice herself. Knowing that if she dies control will simply go to her daughter she decides to do it to save everything she has worked so hard on and loves dearly. As she does it though her husband very quickly does something which will save her. He uses his powers to gather her scattered powers and implant them into special items. He places her sleeping form in a special, highly protected tomb. Then he goes around the world leaving these very powerful elemental items with their most trusted creations who have the power to hold them. The final one he takes to their daughter. She is furious. She was supposed to inherit all of her mother's power not just this small piece and control until her mother wakes. She kills her father not realizing he was dying anyway. She assumes leadership and begins to change the world to her liking. The story would actually start with the Creator Goddess waking in her tomb after thousands of years of sleep. She finds the beautiful world of magic she had planned to create is ruled by Humans who have forgotten magic. All of her favorite creations, the Dragons and Elves and other magical beings, are all very few in numbers and hiding away from the Humans. Now she has to find where her husband hid the magical artifacts that hold her power. She feels drawn to them of course but each has a guardian and a test only she could pass set up by her husband so her power could not fall into the wrong hands. She still has some of her powers. In her search she will run into old friends and new allies. We would each be playing multiple characters in this story on both sides: the Creator Goddess trying to get her power back and her daughter trying to prevent that and kill her. It would be quite an epic story so I am going to be picky with which partner I choose for this one just to let you know.

The Black Unicorn

She has been around for thousands of years doing good deeds. She is a favored creation of the Mother Goddess. She is the black unicorn. The things she has done over the years have helped so many but at the same time she has foiled the plans of some of the darker gods and goddesses. One in particular has a serious grudge against her. This god has been causing many problems over the years and the Mother Goddess is fed up with him. He knows she is planning on stripping him of his powers and casting him out into the life of a mortal. So he decides to get a bit of revenge. The day he is going to be cast out he finds the black unicorn and he cuts off her horn and uses his powers to turn her into a young mortal woman. He also uses his powers to hide what he has done from the Mother Goddess, at least for a time. Her horn he gives to one of his favored creations, an already powerful being who is cruel and destructive. With the horn he would be all but invincible. The unicorn's only chance of ever becoming what she once was is to get her horn back but in order to do that she is going to need help. Most likely this would be an old friend of hers who she had been visiting at the time or even possibly a new one. We can work that out. Along the way though she falls in love with him. Then she has to decide whether she really wants to go back to what she once was knowing she would never be able to truly be with him. At the same time they also have to worry about the dark god who has been cast down into a mortal form and decides he is going to stop at nothing to make the now-Human unicorn his.

The Drow
Okay this is based off of a minor character of mine in another story I'm doing. As I was creating her I thought of this but it doesn't work with the story she's in so I thought I'd put it here to see if someone else wanted to play it out. The story is more of the very strict, original D&D Drow but really all I'm taking from it is the following things. Surface dwellers are all considered scum and are not allowed far into the city. The women are the ones in charge and the men are considered inferior. Love is considered the ultimate weakness. All that matters is status and how much power one can gain.

Name: Umraestra of House Xanfir
Age: 30
Race: Drow
Appearance: Above only with golden eyes. 5'3"
Background: Umraestra is a young Drow of House Xanfir the 2nd House. She relishes the wealth and power of her family and often takes advantage of it. She loves collecting things from the surface world and is fascinated by tales of it. She is very careful to hide this though knowing her reputation could be severely damaged. So like everyone else she laughs at the stories and says the things she buys are simple baubles, careful to balance her purchases of them, when in truth it means more to her. She is one of the favored daughters of the family because she shows great strength in the Clerical arts and Divine magic. Thus she is working at becoming a Priestess.
Personality: Umraestra can be very impetuous and she is curious about many things. There are times when it has almost gotten her into some serious trouble. She is also very quick and clever though so she has managed to not get caught or been able to talk or fight her way out. She balances caution with her socializing as all Drow must and tries to be perfect for everyone. She hates it and would really just like to be herself but that is not going to happen without her bringing shame to her House. Often she is by herself, claiming to be practicing. Many times she actually is but there are times she just sits by herself and plays her flute.

