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Author Topic: New RolePLay Ideas  (Read 703 times)

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Offline Bella90Topic starter

New RolePLay Ideas
« on: February 14, 2010, 01:40:26 PM »

1- ((Vampire//shapeshifter)) 
- A Vampire is seeking power, power mad. he does anything to get it. Until he found this wolf-shifter. she had an extra ability to drain souls. he just had to get it. but our young wolfette is always around her friends and family. how will he get it?
how many would he hurt to get it?
will he fall for her? how far would their relation go?
young wolfette just adores adventure and risks... would she fall for him?

2- ((Fallen Angel // human))
Verrariel (Vera) was sent out of the heavens for her rebelliousness against a faith the lord has chosen. she felt horrible after she was thrown to earth, she has to regain her title..and learn her lesson before she is aloud to go back to the heavens. she doesn't know how though, she has to figure it out. and..thats when demons began attacking humen, draining their blood. thus turning them to vampires. our Vera rids the society of the uncontrolled vampires. but then meets this human..who some how learned about the existence of vampires. and thinks she's in danger. while she was out hunting at night he followed her and tries to save little did he know she was hunting them. they meet.. will they hunt vampires together? could he be the key to her return to the heavens? or would she give up the heavens and be with him? or would she her self becomes what she hunts?
put in mind Vera was never social with humans. she preferred working alone.

3-  Young Rose headed off for her first day of work as a magazine editor, she holds a normal life -Well normal apart from that she's been a vampire for around a hundred years, and tried to make herself sleep forever, which she found hard, finally after decades of trapping herself, she got out to the world and applied for that job- She has learned alot about the world in the past year, up until her new boss came along, he seems like a good man, up untill all his ideas go opposite to hers ! uh-oh. what is he trying to do? get her angry? -- _from here we'll see how it goes.

4- ((shifter// angelic-human))
a pact with the devil has been made causing the young lad to be able to phase into a panther. a black sleek panther, he runs about the mountains. wild in nature. all instincts basic. his family all had the ability to phase a specific animal. they're control over themselves horrible. they kill. rape.destroy anything that might come in their way.
but the young lad (you choose the name) has it different, he doesnt like being pulled to hell like that. even though he's trying he still cant fully control himself. he is an animal after all. Jazmine a young girl still in her early twenties worked with her uncle for his resorts. she was placed at a resort in the forest.
the young lad  sees her, and finds something curious about her. after months in being a panther he phases back..and is in need to find out what's so magnetic about the girl.  ((not necessarily taking this path we can try anything else. this is all random. the basic idea he's a shifter because of a pact with the devil. she on the other hand is an angelic))


1- a group of travelers head off to the Italian penensula in hope to find ancient scrolls writted by Aristotle. they need to solve the clues..and think out of the box. but when a relation forms between the two archeologists, what will happen?
p.s: i have no idea what the clues are XD its gonna be random.

((more ideas..will be posted soon))

--if your interested. PM me.  we could go with your ideas as well..or merge some..
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Offline Bella90Topic starter

Re: New RolePLay Ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2010, 11:20:32 AM »
5-  A vampire -finally- for the third time, repeated college, always boring, but this time it was different, she met (__pick a name) realizing that most her classmates, and professors at the college maybe in danger, she promised to protect them. especially -name-. from those of her kind who wish to hunt them, especially in the area where the college is -which is deserted, out in the open, away from most of the population, poor students are going to have a rough time. --(I really cant describe the idea easily but its close to what i have in mind).

as for him, its up to you how he deals with her, and the others. Still no one knows she's a vampire.

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Re: New RolePLay Ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2010, 06:39:53 PM »

 -Vampire Knight
 - Teen Titans
 -Justice League
 -Sailor Moon
 -Mermaid Melody
 - Pokemon

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Re: New RolePLay Ideas
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2010, 07:22:52 PM »
                                                                    Bridges Burned    (Inspired by the book: 'Darkness Chosen' )

 This starts when it's finally Summer, She got a job at the small resort by the beach, just finally happy for once, but before her father's death, a group of 'business' men were put away because of him, this left their leader wanting revenge. The group are not just casual humans, they are shifters known as the Varinskis. What happens when one of them is guarding her while he still is under the Varinskis' control? Would he be in trouble? Would they develop something?