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May 21, 2018, 09:46:29 PM

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Author Topic: Fantasy Adventure (1 female found.............but more are welcomed as always)  (Read 595 times)

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Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

hey everyone, im trying to look to see if anyone wants to join me in a fantasy style rp along the lines of like D&D style monsters and what not. if anyone is interested let me kno! im lookinf for a solo female that is interested however if anyone else would like to join in we can make this a group effort! thanks all!

Offline Sabriel

Hello i may be interested i have a few questions :)

What kind of world/setting do you have in mind ?

What themes do you wish to see in the story ?

What kind of character roles would you be looking for ? I.E are you looking for anything specific.

Thanks :)

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

the world is a medieval fantasy style world with D&D style monsters, themes are a choice for descussion, and what kind of characters you have in mind?

Offline Sabriel

Well the type of character I would play usualy depends on the setting really but for what you have described id probably play somthing along the lines of a Magic user or maybe a more cunning or devout character. I have several character ideas floating around my head at present and I have been itching to play an Avariel or Raptoran for awhile.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

do describe thos creatures to me lol
im up to date on my dnd monsters and all i just forget alot of them lol if those are ones

Offline Sabriel

There not monsters as such they are races, i shall describe them a bit bellow for you.


Rarest of the elven races, the avariel, the winged elves, live a reclusive existence, seldom seen by outsiders. Such is their scarcity and seclusion, that their status is almost that of legend, and many believe tales of these winged elves to be little more than myth and wild fancy.


These are cliff dwelling avian humanoids who dwell in canyon walls and other precipices. Possessed of feathered wings, they soar high above their desert and mountain homes, using their sharp eyesight to hunt for food and defend their homes. In achient times the Raptroran made pacts with Elemental lords of Air whom granted them there ability to fly and soar.

I hope that helps :)

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

that does help, and thats what i thought they were i just couldnt really remember, lol, so what are you thinking plot wise and if you had to chose on of those what tould you want it to be? and of corse, this being a sensual rp as well what would you like to see on the sexual side?

Offline Sabriel

I would probably go with the Raptoran, there a bit more sociable and curious and i would likely be a character out to explore the world stretch her wings as it where and find adventure.  Perhaps having been forced into it by my flock having suffered a tragedy or being wiped out.  I'm not really fussy about sexual sides of RP i would prefer to let my character find her own sexual kinks as we play, as long as there is no forced type stuff I am relatively open.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

nothings forced im not to into that forcing one another scene unless thats what ya want

Offline Sabriel

No no no i hate hate hate rape I cannot stress this strongly enough it depresses and saddens me and reminds me of altogether bad things. I have nothing against people exploring this if it fascinates them but well it does not interest me in the slightest and I won't be involved in it in any way.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

i will agree with you im not to into that scene at all so i will not force anything, so have anymore ideas towards the rp?

Offline Sabriel

Well at the moment i don't really have a very good idea of the RP, just a vague idea of the setting and the sorts of monsters that might be involved.  Without knowing a bit more detail I'm hard pressed to suggest anything more than what i already have sorry.