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Elliquian Herald and Post

The Elliquian Herald and Post is an entirely volunteer-run community newspaper, written by members of Elliquiy for members of Elliquiy. This newspaper strives to bring to everyone the small pieces of Elliquiy: the serious pieces, the fun pieces, the social pieces, and everything in between. Elliquiy is composed of many members from all over the world, from many different walks of life, from many different age groups; this newspaper is yet another outlet for creativity, a chance for members to have a voice.

Please note that only approved members will be able to view the majority of these pages.

In A Word From The Editor, ShrowdedPoet muses that sometimes you have to look back in order to look forward.

Where do stories come from? Are there any new stories to be told? In this month's Words From The Staff, Valerian reveals that sometimes the seeds of stories are closer than we think.

Is it love, lust, or are we just twitterpated? February's Wheres & Hows of Elliquiy will have you seeing floaty hearts wherever you go.

An accidental episode in voyeurism leaves one young heroine with a big decision to make. In Game of the Month, Michi interviews members Amide and Orpheus in their roleplay game "A Winter Night."

Grab some popcorn and curl with up with this month's The Movie Critic Next Door. Valerian's review of Daybreakers will leave you thirsty for more.

Unravel the mysterious of weight loss. Health Corner's MzNurse provides an easy and engaging guide to weight management. Perfect timing after the holiday feasting and Valentine's Day chocolates.

Keep up with the buzz around Elliquiy! This month's Current Events reveal an in-depth interview with our latest deity, Neroon. Find out what he has to say about godhood and much more.

Curl up on a chilly winter's night with a sizzling romance. In The Reading Nook LadySky reviews two new romance novels: Blue Skies by Catherine Anderson and Megan's Island by Willo Davis Roberts. And don't miss Michi no Sora's review of The Amateur Cracksman by E.W. Hornung and Lilias' thoughts on Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. 

Happy E-nniversary! This month's Personals, brought to you by Michi no Sora, follows four members as they celebrate their first years on Elliquiy.

Next Month: A Call for Writers! The Herald & Post is seeking new columnists and contributors. Look forward to fresh ideas and new articles!

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