The story is basically Umraestra meets a man (he would have to be a Drow by the way) and they fall in love. It must be kept secret though because that is one of the worst laws one could break as love is considered the ultimate weakness. I'm not sure where exactly to take it from there. There are so many plots that could come from it. They decide to escape to the surface together. Their love gets exposed and they get into major trouble. They might try to execute him and she saves him. A lot of things. If you're interested I'm sure we can work something out. ;)

The Huntress

It is thousands of years after a nuclear war. Things are beginning to go back to normal or what can pass for normal. The Human colonies are spread out and left to take care of their own defense against the mutants, monsters and demons that roam the lands. There are only a few actual cities anymore. The mutants are varying from Humanoids who simply have strange powers like the ability to manipulate and turn to shadow to strange physical mutations. Demons and monsters, once only thought to be legend roam the land freely. Vampires, once the rulers of the world, are now recluses. Hiding away from the world only coming out once in awhile. Humans still fear them above all others though. There are a few people who have built up their bodies and minds to fight all these foes though: the Hunters. One Hunter in particular is rather well known. Her name is Valena. She is of a very rare breed: a dhampir - a half-Vampire half-Human hybrid. Most don't know that though until they meet her. While people hate and fear her just as much as a pure Vampire they have to admit she is one of the best hunters and often hire her. She is actually the daughter of the first Vampire and very ancient. She travels with a large, black demon horse. He looks mostly like a large black horse but he does have great demon wings that keeps pulled into his back. For the story I'm thinking she is sent to hunt either a Vampire or even a mutant, monster or demon. Just depends on what you want to play. During the chase though she discovers this one is different somehow. She actually takes the time to speak with him when she catches him and can't bring herself to kill him. So she lets him go. From there we can take it in a few directions. They separate only to come together for some reason. Or they can get together then. I'm thinking they will fall in love no matter what we decide though.

The District
I recently watched District 9 and it kinda reminded me of the game Dragon Age with the way Elves are treated (Yet again you don't have to have a clue about what I'm speaking of to play this with me. Just saying for those who might know what I'm talking about ;)). What I am thinking is the Elves (or even perhaps some other race) were enslaved about a thousand years before. In cities they are confined to one specific district, a slum. They are kept to be slaves. They are not allowed to leave nor are they allowed to have children without permission. Usually such permission is not given. Masters who own slaves mate them then dump the offspring back in the district to be raised by the older former slaves and the younger ones not yet claimed. For this RP I'm thinking it isn't possible for there to be half-Elves. That, of course, doesn't stop the masters from using their beautiful slaves in sexual ways. There are also those Elves who still live free outside the cities. It is very hard to find them though. My character would be a young, beautiful Elven woman. Born into slavery but still with fire and spirit. I'm thinking a few different scenarios depending on what you, my partner, might like. She can be taken as a slave and broken. She can meet a young man from the outside who is different, or maybe she just changes his outlook, and they gradually fall in love. She can be taken as a slave, a birthday present for a wealthy man's son and he doesn't want her but has to pretend he does. Or maybe he doesn't pretend and just refuses to take her until he realizes what his father might do to her if he doesn't. There are so many things we could do so just PM me if the basis of the world and situation appeals to you and we'll work out the details. ;)

General topics I am interested in:

Anime - I love animes! Most of these I mean making a story loosely based on the concept of the show. Most would be fun to do a group activity with as well. If you think so too let's discuss it!

Yu Yu Hakusho - I love the idea of being a spirit detective, fighting demons and spirits and such. The powers they come up with for some of the fighters are just awesome! I love Kurama and Hiei as well. *Drools over sexy fox spirit*

Elfen Lied - I love Diclonius. They are beautiful and they have those crazy and kool hands. They can be both sweet and deadly. I'd love to play one ;).

Cowboy Bebop - To be a ship of bounty hunters sounds like so much fun! Traveling across the universe killing people for money. What could be better?

Wolf's Rain - I love the idea of Wolves using illusions to make Humans think they are one of them. I like the world. I don't much care whether we do a search for Paradise or just surviving, either would be fun.

Inuyasha - Once again the whole hunting down demons possibly to gather something from them like the shards of the Sacred Jewel.

Full Metal Alchemist - I love Alchemists! Enough said I think ;)

Others -

Star Wars - I love both Jedi and Sith. I enjoy playing both sides equally. I'd love to play a Jedi who is turned to a Sith ;).
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Re: Demik's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2010, 03:20:05 PM »

Okay here are characters I have in my head but don't have an actual story idea for. I'm not going to post too many of these just a few of the ones I would really like to play if someone can help me come up with a story for them.

The Wolf Demon
Don't know how many of you have seen Inuyasha but she's inspired by Ayame the female Wolf Demon. You don't have to know who I'm talking about to play with her if I'm just sayin' :P.

The first picture is her in her Human form and the second is in her true Demon form. She has a pack of five silvery-white wolves and one pure black one who follow her and do her bidding. She can be rather shy but make her angry and that all goes away. She can be fierce and brutal if need be. (More to come later as I am starting to get a headache  and need a break -_-)
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Re: Demik's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2010, 12:49:10 PM »
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Re: Demik's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2010, 01:40:08 AM »
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Re: Demik's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2010, 02:07:21 AM »
Hey, sent you a PM.

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Re: Demik's Roleplay Ideas
« Reply #5 on: February 15, 2010, 09:55:00 AM »
I would love to do a wolf's rain one. What if a human character could see them for what they really are and follows them? Or one of them :3