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Author Topic: Perish the Thought  (Read 491 times)

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Perish the Thought
« on: February 13, 2010, 12:40:56 PM »
Help Wanted!
I'm looking for someone to help me get into the feel of the different systems I see all about the site. I've never used any of them and I would love to learn. I would love a structured plot, as I am an avid writer. You can take a look at either of my O/O pages to get insight into my likes, and I'll post a short story below to give you a look at my writing style. I would prefer someone who is experienced, and can answer my questions patiently. If you would like to make our tutoring session a sexual encounter feel free, but females only in that case. Sorry guys. I look forward to any input! Thank you for reading.

Clarification: Just to clarify, I know absolutely diddly squat about any system aside from freeform RP. I don't even know where to find them.

RP Sample (Thank you Aestas for the wall of Text!):

Diamond in the Rough

    The short trail of crimson liquid made several passerby's stop and stare at the stranger passing through their midst. Their first reaction was one of worry, but as one of the guardians approached the injured man in question, their eyes changed. A dark air of animosity hung like a mist over the crowd, and not a single person flinched when the guard delivered a vicious kick to the shin's of the bleeding man. Keriann fell forward, locking his jaw against the bubble of pain that sought escape. They will not have the pleasure.... He stumbles back to his feet just in time to meet the heel of a boot with his face. This time, several women turned away at the bone's crunch. The crowd parts narrowly to allow a small figure entrance. She is dressed in plain clothes, but no one could discount the regal air that stirred around her. She waved the guard away as he lifted his boot again, kneeling down and pulling Keriann's swollen face up to meet her eyes. "Why have you returned mutantu?" whispered the woman, her eyes filled with a barely concealed pain. His mouth dry, Keriann finally meets her gaze, pushing a web of hatred to the forefront to hide the pain in his own eyes.

    "I did not mean to disturb your village ļauno...I was injured, and hoped I would not be disturbing anyone if I recovered in an alley." He shrugs his chin out of her grip, fighting the urge to spit at the woman's feet. The ghost of her hand lingered on his cheek for a few moments before the pain receded. It was nothing compared to the torture of seeing her presence had inflicted. He winces in pain as his low laughter causes his chest to expand. "What...didn't have a branding iron handy this time? I think there's still room on my chest for your new last name." Her knee to the still bleeding gash on his chest caused him to gasp and fall onto his hands, drawing ragged, heavy breaths. "L-love you too. " The woman lets out a seething breath before standing and turning to face the street.

    The crown had long since gone, bored with the small drama. After a long breath she turns back around, gasping as her arms are thrust behind her back. Staring into the crystal blue eyes, Sharia shudders softly, swallowing and jerking in vain against Keriann's hold. The taigard's grasp barely moves. Keriann could smell her fear as if he was inside her mind. Unlike her, he was Katagari. He was a predator, a hunter, a killer. She was nothing but a lucky Arcadian. Staring into his powerful gaze, Sharai's mind ran over just how much damage he could do. He was an animal in human skin, barely keeping it together as it was. As she opened her mouth to scream, Keriann captured her lips. Her angry growl of surprise was quickly washed away in the tide of emotions that one kiss conveyed. Suddenly she found herself cold. Keriann was gone when she opened her eyes, leaving a torrent of feelings mixing about inside of her. With a single stifled sob she turned and walked off into the darkness, one hand covering her mouth.
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Re: Perish the Thought
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2010, 02:49:42 PM »
My Little Fantasies
Just a note, I am the human in most of these. ^_~

Bleach (The anime not the cleaning product)
D. Gray-Man (Preferred if you have seen the anime.)

Hmm...I seem to have a little Vamp/Were fetish going on right now...
Don't hesitate to post here, or if you'd like PM/IM me with any story ideas that you may have! I love a good plot line.
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