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Author Topic: Taimanin Asagi[PBEM]  (Read 2290 times)

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Taimanin Asagi[PBEM]
« on: February 14, 2010, 11:26:45 AM »

System: TSR Marvel Super Heroes. Donít let the system be a deterrent for joining this game or the ones listed below. Writing, character development, etc will always come first and foremost.  If you join I will personally help you with the system. Itís easy to learn and not crunchy or difficult to grasp the basics.

PBEM(Play by Email)

Flaws: I wanted to start off with the flaw or what I see as a flaw. The major one I see is that I wouldnít call myself a *great* GM, I am decent but there will be times when I mess up or fall flat on my face.  If that is an issue you might want to turn and run now. *laughs*

If you have any questions by all means ask. I did my best to give you as much information I could to give you an idea of the world and characters in the. But, there might have been things I forgot, or you have something in mind that I didn't think about.

Game/RPG setting:  Taimanin Asagi is loosely based on the anime/hentai movie. When some people think of anime they have this image of some character going from an adult into a big headed, wide eyed, male or female that balls up their fists and screams at the top of their lungs. While I donít look down and frown upon that type of anime or those that might enjoy it this wonít bet that type of game. I want a dark, erotic/perverse supernatural world with characters that are good, evil, and have shades of grey. The angels wonít all be saints and the demons wonít all be sinners.

Story: There were rules in place keeping demons from venturing from their realm to our world. There was a secret cabal that thrust the responsibility onto a man or woman; a guard to protect human kind making sure the realm was never breached. A man chosen by the Cabal was lapsed in his faith; he was seduced by wealth and power and tore a seam opening the realm of the demon world. When the Cabal discovered that the realm to the demon world was opened they attempted to beat them back but were quickly overwhelmed. Now, demons weaved their way into our world. They have formed gang, cults, crime organizations, and business to gain a powerful strong hold. There task is not easy due to the fact that some clans and what part of the government who refuse to bend to the demons (called Nomads or Youma) organized fighters to repel the evil influence.

The World: The world is basically the same. People work, pay taxes, and have that day to day grind. But the Nomads are that dark cloud looming over their heads. It is not uncommon to turn on the TV or read a newspaper and hear about a demon attack. The Nomads are a lot like us in that all of them are not as brash as to storm into a high school prom and attack any and everyone just because they can.  One group of Nomads might attack someone walking down a dark alley, while others might sit in their ivory tower and carry out their plain a bit more secretive. Humankind has become easier to corrupt due to the fact that Nomads our now in our realm.  It isnít far fetched that an ally, family, or even a loved one might become an enemy or that human who extends their hand wonít have a knife in the other.   


Disclaimer:A chosen race doesnít have to stick to a said path or alignment. There maybe a ninja who sells out and helps the Nomads, maybe there is a Nomad that sides with those that want to fight against the demons.  I did my best to add as much as I could, odds are I might forget about something that might fit in this world. Just because itís not listed below doesnít mean it isnít welcomed or cannot be talked about.

Taimanin: They arenít a race as much as they are a clan. Taimanin wear the title of ďAnti Demon NinjaĒ and work hand in hand with the government.

Nomads/Youma:  They are demons.  The demons vary in look, some look human, shape shifters, half human/half demon, while others are obviously demons due to their form. All the Nomads do not share the same goals, desires, and opinions. Some might want to control the world and enslave humankind while others might just want to have fun and have no interest in ďdemon politicsĒ.  Since the seam was broken demons are free to come and go as they please. Some are still stuck on ceremony and still enjoyed being summoned into the world.   

Note: The realm to the demon world is open permanently and cannot be shut. This is the reason why demons have no fear about venturing back into their realm.

Vampires:  You have two versions. The first version is Nomad vampires. These vampires are pure from the demon realm. They are immune to sunlight and rather than draining your blood via fangs they can drain a targets blood with a touch.  These vampires are descendents of Lilith and a lot of Nomad vampires consider her their leader/goddess.  While they are immune to sunlight they can still be killed, trapped, or weakened by decapitation, religious objects, and  symbols and wards.  A stake will not kill a Nomad vampire, it puts them in torpor.  The second vampires are offspring of Nomad Vampires. They will die if exposed to sunlight and a stake through the heart will kill them. Humans converted into vampires follow Bram Stoker vampire lore.

Angels:  While Angels fight, kill, and capture demons they didnít grieve on the current state of humankind. They feel that humans because of humans sins that they deserved hell on earth. Because of the rules they were also restricted from having a more hands on approach. The moment the first demon set foot on Earth they were free to do as they pleased. The angels act more like warriors or an army. They are not in it to save humankind but more into fighting or capturing Nomads or those aligned with them.

Nephilim: Hybrids of demons and human women. Like Youma demons looks do vary, the difference is that Nephilim are seen as pawns or soldiers where Nomad vampires are their leaders.

Example of RPG World

*Taimanin Asagi
*Twin Dolls
*La Blue Girl
*3x3 Eyes
*Angel Blade    
*Himekishi Lilia
*Vampire Princess Miyu
*Wicked City
*Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuko
*Hex(British television series)
*Bible Black
*Demon City Shinjuku
*Devil Hunter Yohko
*Chaos Comics
*Anti-Demon Ninja Asagi
*Devil May Cry
*Viper GTS
*Black Gate
*Bride of Darkness
*Demon Beast Invasion
*Book of Enoch
*Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose
*Legend of the Overfiend
*Sexy Magical Girl

-Thanks for compiling the list Kevin

I have two other games just dying for players. So if it grabs you then let me know.

*City of Heroines

Offline Thorn14

Re: Taimanin Asagi[PBEM]
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2010, 08:28:45 PM »
I'm curious but, how does play by email work?

Offline faithslayerTopic starter

Re: Taimanin Asagi[PBEM]
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2010, 10:14:37 PM »
PBEM isnít different from play by post. Someone who might be a long time play by post player wouldnít feel like a stranger in a strange land if they ventured into a PBEM game because there isnít a huge change. Everything is the same except for the fact that rather than going to a certain location to read and reply to the game you are in everything comes to you via email.  When there are a group of players I create a list on Yahoo Groups, the players join the group and all the members/players able to read and respond to anything sent to the group.   So you can create sayÖa Supernatural RPG Yahoo group, and players who are interested can join and interact like you would here.