Exotic Play: The Last Human (NC, mul) literate player wanted

Started by Aragem, February 14, 2010, 09:37:25 PM

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One hundred years in the future, humanity is wiped out by a plague of unknown origin.  Thousands died within days while scientists desperately sought a cure.  Within months, the planet Earth lies silent, devoid of sapient life.

A thousand years later, aliens on an exploration mission discovers the ruins of Earth and investigations the reason behind why mass extinction.  What is discovered in an empty lab is a cryo-stasis unit, where a little human girl is awaken from a thousand year old sleep.

They name her Loie, meaning lost in their language, and take her from her home planet to a far galaxy which is ruled by a Empire.  She is offered as a pet to the Empress who keeps her as an exotic pet, but raises.  Loie receives almost the same educate as the Empress's children.

When Loie is fourteen, the Emperor dies, leaving his Empire to his eldest son, making him the new Emperor.  Two years later, the Empress soon follows her husband and Loie becomes property of the young Emperor.

The Emperor, having grown up with Loie, has grown fond of her and sees her as a beautiful, exotic woman and makes her his concubine.  For several years, Loie exists for the whims and desires of her Emperor, his constant companion in the day and a lover at night.

But now there are factions of advisers that see her as an alien slave who has far too much power for her station.  She has the Emperor's trust and attention, her words carry weight with his decisions and ruling.

There are others that see her as a threat.  They fear that the Emperor will not devote enough attention to his wife to sire an heir to the throne and would love to see her passed on to a new master and out of the Empress's way.

However, there is a group that see her as a kindred spirit.  Races that have been enslaved by the Empire see her as a chance for freedom.  They desire her to spy on the Emperor, and potentially assassinate him, creating a schism in the Elite, creating civil war and unrest.

Loie has lives in a world of confusion and desire.  She always wondered about her origins.  Where she came from, what is her race, and who she is supposed to be.  She also holds affection for her master, however, she feels the shackles of slavery growing heavy upon her.  And the heavy burden as she literally holds the fate of an galactic empire in her hands.

* * *

This game is more story than game.  I want someone who is creative and literate to assist me in writing this.  I am open to new ideas. 

The alien race she is adopted by is humanoid, and I am open to most ideas concerning aliens.

Please, read my ons and offs and PM me if you are interested.

Mr Self Destruct

I wouldn't mind playing the emperor in your story, or whatever other roles you had in mind.  I've been playing through Mass Effect, and I'm also a huge Star Wars fan, so I know the awesomeness that is alien life forms.  I wouldn't mind collaborating with you to come up with the alien species she lives with.  Let me know if you're still interested.